Schedule to Get a Body Make over on Feb 5, 2014 - Dominican Republic, DO

I live in Texas and will be traveling to DR in...

I live in Texas and will be traveling to DR in February 2014 with Dr. Fantima the staff response is quick, affordable, and polite. I will continue to keep you updated on my journey to getting my dream body make over. My cousin and I will be traveling together so if you are considering Dr. Fatima Almonte stay posted for future pics. I will be taking advantage of the Tummy tuck, BBL, and body lipo for $3500 this does not include my recovery house expense of $750 or $100 travel expense If you will be traveling in Feb maybe we can meet each other in DR

Recovery House -- Nurse

Has anyone ever heard of any of these ladies?

Recovery home in the Dominican Republic , she said its $55 dollars a day 3 square meals, AC and she help with dressing and meds.

Angela Valentin
Located in Santo Domingo.
809-596-7998 (home)
809-761-9469 (cell)

Ana maria's
809-565-9429 ($75 a day)

Any advice on these ladies or even a referral to a recovery house would be greatly appreciated!


Ok ladies I have officially booked my flight last night & SAVED the date with Dr. Yily . its hard to even sleep at night thinking I will have my body make over in months. WHoop WHoop!!! I decided to go with Dr. Yily after all just because of all the experience, proof of work and photos, and testimonies found. I want to be happy in the end also her quote was only $700 more than Dr. Almonte but Dr. Yily lipo the arms where Dr. Almonte does not. I will keep everyone posted on my Journey to getting my dream body make over. I will post pics soon....

Today is the big day!

Got her yesterday its been a VIP experience with Dr Almonte and her assistant Lesly! I am so happy to finally be here. My cousin Kristy loveit1222 went into surgery at 6.30 sharp. I will be next around 11 Or 11:30! Im excited the communication is perfect with Dr Almonte and Lesly they both speak English. We stayed at the hospital ladt night to be here for the morning. Both5 of our husbands came but wikk only be staying till Saturday, they admitted to both being happy with our choice of Dr. And they were able to answer all of their questions. The clinic is really nice. The hospital room has comfy meds, hot water, tooth brushes, soap& shampoo incase u forgot anything clean it feels like home put it that way, I will post pictures as soon as I can. Im anxious to see my new body finally only hours aways! Im truly happy & love Dr Almonte & Lesly even her secretary they are a great team, for those of you coming to see Dr Almonte or considering you will luv it. Stay tuned for pics

Recent pictures 4 days into recovery finally able to sneak in a update

I'm so happy to finally be on the reload to recovery this picture was taken the day of surgery I have not got any more picture but wanted to give you a sneak peak. I have got to say dr Almonte and Lesley and the secretary have been the best troopers, lots of help, and patience and has helped make this journey even better. I am so glad I came everything I needed was right there from the time I got here. My husband was so happy with the choice I made. The lipo to the back is no joke so you aides were right it almost makes you forget you had a fummy tuck..I will update more details as I get around
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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