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Team yily! i'm gonna be a yily queen! - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello Everyone! I have been browsing this site...

Hello Everyone!
I have been browsing this site for way to long before I actually said "ITS MY TIME TO SHINE!" I will be having surgery May 8th and flying in on May 7th. I'm the biggest Scaredy Cat ever so this step is huge for me. I will be having a TT with lipo to arms, full back, flanks, inner thighs and outer thighs. I've already started to buy my vitamins and things that I will be needing. I am 5.1 and weight 181lbs, which you could only imagine, I'm short and chunky. I say all the weight is in my butt ad thighs. My stomach isn't so large either, its just destroyed from my 2 pregnancies. I'm super excited beyond words! Support and comfort of everyones reviews really helps me get through this. I will be in DR for 10 days. Thanks REAL SELF community.


Welcome nd good luck. I'm going to yily may 3rd. Wht r ur measurements??
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My surgery on same day with Yily... I messaged you. I am so nervous about the whole thing. Don't know how I'll make through the next 6 weeks!
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Yeah tell me about it. I can't believe Im actually doing this! Where are you flying from? I thought I had replied to you...maybe it didn't go through.

Okay so today its starting to really hit me. 5...

Okay so today its starting to really hit me. 5 more weeks and I will be headed out to DR. Important waiting on my passport and I Should be set. Important also waiting on my test results to come in at the doctors so that I can see if everything is normal and my body can handle this surgery. Im beyond excited. Now I just need to start packing and getting last minute us things. I need to measure myself too. I haven't done that yet. Does anyone have any advice and or suggestions of what to look out when it comes to using credit card or cash when paying there in DR? Well that's it for now.


Btw Yily only takes cash and it worries me about traveling with so much cash. I will be keeping locks in everything from my suitcase to make up bag! I haven't heard anything bad so far as to theft but better safe then sorry!
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really!? Im not trying to have all that cash on me out there like that. Just praying for the best.
I'm having sx on may 10th! Where are you staying? I haven't fully committed to which RH I'm staying at.
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May7th flying out SX on May 8th! NEED to find a...

May7th flying out SX on May 8th! NEED to find a roomie for Spamedica! Just waiting on my passport now. hopefully all goes well.

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MAKEMEHEAL.COM- So I plan on ordering some stuff...

MAKEMEHEAL.COM- So I plan on ordering some stuff from this website. Any suggestions on what I should purchase. I will be getting a Tummy Tuck, Lipo to full back, arms, flanks, inner and outer thighs. I just don't want to purchase stuff that I'm not going to need. Oh and Bacitraccin.. What is that and where can I get it from?


Vitamedica pre nd post op vitamins. Thy r supposed to b rlly great for recovery. Nd hav good reviews from ladies on here, mmh, nd on amazon
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Nd bacitracin is a zinc ointment tht prevents infection. Put on ur incisions
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