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Hey everybody, here's my story. I am a 33 year old...

Hey everybody, here's my story. I am a 33 year old mother of 2 ( 14 & 16), I live in hobart Indiana, 30 mins outside of Chicago and 2 hours from Indianapolis. I'm sure that I want to go to the DR for surgery October 2013, but unsure which doctor. Duran or Yily??? I've been researching them both and I like there work. So today I sent them both a detailed email with photos requesting a quote. I will update u guys as to when they response and there price quotes. I'm so excited. Also I'm looking for a travel buddy, so let me know if interested.
good luck in your juourney, I just sent Yily an email for round 2, I also sent her a msg on whatsapp & she answered me right away.
Thanks, I will look into that app and when r u going back for round 2, maybe we can buddy up.

Patiently waiting

Patiently waiting for my quotes from Dr. Duran and Yily, in the meantime I think i'm gonna email Dr. Baez for I quote, I just haven't seen much of her work. So if u guys can refer me to some profiles showing her work that would be great.

Received some quotes

Ok so yesterday I received a quote from Dr. Yily, she quoted 4150 for TT, fat grafting to buttocks, bbl, lipo to abdomen, armpit, back, flanks and waist, she also stated that I need to loose 10 pounds and her price does not include a compression garment. I emailed her 5 days ago so be patient ladies she will respond.

I also emailed Dr. Walkiris Robles and she gave me a quote the same day, her price is 5200 for TT, lipo on back and fat transfer to buttocks her price includes 1 compression garment and stay at recovery house for as long as necessary with 3 meals per day.

Boy do I have choices, and still waiting for response from Baez and Duran.

Pre-op photes

Hello, I had tt and lipo done by Dr. Robles in April and I am very happy with the results. You can see my photos. Take your time, choose wisely. Good luck!!
im waiting on a quote from Duran ....but i want to go around the end of Oct or beg of Nov

Decided on a doctor

Ok so I received quotes from Dra Duran, Robles, Yily and Baez, and I've decided on Dr. Duran, I love her work. She quoted me $4800, which was the most expensive of the four. My second choice is Robles and in case y'all don't know she has an all inclusive package which also includes ur stay at the recovery house. I decides on Oct 7, 2013. I am gathering supplies and I will keep u guys updated.
Hi... I'm deciding whether or not to receivie a tummy tuck but not sure which doctor to choose. How is Dr. Duran?? I plan on have it done around Oct or early Nov.
Once u send ur pics to which ever doctor u choose, they will let u know if u need a tummy tuck. If u go in oct maybe we can buddy up, i see we r both RN's
Alright For the RNs lol. I'm looking at the other doctor, Robles you mention. Just email her and based on the response, I would love to buddy up!!! It'll be great to have someone around who can relate. We can communicate via email shirleen_watson@yahoo.com. Talk to you soon

Need a surgery buddy

I'm wanting to have my surgery on 10/7/2013, I would like to stay in a recovery house for the first couple days then go to a hotel for the remainder of the days. Need a buddy so hit me up.
hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com or just call her office I had no problem getting through
which email did you use. i emailed from the website and got no answer. did u go through facebook or something?
I am having surgery with Dr. Robles, in October, can you please inbox me a few photos.


Ok so, im definitel having surgery with Dr. Duran Oct 1st. Already sent a $250 deposit although i dont think she requires that. Ive called her office to confirm and also confirmed with her over facebook. Now just need to pick a recovery house, it either gonna be Angela's or Real recovery then from there to a hotel if im not comfortabl at the recovery house

38 days till surgery

So my plane ticket is bought, recovery house booked and i'm so anxious. My parents think im crazy, wish i wouldnt have told them about it. Oh yea and i had my hgb checked a couple weeks ago and it was 13.4. I have 2 wonderful surgery buddies and we all seem to mesh very well

My supplements

I take these pills at least 1 times per day, however sometimes i take the iron and vitamin C 2-3 times per day

My wish pics

Hey! I live in Indianapolis but I am scheduled to go October 6th with Robles. I'll be staying at Virginia's. I havent found anyone else from Indiana that is going around my time to Robles. Too bad we arenot going to the same surgeon... I would be nice to have some travel buddies since I'm going by myself :-/ well good luck & I hope everything turns out wonderful for you!
Hey, sorry for the late response but I just saw your comment today. Yes I will already be there when u get there. It's crazy cause initially I was gonna go with Dr. Robles Oct 7, I like her all inclusive package, but I changed my date and dr. Good luck to u as well, lets keep in touch.


Supplies update

So me and my 2 surgery buddies decided that we are going to bring thermometers, stetescope and also a pulse oximetry. I have already stopped drinking liquor and i plan on eating right and exercising at least 3 days per week up until surgery. Want to be in the best health possible foru surgery
Good Luck on your procedure tomorrow love!!! Make sure you and Jessica take care of each other.. Im looking for both of yall to keep us updated on your progress and Im sending healing angels to cover you all with the blood of jesus!!! Muah xoxo
Thank u so much

I'm here

Ok so arrived in the DR yesterday sept. 30th. Met up with my 2 surgery buddies. They are so cool. Ok so Yasmine picked us up and took us straight to CIPLA. I had my labs, xray and ekg. All is well hgb 12.9. Also had a cardiology consult, then met with Duran. She is really nice and down to earth, her office is small but chic and very upscale. She has a really warm personality and she speaks english well.

CIPLA review

Ok, so the halls in the CIPLA are hot as hell, no AC, but all the doctors offices and patient rooms r air conditioned. Also only wifi in the doctors offices and some patient rooms. The lab is clean but outdated and smells like sewage, the girl who drew my blood was very nice, she only had to stick me once, she than immediatly destroyed the needle that she stuck me with.

Oct 1 arrived at cipla 7am was admitted to my room about an hour later, a girl who im gonna assume is a nurse took a thourough medical history on me. She also checked my bp and heart rate, but no pulse ox or 02 saturation. Elizabeth who works for dr duran is very helpful. The staff at the cipla some r nice and some r stuck up, but thats everywhere. So right now im just sitting in my bed waiting to go to surgery. The power went out, but came right bavk on after about 10 seconds. Ok ladies thats all for now

Blue pill


Oh yea, forgot to tell u guys, they drive like freakin idiots over here, for some strange reason it seems like everybody is in a hurry when they driving. Also at cipla u have to give 500 pesos deposit for a remote control and if u choose to get your compression stockings here it $ 35 USD
What happen to sexyRN?
An uptade
Can't wait to see your pictures. Hope you are doing well! :)
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