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So after knowing duran was the one i wanted next...

So after knowing duran was the one i wanted next mission was getting a hold of her i was reading she will never write back this and that i wrote to her thursday and she wrote back last night with my quote i call elizabeth in the am and sch for jan 7 2015 i was thinking december but all the holidays i will def miss out so better jan :) any one going in jan????? well time to start planning!

still trying to get hold of her after a week no response. what is Elizabeth whatsapp number not the office number or Dra. number, Elizabeth's number.. so frustrating
Did you write to dr duran gmail?
Wow am still Trying to get in touch. Today I decided to get a calling card and call but a representative said call Friday

flights to dr

So just looked for flights to dr in jan miami to dr 288.00 round trip bargain priceeeee spirit is awsomeeeee!!!!
What are you getting done?
I want BBL TT Breast implants Lipo
I am going at that time too and getting same things as you !


so I have all the quote I request from yily robles and duran (started since wed) but my heart is on duran :) ever since I saw her work omgggg I am obsessed I will be a duran doll!!!!!!!! just to give you heads but if anyone wants to know the prices

duran price for me tt lip bbl $4800.00

robles price-Liposuction on back, waist + tummy Tuck + lipotransference UTummy Tuck + Lipo on Waist + Breast Lift US$5800S$5200.00 she does include 12 days rh which is awesome!!!! also she quoted this
Tummy Tuck + Lipo on Waist + Breast Lift US$5800

and yily tt lip bbl Quote Total: $4,500 USD

just so you girls get an idea!!!!
Getting ahold of duran has been the most disappointing thing ever! After weeks of emailing every possible email and social media, I have up and payed Bella vita 214$ and had my quote and a date a week later. Even that wait was exhausting! Save the nerves and pay Bella vita, they can help
thank you for your response how do you get ahold of Bella Vita? and I have a problem I could not find the Dominican Republic when you press find a doctor . Do you know how to? thank you again
Wow she charging me $300

new date

ok so I was concern because they told me jan 6 is a holiday in dr so I called Elizabeth asking her hey you gave me jan 7 are you sure the doctor is going to be in that day she said....... well lets just sch you in for the 12 be here @ 6:30 am omggg how overwhelming thank god I hadn't book my airfair would have died!!!!!!!! anyways so its official jan 12 :)

4 months to go!!!

I haven't update for a while soo...
I called Elizabeth and in deed am sch for jan 7 which is great since I had purchase my airfair I can not wait!!!! and to top if off I found a SPECIAL buddy on RS that will also have sx on the same day as me and we will be staying @ recovery armonia with Mayra cheko. thank god I get to share all my thoughts with her and we help each other out with researching info and all that good stuff!!! I just cant wait. I just booked my recovery house and I got confirmation from jazzline from B.V I guess shes helps out mayra with the reservations. haven't heard any bad comments inregards to my little mansion....just waiting to get more pictures! well that's it for now will start purchasing my items next month.
hey love ill will be there the morning of ur sx im staying at the same rh too hope to see u!!!!
Hello I'm looking at jan 8 and I'm flying alone do u still need a sx buddy
Hiring Bella vita has been a good investment in my case , all my worries and concerns are answered in hours so I don't regret spending that money
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