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Not sure who to select both are qualified, not...

Not sure who to select both are qualified, not sure how to make the final decision. Can anyone who has had any procedures with them please chime in. Dra Medina just recently joined the site but you can find information on her from her website and on the web but you must use a translator, she responds quickly, and has photos on her website. I am not looking for a disco butt I have that already, (maybe just shaping), or any drastic changes, I just need to take in my birthday suit LOL and add some headlights. Can anyone add their experience at either CECIP or CECILIP . Also, Dra Medina did training in US as well as other countries, Dra Beaz trained internationally as well but I do not see where it says America. The only complaint I read from some is Dra Beaz is very modest with her BBL's & Lipo and her TT and BA are good, since Dra Medina just joined there is only one comment, at the moment.

thanking you!

Recovery House Recovery House

Geez how did you dolls decide it's so generic and the reviews no real solid ones I can find. I'm undecided between Real Recovery Armonia , Daisy's and Maria's . Can someone give their experience if they stayed at one of these or give a suggestion. realself please stop deleting reviews, we need to know personal experiences. The ones I have mentioned are $85 per day/3 meals / laundry / transportation / massage on-site / nurse onsite or on call. Thanking you in advance

Decision is Made

I'm a mother of three and I have decided to go for a mommy makeover (TT, BA & LIPO). Funny thing I have never thought of doing this but I ran into a friend who is currently in DR she just had a BBL yesterday with Dra Duran and she turned me onto this site and I have been researching like a mad woman that finalized my decision I could go in for some improvements. I maintain a my weight between 140 - 145lb but hated my stomach, so happy to get it snatched. I have always been a 34B unfortunately I never went up in cup size during any of my pregnancies and never really cared, but now I am making a decision to be a full C or small D - Ha. Initially, I thought I only needed Lipo but all the doctors said I need a TT and Lipo combined because of loose skin and stretch marks. Also, as far as BBL totally not needed LoL


Hello Ladies & Gents, I'm curios to know what excuses you gave or will be given to your job to take 3 or more weeks off from work. I'm not sure if I should request vacation or request sick leave, do you know if you request sick leave they require documentation or not. Knowing the people I work with they might want to send flowers ugh LoL. Please let me know

Passport Tip

Ladies I have read many reviews of woman freaking out because your passport has not arrived. Word of advice there is no need to panic and defiantly DO NOT pay for expedited service, because you can do this yourself with very little cost. You must have your travel itinerary and call the Department of State to make an appt and pick it up the same day from them. This is what the expedited service does they make an appt and send your docs and wait for them to return, they do not issue passports. I know this from personal experience. I was in a travel crisis during a Hurricane Sandy and was traveling a week after my docs were mailed because I did it a month or so prior and I needed 3 (mine and my kids) however the Dept of State offices in NYC were closed due to flooding with no estimate when they will be open. I made an appt with the Dept of State in Philly we drove there approx 1.5 hrs away and picked our passports up and left the next day. It's about a 3hr process. All the information is on their website including the phone numbers you will need to call to make your appointment. Once again do not pay for expedited service, save you funds and especially do not waste your money on something you can do yourself! Just a simple money saving tip

Recovery House

Its so scary reading about the horrible RH experience so many ppl are experiencing. Promising full service care and not delivering. Not receiving meals as promised, the house not being being clean, nurses not certified or clearly not assisting you, no help at CIPLA, walking up 4 flights of steps geez. Why can't they get it together? I think the doctors should take more interest and cater to foreigners who are bringing so much money to their country. There are a few good ones, but those are far in between or rarely talked about. I read Armonia and Upscale reviews are pretty decent nothing overly negative. It shouldn't matter which doctor you select aftercare should not be neglectful. Just my opinion.

Working With

I have always been able to maintain my weight bet 140 - 145lbs range but since Xmas, yes I'm blaming it in the holidays, yes that took place 3 months ago LoL. I am now 155lb and I carry it all in my stomach and butt ugh, yes this is what I'm working with. The problem is I love to work out it helps me eat what I want within reason and maintain but the problem is I haven't worked out in 3 months and my diet sucks I truly have to get it together. My fear with Lipo is if I don't maintain my diet and I get Lipo and TT on my flacks and belly where da hell if I gain will the weight go? Umm

No Breast At All

As you can see no breast at all? I have 3 kids and during my pregnancy I never changed bra size 34B. My kids ages are 20, 17 and 10. Why am I still a 34B, but that's about to change. I'm fine with the Lipo and TT but I hope the BA don't feel weird and I get tired of them lol. Also, does anyone who has had a BA and had a mammogram, how does that work? It's already painful without implant I can only imagine with. Which placement is better under the muscle or over?


I just wrote an update and it did not post. Kristy, really?

Name Change

Because we have open communication in my household, well kind of, my 10 yr old daughter now know I am going for a Mommy Makeover and I'm always on RS, so she asked me what and why am I getting anything done. So while doing my usual RS research she peeks at my tablet and notice I'm on RS, with a confused look she asks, why is the site called RealSelf where everyone talks about their procedures shouldn't it be called, Fake Self. LoL. No, I didn't smack her, I took it as an opportunity to educate her, why adults choose ps for various reasons. LoL
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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