I'm Getting Surgery with Doctor Walkiris Rolbes -Dominican Republic, DO

Fast response, her workers are really friendly and...

Fast response, her workers are really friendly and inviting, and fare price. I'm 23 years old, after my pregnancy my body got well out of shape. I have loose skin in the belly, also my boobs have fallen. I have decided to go for a TT and Breast augmentation also lipo of the waist. Spoke with a few doctors, but Dr Walkiris Convinced me the most. I have surgery scheduled for June 03 2013..


Hey hun how are you doing? Everything still as planed? Less then a month to go!!
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I know...yes everthing still as planed...I'm really nervous. ..still have to buy a few things.. overall can't wait....
During my recovery i stay on http://relaxrecovery.weebly.com/index.html great experiences!
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one more week for the change of my life

I have been having many mixt thoughs and weird dreams, but over all very excited. Taking my vitamins and also working out...hoping for awesome outcomes. ..Ladies wish me lock

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love my results 30 days post op

So I hada surgery 06/04 feel very happy with my results. Dr Walkiris is the bomb, my tuck line is very thin and low. And my boos look natural as well as my navel...the recuperation process is difficult do to the swelling. ..I'm a little depress cause I'm really active and now I'm limmited, also developed a small seroma aka pain in the butt.mk


Hey sis!! How are you? How are your results looking? Any more pics!! Looking awesomee by the wayy!! Congrats
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u look great! How are u now! Thanks for ur review.
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Fast response, her worker are really friendly and inviting, and fare price.

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