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Hi real self, im a newbe in RS but i would like to...

Hi real self, im a newbe in RS but i would like to start to share my story. im 28years old with 2 kids, after my las one i gained 25 lbs and cant take it off, i have always been a big girl but lately i have been feeling so depress and disgusted with the way i look. i want to receive my 30s with a decent not jelly body.lol

i have decided to go to DR ROBLES cause so far i feel she is the most real and i have a feeling im gonna look great. Im schedule for march 5th, i started to take my iron, folic acid and multivitamins.... cant wait for my big day :)

That's what I would like done. Can I ask your price quote please?
hi chris, shes charging me 5800 with transportation and 10 days at the recovery house included
Thank you for sharing sexyangel1725. Much appreciated.

Ok so the date is aproaching soon and i feel so...

ok so the date is aproaching soon and i feel so lost :o i still take my iron and vit but i still didnt buy my flight. so just for fun anybody out there schedule for early march? i would like to have a surgery partner to share my thoughts and question
Hey I'm trying to go march 9th. I'm still waiting to see if its available. I'm getting the same procedures as you for 5800!! Hope to see you there!
i hope so too, im only staying at the recovery house like 5 or 7 days
always! what r u planning to get done if u dont mind me asking?

Hi ladies, so today its my 29 bday so the...

hi ladies, so today its my 29 bday so the countdown started i have to look great for my 30th. i spoke to my family in DR and am set. hopefully ill get my flight tomorrow.... i honestly cant wait.
any ladys out there schedule for the beginning of march?
Hey sexyangel! I'm scheduled for the 13th
Hey when are u going I'm leaving march 1

So i got some things in my life a bigger then...

So i got some things in my life a bigger then surgery so i had to reschedule.... now im up for april 29 for sure God willing. Im so happy im still getting my procedure just a bit sad i have to wait longer, ill just take this time to get physically better n healthier. If anyone one just came from dr robles please let me know i would like to follow u.
hi im schedualed for 4/29 im so excited times flying =)
im meant 4/25 my bad see you at the recovery house chica good luck
Nice congrats.. ill see u there. N good luck to u too

Hi RS as of 2day im 11 weeks away from my big day....

Hi RS as of 2day im 11 weeks away from my big day. I feel sooo anxious, i want it to b tomorrow. Im staying at the recovery house 7 days so if any of u want to meet i will b more then glad.... cant never have too many surgery friends specially to share our douts concerns n feelings.

Hi girls, ok so today i just got the worse fight...

Hi girls, ok so today i just got the worse fight with a friend because shes not getting my reasons to do my surgery.... I dont want to b a model n i dont expect to look like beyonce, but i do want to b able to see myself in the mirror n not feel disgusted with my body, i want to b able to go to the beach with a nice bathing suit, i want to b able to feel more comfortable with ME!!!! Is any of u going through the same? Is it that hard for people to understand that we dont make this choices because we want to please our partners or we want to b consited. Is because we want to please ussss. Please comment
your welcome =)
girl please if we were to satify everyone around us we would lose who we are in the process you dont need to explain yourself to anyone ive had to drop alot of people out of my life because of negativity you only need to surround yourself with people that trully care and support you weather it be surgery or whatever else is going on in your life your reason for doing your surgery and spending your money to do so is your bussiness maybe your friend is just mad that she cant do the same jealousy is a bitch sorry for being so blunt do you and dont worry bout anything else at the end of the day if your not happy with yourself how will you make others happy good luck mama and keep your head up
Thanks momo. Great note to start my day....

Hi ladies. Ok so as of today 60 more days...i...

Hi ladies. Ok so as of today 60 more days...i really cant wait. So i got my vitamedica and my silicone sheets yesterday. My bag is almost ready. Any one has any tip of the most essentiallss to bring?????
You are going to look great.
next month is our month girl sooo excited! =)
Meee toooo..... Wen is ur date n how long u staying?

Ok so today i got the guts to put up my pics....i...

Ok so today i got the guts to put up my pics....i just cant believe i let myself go :(. Thank god only 52 more days
I am scheduled for april 29 with doctor Robles ..Maybe we'll see eachother. :)
Thanks... thats my bbiggest wish

Sooo my ladies 22 days to go and I have mixed...

Sooo my ladies 22 days to go and I have mixed feelings...... im excited and anxious to see the new me but at the same time im nervous about the whole procedure...thank god my family its giving me so much support in this time. im just worry about the time ill be healing how I wont be able to take care of my little one by myself.... but on the other hand my 8 yr old daughter asked me why I was doing the surgery and she was so happy I talked to her like a grown up about my reasons, just want this month to pass fast. what about u girls? wanna share ur feelings?
I didn't have much time to think about as it was only 4 weeks from consult to surgery, it was hard telling my teenaged kids though..I feel guilty about the money every now and then, but my kids have what they need. But now every time I see myself naked I smile! I haven't done that in a long time. My husband is amazed at the transformation as well. So for me the pros definatly out weigh the cons! So do it for yourself, do it because you deserve it!
Wow thanks for ur words. Everyday i thank god i found this page, u girls always give out the best advices..
April 25 for 10 days can't wait!

Hi ladies... so today the countdown starts for me:...

Hi ladies... so today the countdown starts for me: im 15 days away from getting my bidy back yey!!!!!! So today i started my vitamedica pills n increased my iron... lots of things going on right now n my daughter start the state exams tomorrow so i might b out until the weekend but pls keep me updated (for the girls going soon)
Hi sugarlove. R u having surgery the 29 or ur getying to the clinic that day? Cause i go the 29 but will get surgeru the 30th

Ok my ladies 4 more days and im sooo nervous. My...

ok my ladies 4 more days and im sooo nervous. My period came a little strong on sat so my hemoglobin went down to 12.8 so im taking doble the iron. Im having trouble to sleep and the anxiaty its making me eat like crazy so i really dont know what to do, im trying to get calm but its kind of imposible :( just gaing 3lb in 4 days... this is horible. Anyways hows everyone else

Im here at the clinic just waiting for the tests n...

Im here at the clinic just waiting for the tests n to c laura. Cant wait until tomorrow
Wow...I totally needed to read this! Thanks!

today im 20 days post op!!! feeling great

Hi ladies, im sorry I haven't update but my tablet got messed up in DR but let me tell u ladies im so glad and so excited with my results.
lets start from the beginning, the clinic and the staff was excellent. I got to the clinic 4/29 and my surgery was the next day. like other ladies said I actually walked throught other surgeries but nothing scary. when I got to my table one of the nurses sat me down and as soon as the IV was in I was out. I woke up at 6pm and felt nothing. the next day I was taken to the RH and ladies everything they say its true... Virginia its a doll we got so close I still talk to her almost everyday. I also got to know some nice ladies like lissa, denise, andrea and others not so nice lol
Well I saw dr robles 4 times and I loveeeee her so much, her kindness and detail its incredible. she cleaned me everytime and ladies thank God I had no complication. I started my massages on Thursday cause my lipo area got so hard the dr told me it was time to start them.
well im good now and im glad of how I look even with the swollen stomach. see u later ladies, let me know if anyone need any tip besides the DONT TAKE THE VITAMEDICA!!!!!!! it makes u bleed more and wont let your hemoglobin increase.


You look amazing!
Thanks sweety.. im loving my new body
I hear ya! I may not be cover girl material, but I love the way I feel on the inside, and of course how I look on the outside!!

worse day

Today was the worse day ever.... now i understand when the ladies say they feel prego when the get swollen .:'( this is bad my belly my thights n my hips r suoer swollen n i dont know wat to do. Any suggestion ladies? Btw i just started working yesterday.
You look AWESOME!!! Congrats!!

29 days wooo hooo

Hi ladies so im 29 days po n im static about my body... im still swollen n get tired so easily but hey its just for a couple of more weeks. I already got my swimsuit yesss a two piece lol. Well my scar its so cute n thin, my only pro its that i accidentally stock my nail in the lil whole underneath my left breast n it doesnt want to heal...any suggestions ladies?

29 days po

your results have got me excited. she did a nice job on you
U look fabulous
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