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Scared -Dominican Republic, DO

I just booked my flight for 5/29/13. Im having...

I just booked my flight for 5/29/13. Im having tummy tuck, lipo, and fat transfer to my butt. I am a little afraid of going to DR by myself. I would also like to have some information on the recovery house if you have it. I would also like to know if anyone else is going about that time. I am having the surgery with Dr. Walkiris Robles.

I'm going to Dr. Robles on 5/27 surgery on 5/28 for BA and lipo. Are you staying at the RH?
No I'm staying with family members
Yes I am staying at the RH. Are you going alone?

I have been reading some of the other stories on...

I have been reading some of the other stories on here. I really appriciate them. I do have some questions. I the clinic as bad as I have heard. Are there some things I can do to prevent them? Is there any one else going about that time. I will be leaving from Florida.

The funny part of this is my husband or coworkers do not know what is going on. My husband knows that I am going to SD. He thinks it with a girlfriend. He also think I am getting a hernia repaired. I just do not want him to worry. I will tell him the whole story when I get back. I have started working out so that when I get back my coworkers will think I was on a really good work out program. I am a teacher, so I will not be going back to work until the middle of August. This should be interesting.
I chose dr. walkiris Robles to get breast implants, tummy tuck and some lipo around my waist!!! hoping she wont waste the fat and transfer some to my butt:)) I am flying to DR on may 14 and surgery on the 15, I am staying with family members.. Be positive and know that you are doing this for yourself!! You won't be the first one to go alone..
Hi I had surgery with Dr. Robles last Tuesday. I highly recommend you bring someone with you to stay with you for the first few days. The clinic was good. Not as bad as other ladies have said. I am staying at Virginia's recovery house and she is the best. Bring extra cash.
Thanks for the heads up about bringing some one with me. I will get to work with that.What are some of the things that I need extra money for? How is the recovery coming? Take care, I will be praying for your prompt recovery.

I am trying to decide between Dra.Robles and Yily....

I am trying to decide between Dra.Robles and Yily... any suggestions? I do appriciate Dra. Robles work. I have heard very few negative reviews about her. My concern is the Clinic. I have heard so many negative things about it. I have not read those things about the clinic that Dra. Yily's clinic. I feel her work and reputation are equal to Dra. Robles. I do and will appriciate your words of wisdom.
I am starting to think I am getting to much information. This is getting so confusing. Thanks for any advice for any you may have to offer.
Dr. Robles all the way! I am 16 days PO and am so happy with my results. My experience at the clinic was great. I have no complaints at all. My only advice is to bring someone with you for the first few days until you get to the recovery house. Good luck on your decision!
Thanks!! I am confident about my decision to have dr Robles help get my body back!! Get well and keep me posted!! As you know I am excited and nervous at the same time!!
It's perfectly normal to be nervous. But be positive and do all you can to be prepared for the surgery. Good luck!

I will be going to the doctor Monday to get my...

I will be going to the doctor Monday to get my physical and blood work done. I am hoping and praying that my iron is high enough. If it is I will start buying my supply list. I will also decide then who I will go with in the DR.

Ok, ladies I have talked with Dra. Yily and I was...

Ok, ladies
I have talked with Dra. Yily and I was really excited to go with her but..... I found out she was going to be out of country May 30 to June 2. I tried to change my flight but because of the holiday it would cost to much money. So, sadly I had to tell her I could not go with her. I asked her who she would suggest since I could not go with her. One guess as to who she said........Yes Dra. Robles!
So that settles it I am back with Robles. I am glad that is settled. I can now start focusing on gathering the things for the trip. I still have not gotten the results for my blood work back yet. I'm holding my breath.
Ok I need to hear from all my been there Robles divas.
What do I need to pack? What do I need to watch out for? I will be staying at Virgina's RH. Any clues on how I can get my iron level up? I want to be as healthy as possible.
I really do appreciate this site. You have taken some of the fear out of this process.

Im off to see the wizard

I can't believe I am actually doing this. I have finally been cleared to go to SD. I really didn't think it was going to happen. I leave tomorrow. I get to meet Dra. Robles. I have all the medicine that was prescribed. My lipo foam did not come. I guess I will use it when I get back. I guess it has not really hit me yet. I am not afraid. I truly feel that I am getting ready to go on an adventure. I know it is not going to be easy or fun but I do expect it to be exciting. I am looking forward to the new people I am going to meet. I am not looking forward to the pain. I intend to up date with pictures starting next Friday. I will then post before and after pictures. I guess that it for now.

Oh I forgot one thing

Happy birthday to me (and my twin sister)! Ithough a new body would be a good present for me.
Dr. Robles did an amazing job on me. I am 14 days post surgery and i cant wait to try on clothes.. It's a total transformation and I love it!! I am sure she will do the same with you. Just be positive and follow her advise to the T and you will be great!! Good luck

So I am here.

I made it here 5/29. I met with Laura and Dra. Robles. Laura is very pretty and pregnaut. Dra. Robles is pretty also. We did the blood work. But then I was told 5/30 was a holiday and she could not preform the surgery then. I was also told that Dra. Robles would not lipo the top of my stomach. I was disappointed. I went to Virginia's Recovery house. I was glad that I did. I met two very nice young ladies who was leaving today 5/30. They spoke Spanish and English. They were from New York. They both had tummy tucks and lipo. They allowed me to see their drains, the drains being cleaned, and their scares. They told me what to expect. I was really glad they were here even if it was only for a day. So far the food is really good and the weather is hot.
I can tell you this site has really been a great help. Yes the driving is crazy... and yes "Dorothy you are not in Kansas any more". But I look at it as an adventure to make the outside me match the inside me.
I get nervous when I don't see post op updates. Leaving in tw0 days. are you there?
Hey do you have the information or even a phone number for the virginia recovery house, please I really need that ASAP because Im traveling on the 4th of june and my recovery center cancelled on me last night so Im trying to find somewhere else to stay please help!!!
Good luck to you!!! DR Robles is amazing!!! I'm lovin my results!! Virginia at the recovery house was in love at how I looked. DR Robles incision line is the bomb!!!! Just have a good mind set and be positive!! My journey in the DR was amazing! I would do it all over again if I had too!!!


I will be three weeks po Friday. My blood level was low so I did not get the BBL or the back lipo. I did get the TT, side and and under arm lipo. I did not wake up during surgery. I do not remember much about going "down" to the dungeon to have surgery because I went out almost as soon as they came to get me to take me there. The nurses there were ok, not mean but ok. I did amazingly well while I was there. I stayed there for 12 days. There was not much pain. I did start to swell in my legs about two days before I left. I was even walking straight before I left. Every one at the RA was amazed, and so was I. I didn't even get nauseated from the surgery.
I over packed on the different types of medicines. I had every thing from A and D to sleeping pills to stool softner. I did not need 90% of it. Dra. Robles provided it there at the RH. I was bothered when I was told at the last minute that you can not get the top of your stomach lipoed if you are having a TT. I was told I will have to come back to have that done at another time. I feel I should have been told that in advance.
I enjoye the RH. The ladies that work there are great! The food was good. I really enjoyed meeting all the ladies from all over that I met there. It is an experience I will never forget. I may even go back to get the BBL and the back lipo. I was greatful to all the people who had posted on here. It really had me prepared and there was only a few surprises.
I do have some concerns now that I am back home. The day we were to leave Dra Robles printer stopped working. She hand wrote me a note to get the wheelchair, which was good. I was then told that she would email me all the information that I needed when I got home. Well I haven't gotten them yet. I am in the process of trying to text Dra Robles on "What's" app.
I am more uncomfortable now than when I was in SD. My drains keep getting clogged, the drain stitches came out, it's been almost three weeks and I am still draining over a hundred cc and I am walking more hunched over now than when I was in SD. I guess I got spoiled when I was there by having such an easy time. I am going to celebrate taking the drains out by posting before and after pictures. I am still swelling a lot.
were you able to get the phone number, i need it too!!

Here are the pics

I hope the pictures are down loaded. I am still trying to be patient. I hope the swelling goes down. I know I look better but I thought I would be more impressed. I know I could not have everything I wanted done. I was really looking forward to having a flat stomach and a nice butt. But I was told if I wanted a flat stomach I would have to come back and get it lipoed because I could not have stomach lipo and tummy tuck at the same time. I wish I was told that in advance. The money I may have to spend to go back and stay for another week comes to the same price that I would have spent here in the states. But I do like Dra. Robles personality and her work. I also enjoyed staying at the RH. So I will wait and see.

here are some more picx

I hope I did this right. Let me know what you think

I think this is it.

Ley me know what you think.
How have you been??
Yes!! Hubby has a new toy!! Lol :-) You look wonderful! Check out that waistline!! You are rocking :-) :-) thanks for posting. It's great to see the results and be able to visually realize how happy that person must be.. I'm truly happy for you....and hubby;-) cause when mommas happy...it's on!!!!
You look good! Dont worry the swelling will subside eventually, massages are everything! What was your hemo before surgery?
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