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In 2004 I had weight loss surgery and within 2...

In 2004 I had weight loss surgery and within 2 years I lost a total of 180lbs. While that was a great achievement I was left with saggy skin on my thighs, butt, tummy, breasts and arms. I put off plastic surgery for many years because I was scared and it was very expensive here in NY.

Well a family member recommended that I contact Dra. Robles in santo Domingo. Her prices were about 65% less expensive making the surgery affordable to me. I have to say her prices were not what determined how I selected her. I knew a few former patients all with wonderful results so I decided that I would do it.

I need a lot of work done to tighten myself up but in August 2012 I went to santo Domingo and had a full TT and a breast lift with implants. I am so happy with my results! I breasts look better than they ever did before and very natural. My tummy also looks great. It hasn't been a year yet so in know I still have some healing but I feel so happy with my results that I will be going back to have my thighs, butt and arms done.

Dra. Robles made me feel very comfortable and she is very nice as are her staff. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have these procedures done. She is safe and will run some of her own post op tests to make sure the results are consistent and that you (the patient) are a healthy candidate for the procedure she will perform. I could not have more work done while I was there due to my hemoglobin being just over 12. She said she was not comfortable doing more and I have to respect that she put health first. I have been monitoring my hemoglobin since my surgery and so far it's high enough to complete my transformation. I am so excited and nervous at the same time.

I should mention that the price I paid included the pre op tests, all medications, the recovery house, all meals and transportation to and from her office as well as to and from the airport.

I forgot to add that I also requested the TT ...

I forgot to add that I also requested the TT without any lipo. What I had done was the tummy tuck and muscle repair. I will return to my surgeon in June for thigh lift, lipo on my back, and a butt lift. I will also be having an arm lift at a later date. I will be scouring my pictures to see if I have any pre op pictures. I only had a few that I had sent to the surgeon and then deleted for fear someone would find them.

Thank you!!!

Thank you to everyone for your comments and well wishes. I will be having the second part of my transformation done on June 27! Can't wait for my whole body to look like it belongs to the same person lol I have stared a review for those procedures and will be posting pics and updates on that blog in the BBl board. Thanks again and enjoy your summer!

My review for the bbl/ thigh lift & arm lift

If you want to follow my next journey...this is the title of my reviews forvthose procedures
4 more days!!...Brazilian Butt Lift/Thigh Lift/arm Lift - Dominican Republic, DO

Scar revision!

When i saw dra. robles on june 27th and she informed me that my tt had opened from the inside explaining the darkness of the scar on my right side. i do remember that on my way home from the TT i was almost hit by another car on the road and the driver had to swerve hard to the left causing me to jerk hard in that direction. i did feel pain but when i got home and checked the incision was closed so i didnt worry about it. She suggested that i do a scar i Had scar revision done...I'm amazed at the results! I'm only 12 days post op and it looks incredible! Im in awe! Also decided to have my breasts lifted a little more. I wanted them more perky lol I'm so happy with my results. Will post pics soon...

Scar revision pis

Lmao! Pics not pis lol

Sorry lol

4weeks post revision


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Looks amazing Congrats girl I'm so interested in arm lift Can ya tell me more bout toot experience How was it on recovery with TT and arm lift
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First off you look great thank you for your review. All you ladies who post your experiences in such detail with photos, is such a help to the rest of us who are on here researching. Ok so I have a question I know you got a lift with implants with Robles which I'm interested in... So did she put your implants under or over the muscle and which type of implant did you use.. Thank you for your time.
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Great Review! I enjoyed your story.....Your results are FANTASTIC! I too have had LBL, arm lift and breast lift after massive weight loss....I am planning to have a thigh lift in the future.
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Sorry to bother but do u know if they were the Memory Gel silicone? That's what they use here in the US and they are clear not yellowish. That's why I'm on the fence about a breast augmentation I really would like to get them done not only because Robles's has awesome pricing but #1 she has great results too! I just am concerned about what is being put into my body. Your implant are VERY natural looking she did a great job.
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Do u know what type of implants Robles uses?
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When i had them done she was only using silicon
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I hope you are healing very well.I do have ????? How long did it take the doctor to respond for your quote. Also did you ever receive the thigh lift and how is the recovery process and down time
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I did not have the thigh lift done. The procedure was more complex then i thought and the tesults would not have been as much as i wanted. Also the downtime for that was much longer than i thought so i opted not to do it at this time. My arms were great! Very swollen the first few days but after day 3 they were good. Never had pain just felt sore. My scars dont look so dark in person...not sure why they look so dark in pics. I had to wear the sleeves for a month. No driving for 6 weeks (i have kids and was driving slowly after 2 weeks)
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I love it girl u look fab, do u have Dr robles email address I need to get a quote.
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looks awesome!!! sooo happy for you does the bl look??
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Hurry I can't wait to see
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Will post pics on Thursday after I clean the wounds...but no butt for me :0( she said I didn't have enough fat
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sorry about the butt mama does that mean you'll be doing a round 2 ? maybe you should go to another surgeon for the butt
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I don't have enough fat to transfer :( I will be excersing to try and build muscle.
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awesome!!!! good luck sweetie im going to Dr Robles in Sept i feel even more sure of my desions! xoxo
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Thanks belleisis! My nerves are shot today. I ask my doctor for some anxiety pills. I really need it today. I thought I had a grip on things but as soon I woke up this morning all the feelings of anxiety and nerves took over.
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Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Mimi!
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Good luck!!!!! Keep us posted!
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I love your results. It looks so natural
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Your belly looks awesome!
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Wow ur tummy looks great, hope I have gud results.
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Thank you! I'm sure you will, just have faith that everything will be fine.
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Thanks everyone!
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Mimi you look amazing!!! Go you!!
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You look great, when did all your swelling go down how long did it take?
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