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Hello!!!! Ladies I've been stalking rs since I...

Hello!!!! Ladies I've been stalking rs since I found it I have read a lot of stories and decided why not do the same for some one else I loved each and every story I've read good bad but very helpful a lil about me I'm 32 mother of three boys 14, 7, 6 and like many of u ladies I once was skinny but after three csections my stomach will never be the same thats y I've decided after 2 yrs that 2014 is the year for me I'm not going to say I'm not scared or nervoud but this is something I really want after reviewing diff surgeons in the dominican replublic went from doc to doc and its finally narrowed down to Dr.yily or Dr.Duran more than likely it will be Dr.Yily eventhough I love durans work but shes a hard person to reach I've tried email, fb no LUCK... I've emailed yily and recvd an email waiting on quote for bbl w fat transfer to hips, tt, lipo I've decided on jan still don't know exact date but it can be around the 27th I've looked up rh yasmine from looking at some reviews on here but I'm open to recieving more rh names that u girls can help me with also if any of u ladies going on this day or around that date pls comment or send me a message will love to hear from u ladies again this has helped me a lot thx to u all....??????


Hi I wanna tummy tuck but with lower prize plz doctor
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Welcome to the community and thank you for starting your journey with us.

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so excited

I got an email from yily yeahhhhh got my quote for tt, lipo, bbl with fat transfer 4,500 with the date I wanted to go which is on feb 17 can't wait I'm nervous but overlly excited...


Hi babe how u doin how's all the planing goin so far wut did u get so far lolz
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Going around the same time. Having BBL,lipo and BL. Flying out of NJ on the 16th n come back 26th. Hopeful we get to meet over there. Wishing you all the best dear.
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Hi aldina I'm going to Dr.yily delosantos in dominican replublic

Hey Ladies

So I have some catchn up to do I've made some changes since I last updated I have changed my ps to the lovely Dra.Fatima Almonte although I luv yilys work I cannot afford it but not sad about my choice i feel ive made the right choice wich is important and getting my questions answered by the lovely lesley almontes asst whos so sweet n great n responding which is greatly apreciated although overly nervous n excited as my time approches she reasures me!!! So since my last review I have gotten blood work done to no surprise I'm anemic I've had it since I can remember so I've been taking my iron everyday along wit that folic acid, vit c, b complex gotta bring my levels up its at 9.6 since I last check in oct if not higher than 12 can't have surgery don't want that.


Good luck hun, I will be following ur journey.
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Hello@ mizBeautiful1 just saw ur comment sorry about that I hvnt really got much just some tshirts, pez, vit, etc. But I've come a long way since my last update lol....
OMG thts great thts better them nuffn get on it tho bkuz by the time u kno it feb is already here n good luck wit her I hear she's good to
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