I give up on Dr Duran

She is so hard to get in contact with I'm getting...

she is so hard to get in contact with I'm getting overwhelmed because our conversations are so spaced out. I'm upset I need to lose 30 pounds before surgery but it makes sense and its my fault I gained all the weight I lost after I had my daughter. I'm praying so hard everything goes well and duran is my doctor there really is no other doctor in DR I like. I asked her what date is good still waiting for a response. Now I have to figure out how to lose 30 pounds in two months I feel like crying I'm not a big eater but I also don't exercise because of the painful cyst I break out in, I'm determined though. Fingers crossed duran gets back to me...


Thanks @bai I never heard of that diet ill look it up
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Yeah I finally got a hold of her. My date is booked for August 20th I'm excited but so nervous I'm not gonna lose enough weight
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Did u hit her up on fb
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Facebook convo

I spoke to dr duran on Facebook she is so nice but I can tell she's so busy I have no idea what it feels like to balance out the life of a plastic surgeon and also have time for yourself but I'm grateful she answered I think her work is so underrated. Her incision of how she makes the tummy tuck is one of the things that impressed me the most it's so thin and so low. Most of these doctors leave such ugly scars like they stapled together a class project real fast. Anyway still exploring diets, going to see my PCP on Friday to see if she will prescribe me the diet pill qysmia. I know it's not a miracle pill but I need the help...fast :(


Hey girl I also was told by Duran to lose weight I have to lose 35-40 pounds so I moved my date to November because the more I lose the better the results. She told me she only wants the best results and being over weight will show bad results so I took her advice and started my weight loss journey. Don't give it girl it will pay off in the end ...
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I been trying to get in contact with dr duran for the last 2 days and I'm getting TIGHT she posted something about cipla being closed temporarily or something like that I guess that's the clinic? I'm giving her till to tonight to reply or I'm changing doctors this isn't me going to get my ears pierced or haircut this is putting my life on the line and I have a daughter to take care of. This is just unprofessional to the max and not making me feel comfortable at all
Have you tried Dr.Baez? Dr.Duran takes forever to respond.
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Dr duran is impossible to get in contact with she posted on her wall in Spanish to contact her assistant Elizabeth...well Elizabeth hung up on me 3 times. How are you gonna have an assistant that doesn't speak English? I'm livid because my phone bill is through the roof now from calling DR because no one can answer a damn email. I think I'm going with yily

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Attempt with insurance...

So a few weeks ago I decided to go to a plastic surgeon here in New York to get a quote about my stomach. I'm leaving the lipo sculpting and bbl to someone that knows what a donk is lol anyway my insurance is covering a LARGE amount because my stomach hangs and I have rashes I still have to come out of pocket $5,000 which is nothing compared to what a tummy tuck cost. at first I was like no f this im just gonna get everything done in DR but after thinking about this over and over I decided I'm gonna do it. I know ill be safe and this is an investment in my body. After healing from the TT which is scheduled for July 11th I will be going to DR for a BBL lipo and possibly a breast lift. I keep beating myself up about the money I'm putting out for my first surgery (TT) but I feel in my heart I'm making the best decision


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She has a new email address but she does respond it might take a min but I'm so confident in her work I'm being patient. She wrote me on Facebook last night and told me she replying to all emails from her old email as well as new. I totally understand your frustration boo inbox me if you need to know her new details or if she responds to you ...
Hi, do you have the link to her facebook page?

So my tummy tuck is scheduled

I'm getting a tummy tuck here in NY my doctor is very well respected and says I am an excellent candidate. I was evaluated and 37% of my fat is all in my abdomen and trunk...I was excited up until my father started giving me a hard time about my weight I am 5'5 212lbs. Saying I'm wasting my money because if I lose weight ill just have loose skin. Now I'm having second thoughts. I can't take my stomach anymore though anyone that has a large abdomen after pregnancy or extreme weight loss doesn't understand it literally feels like you are carrying a tire around your waist 24/7 I'm adding a photo and would like any suggestions or advice on what you think I should do this whole thing has turned my feelings from being excited to upset :(


Lose as much weight as you can FIRST..dad is right=(
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did you get your procedure done?  
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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