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So Nervous. .. - Dominican Republic, DO

Ok so im getting TT armlift n BBL. Sooo nervous....

Ok so im getting TT armlift n BBL.
Sooo nervous. Im decided to go with Dr. AUGUSTINE DURAN. after alot of research I decided she was the best choice. I see the pics of before n after and she gets u the body u only can dream of.. so wish me luck I pray it all goes well.. I nervous but I pray its worth it all..


Amazing!   I can't wait to see your before and after pictures.  Another month and you are on your way:)

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Next week Wednesday I will be in DR. Wowwwww!! I cant believe it. Im nervous Im upset cause I didnt reach my goal weight its really difficult for me cause of my job. I work 12 hrs a day. N not too active at work. I have 4 kids so when im not working im cooking n cleaning. Lol...
but next week is the big day. I go in for my labs on wed n hopefully gods will Thursday will be my surgery date. AUGUST 21 N AUGUST 22ND. smh I dont feel like im ready. But its done. Im soooo scared lol.


Good luck !!
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You will do great!!! keep us posted on whats going on with you. Its going to be a wonderful vacation!!!
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b4 duran

My before pics.. b4 duran.
I will post after pics as well as more detailed pics.


Good luck Hun !!!
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I'm leaning toward Duran too. Can't wait to hear how it goes! Prayers for quick healing.
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Good Luck!! I am following you!! Keep us posted!!
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August 21 2013. At home getting ready to head to the airport. I have to thank u guys for being so supportive. Thank u so much for the best wish guys I will keep u posted with pics n how everything is. Well wow I cant believe im heading to the airport havent been on a airplane since I was 5 years old. Im bugging how my experience getting on a plane will be to get surgery n being in pain. Hope I get to enjoy the Dominican Republic at least a little.. well guys wish me luck. Xoxo. Sending everyone positive vibes... omgggg im so nervous. .lol.

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Oh btw. I was suppose to confirm with Dra.Duran unfortunately I was unable to contact her. :( or anyone so I pray everything goes according to plan. I dont need craziness to happen.. will keep u posted.


Hope all went well, best wishes
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not too well..

Ok wow I hae so much to say. I GOT MY TT BBL ARM LIFT. ON 8 22 2013
WHY?? OK MY RIGHT FOOT IS NUMB I CANT WALK IM CONFUSED AS TO WHAT HAPPEN IM UP SET AND DEPRESSED. I MEAN MY RESULTS. I WANNA KNOW IF ANYBODY OUT THERE HAD AN experience like mine im nervous n I would like to go home to my 4 kids walking. . This is bullshit dr.dura couldnt tell me either. August 25 tried to wiggle my fight toes no luck im swollen like hell. I thank god my hubby is with me I cant imagine doing this alone..im walking around thats all duran me. Im praying my feeling on my toes come back. Please anyone had an issue. Like this please write me back. Im really stressed about this. Im so depressed n comfused sad mad n I cant say im happy at all. I don't know what to do cause I cant walk.

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very swollen n stood up in this pic balancing. my right toes r numbed.


how are you doing now and what did doctor say?  are you okay ?
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Well she told me in time I will be able to feel my foot again. Its really frustrating. I needed 3 bags of blood they my hubby was like ok do it.lol they was like no we need to get paid first. Money talks I guess. Im just really worried n I want this recovery to be soon. I rather give birth 2x. Duran is really nice. But it seems like she was shock about what happened. Im leaving it t9 gods hands.



I wonder if its from the epidural? praying for you!
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okay hang in there and if you don't feel better don't be afraid to go to hospital, keep us updated and praying for you, did she say why you can not feel your foot, does not sound quite right to me, did they cut a nerve or something

NIGHTMARE-after surgery dont have feeling on Right Foot

I have sooo much to say I promise I will take my time n update. But as of right now im gonna just jump In to the MAIN.
ok so like I stated on my last post I had surgery on the 22nd of august by Dr. DURAN. things went crazy from day one. As I also stated I needed 3 bags of blood. So In other words I needed a blood transfusion. Then from the anesthesia I NEVER got my feeling back from the day of surgery. SmMfh. And I ask why did this happen. Nobody knows nothing Dr.duran said its a compressed nerve it must of happened when she did the BBL. So just to be cleared with the readers My Right Leg from my Ass check right side to my foot is numb no feeling starting from my foot all 5 Toes no feeling I cannot wiggle my toes At all. I cant even put shoes on cause I have no control of my foot. This shit is sad. I didnt come to Dominican Republic to have this happen. This has been a NIGHTMARE my whole experience lol DUran DOLL. No THanks I rather have feeling on my right foot. HONESTLY I DONT KNOW HOW IM FUNCTIONING IM IN THE "FAMOUS " CIPLA right now my last night here. Im just thinking how badly I wanna be with my 4 children right now. This whole experience has been so messed up painful nobody knows nothing mind you. Im Hispanic Puerto Rican to be cleared. PLUS MY HUBBY HAS BEEN WITH ME THROUGH THE WHOLE THING. NEVER LEFT MY SIGHT. THANK GOD .. HE HAS BEEN ASKING QUESTIONS BUT NOBODY HAS BEEN ABLE TO GIVE US ANSWERS. MY BRAIN RIGHT NOW IS SO MESSED UP. TO THINK I WAS SUPPOSE TO GO BACK TO WORK SEPTEMBER 05 2013. LOL THATS NOT HAPPENING EITHER. SO THE ONLY THING DURAN SAID IS SHE THINKS I NEED REHAB CENTER. I WILL NEED to work on my leg to get my feeling back. Hoping that when the numbness n swollen goes away my feeling will come back. This is A NIGHTMARE. I will be going to the Doctors in NYC to see what they say. I know guys im rambling on . Its just I have so much shit in my head. I would like to know if anyone has this reaction after a BBL numbness no feeling? Please inbox me or just reply on here is fine. Im feelin soo alone. I would appreciate anyones feedback. All I know is I have to get this fixed. Im leaving C IPLA AROUND 2PM. IM DYING TO GO BACK TO NYC. IMA GO SEE MY CHILDREN N HUG ALL 4 OF MY BABIES. I SWEAR ALL THIS STUPID DURAN DOLL SHIT WASNT WORTH IT. ALL I CAN SAY IS SMH. I GOT TO GET MY MIND RIGHT N PREPARE MYSELF TO DO WHATEVER I NEED TO. IM JUST Disgusted With Everyone here. NoOne has tried to help or attempt. But at this point im gonna leave it in Gods hands. Thats all I can do. I will keep updating u guys. Im sorry im rambling on and jumping all over the place everything. I just have so much in my head. N I really wanted to let u guys know whats happening with me. Ughh I still cant believe this s*** . Please if anyone has any info or any prior experience like mine please feel free to leave me a message. Guys wish me luck. I swear I wouldnt recommend this clinic nor this doctor. SORRY DURAN DOLLS... BUT THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE N THIS WASNT WORTH MY FEELING OF MY LEGS. THIS IS CRAZYNESS I CANT DRIVE PUT SHOES ON OMG JUST THINKING I PAID FOR THIS IT MAKES ME SICK. FUNNY THING ALL THESE NURSE HERE WOULD SAY OH MAMI ITS OK ITS NORMAL. CMON I HAD SURGERY 2 WEEKS AGO N I cant walk. This is so crazy. I feel I did my research on Dra.Duran. everyone said so many nice things to say. No negative the most thing would be u couldnt get in contact with her. N I was having second thoughts because of that. Maybe I should of went with that feeling. Ugh ok guys I need to get myself together to get the heck out of here. Just wanted to update n vent as well. Please please choose ur surgeon carefully.
I will appreciate anyones feedback.


Please keep updating us on how your doing Hun. Praying for you.
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Sis I am so sorry that was your experience sis. I'm glad you got your foot looked at immediately when you got back in the states and that your prognosis is Good. YayY!! Btw sounds like you have an amazing husband. My prayers are with you and your 4 precious babes. You will be running around with them in no time. God Bless and Happy Healing Mama!
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God bless u and stayed prayed up. I know anything dealing with cutting into the body runs risk of damaging the nerves because our bodies are full of them to create a road for the brain to talk to the body for movements and many other things. However, there's vessels and many arteries that runs neck and neck and that Doctors learn more about preventing the cut or damage to the blood supply. So rehab can provide ways to get blood flow to that area which includes the oxygen needed to keep life in that limb so keep it stimulated. Ask them if they have plexi pulse boots which automatically provides a constant pulsation to that foot circulating the blood at the same time it is a device also used to prevent DVT's or blood clots after surgery when the body is not in motion so to say. I'm also wondering do they have any guidelines for the donors of the blood used for blood transfusions. We know here in the U.S. people are screened for HIV, AIDS, & Hepatitis and i'm wondering do their country hold the same criteria to be a donor. I been ask this question in the forum but a doctor responded saying he doesn't even know if they keep Disease Control Records Stats as our country are required by law to do to prevent an epidemic from occurring. Please let me know about this and if they give u any info ask for the site address so i can look it up. Some acupuncture may be therapeutic when u get home also just another option if all fails.
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Sounds like a pinched nerve..perhaps from the anesthesia injection. Happened to me about 6 months ago. At first it's frustrating of course but we all have different bodies and react differently to substances introduced to our bodies. I didn't see a professional...I kept calm and trained my body and mind to accept I was handicapped and worked on bringing movement back into my foot every chance I got. I am back to walking, and also grabbing and grasping because I also had some numbness on my right pointer and middle finger. You're going to be ok in no time. Just keep moving. Focus, focus, focus. Don't get frustrated... Just breathe in and try again! Your body is now the way you desired. Don't let this get in the way of your happiness. Defeat it!
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So sorry to hear this happened to you. Sending prayers out for you and your family. May Jesus cover you in his blood and make you whole again. Keep your head up love.
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WOW, I'm so sorry this happened to you! I too was considering Duran based off reviews and pics, but of course I haven't even received my quote yet, which, pictures were sent a month ago. I will keep you n my prayers.
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all DR. pictures

I figured I posted up all the pictures from D.R.


are you doing any better? I sincerely hope so, having results you want(kind of) is a good thing but having complications is not, I hope all is going well for you and again so sorry you had to go thru all of this
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Thank u soo much..
My kids are the one who is keeping me strong. Thanks so much 4 ur support..

more pics

Cont. More pics please chk them from this horrible experience. ..

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more more pics



How are things going? I hope all is well with you and your babes-take care
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Hi haz! Im still praying for you hold on oh soldiger!
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Does anyone know her out of RS so that they can let us know how she is doing? Hope you are ok sweetie!!!!
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I really need to update very soon

Hey first I would like to thank everyone that wish me well and those beautiful positive words. Thank u guys I sometimes couldn't get out of bed because of how I felt I can say reading you guys comments gave me hope n made me smile. Thank you seriously thank u guys. God is god. Ok well as far as me and my leg goes. I've been going to soo many doctors. A lot of doctors say that dr Duran hit the sciatic nerve n caused me to have no movements on my right foot. So for all u ladies that don't know I had a BBL n so she hit the nerve. So here I am 3 months later almost still without movement on my right leg. So it's call a DROP FOOT. So what doctors are trying to figure out if it's Damaged Compressed pinched or if I will stay like this wearing a brace forever. I'm heading to the neurosurgeon now to see what he thinks cause I did a MRI and EMG so god knows I'm praying n praying to my good lord this don't keep me like this for life. But don't get it twisted I'm thankful I'm alive and the good lord got me home to my kids. My kids are my everything. I'm thankful. Someone ask me if I like my results to my TT and my arm lift n my BBL well honestly after also having my belly button complications hell No. I kno us women wanna look good but I would of rather decided on another doctor or not doing it at all really. I mean I went through a lot too much n still going through it. My choice is to live n not be dealing with this. I mean I never twisted broke a foot or anything b4 this is hard to deal with. Who cares if my belly is flat like who the hell is looking if u walking with a walker seriously. All I want is to get better n to have u guys see what I went through n hoping I can make a difference in one of ur guys life. I don't wish this on no one . Sometimes I go back n fourth with god and ask why me. But I know there is a reason. I've also seen that a girl passed way at the same clinic leaving behind 7 kids behind. I can't imagine so again I'm grateful. Ok at the docs office well keep u posted Guys. God bless u guys n again thank u for ur positive comments. Wish me luck.


I pray that God strengthens you mind, body and spirit and that His love towards you will sustain you and keep you encouraged each day
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Thank u for those beautiful words.
Haz chk ur inbox ok!!
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Just trying to get some answers

I swear I feel like I've been getting the run around. My neurosurgeon told me time is everything to decompress the nerve n now he wants me to do the same MRI to rule out infection I've token blood test n all MRI n EMG . So now this doctor is saying I should see an orthopedic surgeon. I'm confused I may go for a second opinion I don't have much time either my job is only giving me till December to go back to work. Idk what to do I'm frustrated and depressed. I pray that god leads me to the right hands.


Hello Haz How are you doing? Have you contacted the doctor to see if they can help?
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I felt very emotional when I read your journey and I am so sorry that your results ended up the way they did. The pictures were also overwhelming and again my sorry just doesn't seem like enough. My prayers are with you babe and my heart goes out to you. My the Lord heal and bless over you!
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Thank u, I appreciate the prayers. God bless.

Thank u.

Hey beautiful women. I wanna say thank u for praying for me n keeping me in mind. U guys have helped me soo much. Thank you soo much. U guys have made this easier for me.
Just wanna give u guys a little update so last Friday I went to see the orthopedic surgeon n he said I have damaged my buttocks muscles as well so that was shocking to me. He also told me he couldn't help me n referred me to another surgeon that deals with soft tissue. I don't know what to think about all of this. I really don't. The thing that kills me is that when I seen the neurosurgeon he said time is ticking I should get this surgery done to decompress the nerves that's affecting my foot drop. But then he tells me he can't help me because he thinks a orthopedic can help. N i went to him n he said no. So now to see if this doc can help. The orthopedic surgeon also suggested a plastic surgeon. But I have to find one that's willing to help me with decompressing the nerves. I don't know because the neurosurgeon made it seem like if I don't get this done soon my foot drop can be permanent n lord knows I don't want that. I'm praying I find a doctor that's willing. Please ladies continue the prayers for me. I need all I can get. Thank you for all ur love n support. Xoxo love u guys 4 real! ????????????????????


How are you?
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Still the same just trying to find a doctor that could help me
Hey lady im stopping by to show you sme love I hvnt seen you update in a while I hope things are gettin better for you. I will continue to pray love.
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Hey just wanted to show u guys I'm still here. Today I will be checking out on another doctor. So I will update. As for as now everything is still the same. I'm praying god heals me I'm feeling crippled especially on winter days. I have to be so careful. Ugh I'm frustrated I wish Duran knew all the damage she has caused me. I kno with surgery things are always a risk but to be so careless like she has it's crazy. I just pray this soon will be over. Thanks everyone who prays for me I thank u from the bottom of my heart.


Hope you are well and standing on your own two feet.
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Thank u
Ive been following your story and i am truly sorry for all youve been through but thank god youre alive and have your kids
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its now almost a year

On August it will be a year of my surgery and the injury. And I have to say I still have nerve damage n cannot wiggle my toes nor move my foot up or down n not to mention I still have no feeling, itz a shame because by now I would of love to look hot and wear cute outfits and sandals unfortunately when u have foot drop u cannot even wear slippers cause I have no control of my foot, it's a shame
Honestly the day of my surgery I remember Dr Duran looking overwhelmed n stressed out and lol I also remember her saying it's a lot s stress and she felt stressed n off running like a chicken without her head, I swear I wish I would of really took all of that as a sign like nooooooooooo run get the he'll out of here, but I wanted this surgery so bad n now look a year later I'm still injured nerve dead n can't do certain things meanwhile back in Dominican Republic this unprofessional person is making money all of our money n chilling! Smh. Think b4 dealing with Duran at the end of the day she don't give a Sh** up you me nobody but her thirsty pockets, I pray n hope all u ladies think about it very very good,


Just dropping by to say hi and to see how youre doing luv
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Oh lord I am so sorry about this, it should've never happened to you, you really should've gone public you can sue her in DR, if u went to the authorities they will press charges on her, you should try calling an attorney in DR, im serious she needs to pay for what she did to you. People sue these doctors all the time. because of your story I decided not to go to her, thanks for sharing it your a very strong woman, God bless you, will be praying for your healing.
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I always check back here praying and hoping you update us some good news on your recovery. I know I don't know you but hand on heart I think about you and your situation often and have prayed for you countless times. This story changed my mind entirely on surgery. Instead I have been going to the gym and have lost 20lbs. I know I will never have "the donkey" but as a mother of 4 kids I just can't justify the risk after reading this. Thank you once again for having the courage to share. I know it's been a year but I'm praying it IS only temporary and that somehow you will heal Xxxxx
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Hey ladies, just wanted to update you guys, well 2 weeks ago I was able to move my foot still no wiggle my toes and I still cannot work without a brace, im just trying to move on with my life, I also still have no feeling I recently went it for another MRI I'm just waiting to see what my doctor is going to do, im still doing PT 2x a week, its crazy because its been 1 year n a month and I would of never thought I would still be going through all of this, I'm fighting though and I wont give up on me, I still cant go to work so pretty much im jobless right smh, all this crap I've done to save up for a stupid surgery in DR, and I ended up being Jobless its crazy and very upsetting , But I really try to stay positive, I started driving back in February so Thank God I am able to take my kids to school, I would advise anyone who will go out of the country DONT DO IT, PERIOD!!! I really wanna thank all you ladies that stay praying for me n my situation, I really appreciate it, you have no idea how u guys uplift me, I dont know u guys but I have sooooooo much love in my heart for u all, and I do pray for u guys thats decided on going for surgery, Thank you all God Bless xoxoxo


I just found Duran yesterday night, and I put her on my list of possible surgeons. After reading your story, I took Duran off my list of possible surgeons. I am just going to continue to search for the perfect doctor here in the US. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through and I hope things resolve for you. Thank you for writing your review ! It saves us from making a mistake with this surgeon. please keep us updated!
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After reading your story, I've made my decision to not go to Dr. Duran or out of the country. I'm researching doctors here in Miami and some of them have been crossed off. Anyway, I'm praying that you heal and overcome this. Don't give up, God will you see you through this. I'm just glad you're alive to tell your story.
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