Wanna BBL, TT, ARM LIFT. Separated Mother of 4 Girls Need to Get my Body Back ASAP. So Ready!!!!!!! - Dominican Republic

So ready to look the way I feel!!!!! It's time to...

So ready to look the way I feel!!!!! It's time to do me I have 4 baby girls and I need to be a put together woman for they and myself. I love this website. I think I'm a little bit of a stocker. My man be like you looking at A$$ again LOL! Anyone who has had a TT, BBL, ARMLIFT AND LIPO please feel free to comment and give me adivce Thankx


Welcome and thank you for crossing over from the stalker side:)

Glad to have you here and looking forward to hearing more about your journey.
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My quote was higher than I expected but I guess I will just have to get something done next year. Now the hard part is to decide what NOT to have. Arm lift or Breast lift. If I don't do my breast I'll always have to wear a push up bra. If I don't do my arms I can where stuff with long sleeves or a jacket to cover. Help which one should I let go? I'm gonna post a pic so you can see what I'm talking about. Arms or Breast?


Only bc I'm trying to get one myself...I think big arms can still make a person look bigger even when they are small
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I vote for arm lift!!
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I would say leave the breast lift for next year. Especially summer will be right around the corner and you'll be comfortable in tanks and cute dresses after the arm lift! Good luck!
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now see that's what I think to b/c big boobs are always in and I can look good in clothes as far as shape. thanks for the reply.


I agree, get the arm lift surgery. Your arms are harder to hide than anything else. I went dancing today and had a cute summer dress on and a leather jacket to hide my arms. Went to see some Jazz at the beach and my frigging arms really were bothering. I am seriously thinking of doing those asap, and we have the same body type, I also have to do several things and no $$$$. Do you mind sharing how much the doctor asked for her procedures? It seems the exposure here is getting them to raise their prices. Thanks and good luck. You are going to be fine. Take good care of yourself before and after the procedure. Blessings sent your way.
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Thank you for your honest opinion. I think that I can keep hiding my breast until next year but my man was like he wanted me to keep the size just make them perky like they use to be. I'll post a pic of what my breast look like in a bra (Really Nice) I think but once I snap that snap it's all hits the floor LOL! Send me your email We can talk about everything else.

My Breast B4 38 DD down from a 40 F after my weight lost MARCH 2014

I will Skip the BREAST LIFT until next year. Thanks for the comments. I weighted 297 lbs after I had my 4th daughter. I made a decision to start getting healthier for my self after I left my husband of 10 years. It took me about 6 months to lose around 70 lbs and now I have all this extra skin and fat rolls that I hate. It's A DOUBLE EDGE SWORD!!!! You lose the weight but now I have all of this skin hanging off everywhere. I have a long way to go.


I think you should skip the breast and do the arms and everything else. I know you will look great after your surgery God willing.
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I'm from the DMV area as well, hey neighbor! Congrats on the weightloss hun. Im still working on finding that balance...it'll happen eventually I'm suresure. I too need a complete Mommy Makeover and bbl and was looking at Robles, as well as Cabral and Almonte since they all do such a great job of fuller figured women and don't have a bmi max I'm assuming. Anyway, what was your quote? Which doc have you chosen and are you still having your surgery in February? I'm aiming for July.
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My e-mail is ginalacubana@cruzio.com. I look forward to your mail. I know about the girls hitting the floor when the bra snaps off yet they look great with a bra. I haven't seen my pussey for the last 15 years as the belly flap is an apron to protect it...really! Anyways do write and if possible let me know what the price quoted for the surgeries was. I am beginning on the journey although there are a lot of reasons healthwise why I personally am fearful of the surgeries, but if so many thousands of women a year have it done, then I have to get over the fear as why should I always have the losing ticket. I know my self-esteem would not be clouded any longer if I felt the best I could about myself and I think that is an asset to pursue our goals in life. So more power to you and I know you will pick the best for you. Do not get someone because it is a couple of thousand cheaper, get the best for your bank, might take longer but at least you will carry that confidence into the operating room that you picked the best within your means. Best of luck....we'll keep talking. Big hug, Gina
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Dr. Robles or Dr. Yily

Dr. Robles or Dr. Yily. Don't know who I going to yet still trying to figure that part out but I know I'm gonna get right. Any suggestion?

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