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Ready to Look How I Feel! - Dominican Republic, DO

Well I've been stalking this website for a few...

Well I've been stalking this website for a few months, and I love the way the females help each other out .I've learned so much from the females on here . Overall the positivity out shines the minor negativity on this site. Support is a must .. I can imagine the psychological drain after surgery. I know before it I'm excited, nervous , hesitant and anxious All at the same time lol! Im 30 n I have a 13 year old son and I'm done having children. I want to focus on my career and enjoy life!!! Why not do it with a beautiful body ? ! Which I'm hoping dr yily can provide ! I researched doctors and I'm certain I want dr yily to do my surgery. My measurements are 36d 31 waist and 47 hips...my son was 10pds and did a number on my stomach . I like my figure but I want to feel confident that my spanx aren't showing lol... I feel wonderful inside I want to look wonderful too !!

Im trying to go in March.
hey hun, I too am going in April! I actually chose the same date as you, but I'm not sure if she is full that day! I asked her to email me back to let me know and if she is I chose the 12 as an alternative date!! My birthday is in May, so I don't want to be healing to the point where I can't move on my bday!! How long will u be there?? have you sent your deposit and your flight???
Thank you ! I will keep up with my journey .

2014 new me!!!!

2013 was full of bumps and blocks in my road ... But I guess it wasn't my time... I feel way more prepared this time n I'm so excited for the summer of 2014
Hi have you decided on a recovery house yet?
I got a quote from upscale recovery - waiting 4 armonia ---- n then ill decide i wish I could read some reviews on upscale
Do u know where u r staying ?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I chose dr de Los santos through recommendation of a co worker and then i did my own research and investigation

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