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So Nervous. .. - Dominican Republic, DO

Ok so im getting TT armlift n BBL. Sooo nervous....

Ok so im getting TT armlift n BBL.
Sooo nervous. Im decided to go with Dr. AUGUSTINE DURAN. after alot of research I decided she was the best choice. I see the pics of before n after and she gets u the body u only can dream of.. so wish me luck I pray it all goes well.. I nervous but I pray its worth it all..


Next week Wednesday I will be in DR. Wowwwww!! I cant believe it. Im nervous Im upset cause I didnt reach my goal weight its really difficult for me cause of my job. I work 12 hrs a day. N not too active at work. I have 4 kids so when im not working im cooking n cleaning. Lol...
but next week is the big day. I go in for my labs on wed n hopefully gods will Thursday will be my surgery date. AUGUST 21 N AUGUST 22ND. smh I dont feel like im ready. But its done. Im soooo scared lol.

b4 duran

My before pics.. b4 duran.
I will post after pics as well as more detailed pics.


August 21 2013. At home getting ready to head to the airport. I have to thank u guys for being so supportive. Thank u so much for the best wish guys I will keep u posted with pics n how everything is. Well wow I cant believe im heading to the airport havent been on a airplane since I was 5 years old. Im bugging how my experience getting on a plane will be to get surgery n being in pain. Hope I get to enjoy the Dominican Republic at least a little.. well guys wish me luck. Xoxo. Sending everyone positive vibes... omgggg im so nervous. .lol.


Oh btw. I was suppose to confirm with Dra.Duran unfortunately I was unable to contact her. :( or anyone so I pray everything goes according to plan. I dont need craziness to happen.. will keep u posted.

not too well..

Ok wow I hae so much to say. I GOT MY TT BBL ARM LIFT. ON 8 22 2013
WHY?? OK MY RIGHT FOOT IS NUMB I CANT WALK IM CONFUSED AS TO WHAT HAPPEN IM UP SET AND DEPRESSED. I MEAN MY RESULTS. I WANNA KNOW IF ANYBODY OUT THERE HAD AN experience like mine im nervous n I would like to go home to my 4 kids walking. . This is bullshit dr.dura couldnt tell me either. August 25 tried to wiggle my fight toes no luck im swollen like hell. I thank god my hubby is with me I cant imagine doing this alone..im walking around thats all duran me. Im praying my feeling on my toes come back. Please anyone had an issue. Like this please write me back. Im really stressed about this. Im so depressed n comfused sad mad n I cant say im happy at all. I don't know what to do cause I cant walk.

very swollen n stood up in this pic balancing. my right toes r numbed.


NIGHTMARE-after surgery dont have feeling on Right Foot

I have sooo much to say I promise I will take my time n update. But as of right now im gonna just jump In to the MAIN.
ok so like I stated on my last post I had surgery on the 22nd of august by Dr. DURAN. things went crazy from day one. As I also stated I needed 3 bags of blood. So In other words I needed a blood transfusion. Then from the anesthesia I NEVER got my feeling back from the day of surgery. SmMfh. And I ask why did this happen. Nobody knows nothing Dr.duran said its a compressed nerve it must of happened when she did the BBL. So just to be cleared with the readers My Right Leg from my Ass check right side to my foot is numb no feeling starting from my foot all 5 Toes no feeling I cannot wiggle my toes At all. I cant even put shoes on cause I have no control of my foot. This shit is sad. I didnt come to Dominican Republic to have this happen. This has been a NIGHTMARE my whole experience lol DUran DOLL. No THanks I rather have feeling on my right foot. HONESTLY I DONT KNOW HOW IM FUNCTIONING IM IN THE "FAMOUS " CIPLA right now my last night here. Im just thinking how badly I wanna be with my 4 children right now. This whole experience has been so messed up painful nobody knows nothing mind you. Im Hispanic Puerto Rican to be cleared. PLUS MY HUBBY HAS BEEN WITH ME THROUGH THE WHOLE THING. NEVER LEFT MY SIGHT. THANK GOD .. HE HAS BEEN ASKING QUESTIONS BUT NOBODY HAS BEEN ABLE TO GIVE US ANSWERS. MY BRAIN RIGHT NOW IS SO MESSED UP. TO THINK I WAS SUPPOSE TO GO BACK TO WORK SEPTEMBER 05 2013. LOL THATS NOT HAPPENING EITHER. SO THE ONLY THING DURAN SAID IS SHE THINKS I NEED REHAB CENTER. I WILL NEED to work on my leg to get my feeling back. Hoping that when the numbness n swollen goes away my feeling will come back. This is A NIGHTMARE. I will be going to the Doctors in NYC to see what they say. I know guys im rambling on . Its just I have so much shit in my head. I would like to know if anyone has this reaction after a BBL numbness no feeling? Please inbox me or just reply on here is fine. Im feelin soo alone. I would appreciate anyones feedback. All I know is I have to get this fixed. Im leaving C IPLA AROUND 2PM. IM DYING TO GO BACK TO NYC. IMA GO SEE MY CHILDREN N HUG ALL 4 OF MY BABIES. I SWEAR ALL THIS STUPID DURAN DOLL SHIT WASNT WORTH IT. ALL I CAN SAY IS SMH. I GOT TO GET MY MIND RIGHT N PREPARE MYSELF TO DO WHATEVER I NEED TO. IM JUST Disgusted With Everyone here. NoOne has tried to help or attempt. But at this point im gonna leave it in Gods hands. Thats all I can do. I will keep updating u guys. Im sorry im rambling on and jumping all over the place everything. I just have so much in my head. N I really wanted to let u guys know whats happening with me. Ughh I still cant believe this s*** . Please if anyone has any info or any prior experience like mine please feel free to leave me a message. Guys wish me luck. I swear I wouldnt recommend this clinic nor this doctor. SORRY DURAN DOLLS... BUT THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE N THIS WASNT WORTH MY FEELING OF MY LEGS. THIS IS CRAZYNESS I CANT DRIVE PUT SHOES ON OMG JUST THINKING I PAID FOR THIS IT MAKES ME SICK. FUNNY THING ALL THESE NURSE HERE WOULD SAY OH MAMI ITS OK ITS NORMAL. CMON I HAD SURGERY 2 WEEKS AGO N I cant walk. This is so crazy. I feel I did my research on Dra.Duran. everyone said so many nice things to say. No negative the most thing would be u couldnt get in contact with her. N I was having second thoughts because of that. Maybe I should of went with that feeling. Ugh ok guys I need to get myself together to get the heck out of here. Just wanted to update n vent as well. Please please choose ur surgeon carefully.
I will appreciate anyones feedback.


all DR. pictures

I figured I posted up all the pictures from D.R.

more pics

Cont. More pics please chk them from this horrible experience. ..

more more pics


I really need to update very soon

Hey first I would like to thank everyone that wish me well and those beautiful positive words. Thank u guys I sometimes couldn't get out of bed because of how I felt I can say reading you guys comments gave me hope n made me smile. Thank you seriously thank u guys. God is god. Ok well as far as me and my leg goes. I've been going to soo many doctors. A lot of doctors say that dr Duran hit the sciatic nerve n caused me to have no movements on my right foot. So for all u ladies that don't know I had a BBL n so she hit the nerve. So here I am 3 months later almost still without movement on my right leg. So it's call a DROP FOOT. So what doctors are trying to figure out if it's Damaged Compressed pinched or if I will stay like this wearing a brace forever. I'm heading to the neurosurgeon now to see what he thinks cause I did a MRI and EMG so god knows I'm praying n praying to my good lord this don't keep me like this for life. But don't get it twisted I'm thankful I'm alive and the good lord got me home to my kids. My kids are my everything. I'm thankful. Someone ask me if I like my results to my TT and my arm lift n my BBL well honestly after also having my belly button complications hell No. I kno us women wanna look good but I would of rather decided on another doctor or not doing it at all really. I mean I went through a lot too much n still going through it. My choice is to live n not be dealing with this. I mean I never twisted broke a foot or anything b4 this is hard to deal with. Who cares if my belly is flat like who the hell is looking if u walking with a walker seriously. All I want is to get better n to have u guys see what I went through n hoping I can make a difference in one of ur guys life. I don't wish this on no one . Sometimes I go back n fourth with god and ask why me. But I know there is a reason. I've also seen that a girl passed way at the same clinic leaving behind 7 kids behind. I can't imagine so again I'm grateful. Ok at the docs office well keep u posted Guys. God bless u guys n again thank u for ur positive comments. Wish me luck.

Just trying to get some answers

I swear I feel like I've been getting the run around. My neurosurgeon told me time is everything to decompress the nerve n now he wants me to do the same MRI to rule out infection I've token blood test n all MRI n EMG . So now this doctor is saying I should see an orthopedic surgeon. I'm confused I may go for a second opinion I don't have much time either my job is only giving me till December to go back to work. Idk what to do I'm frustrated and depressed. I pray that god leads me to the right hands.

Thank u.

Hey beautiful women. I wanna say thank u for praying for me n keeping me in mind. U guys have helped me soo much. Thank you soo much. U guys have made this easier for me.
Just wanna give u guys a little update so last Friday I went to see the orthopedic surgeon n he said I have damaged my buttocks muscles as well so that was shocking to me. He also told me he couldn't help me n referred me to another surgeon that deals with soft tissue. I don't know what to think about all of this. I really don't. The thing that kills me is that when I seen the neurosurgeon he said time is ticking I should get this surgery done to decompress the nerves that's affecting my foot drop. But then he tells me he can't help me because he thinks a orthopedic can help. N i went to him n he said no. So now to see if this doc can help. The orthopedic surgeon also suggested a plastic surgeon. But I have to find one that's willing to help me with decompressing the nerves. I don't know because the neurosurgeon made it seem like if I don't get this done soon my foot drop can be permanent n lord knows I don't want that. I'm praying I find a doctor that's willing. Please ladies continue the prayers for me. I need all I can get. Thank you for all ur love n support. Xoxo love u guys 4 real! ????????????????????


Hey just wanted to show u guys I'm still here. Today I will be checking out on another doctor. So I will update. As for as now everything is still the same. I'm praying god heals me I'm feeling crippled especially on winter days. I have to be so careful. Ugh I'm frustrated I wish Duran knew all the damage she has caused me. I kno with surgery things are always a risk but to be so careless like she has it's crazy. I just pray this soon will be over. Thanks everyone who prays for me I thank u from the bottom of my heart.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Thank you for sharing your story. Im happy as well I know you are to have your life. I trust now that the quality of your life returns. May vibrational source energy send healing your way
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Omg im sorry for what your goi.g through. Now im scare of getting a tummy tuck. I had two pregnacy and c section i dont like this pouch. But after your story and what haplen to beverly brigoni im scare.
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I hope you are doing ok and also hopefully you found a doctor for your foot.
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The doctor is Guillermo Lorenzo..but it looks like everything that goes wrong in surgery will be linked to Duran
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Praying for your continuous recovery
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Your story is heartbreaking. I know God has a plan for you. Looking at your pictures you look gone. Thank God you weren't. I hope you update soon so that we know you are OK.
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Good luck hun.. your in my prayers
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Hey girly! It was such a joy and blessing to hear your voice again! I know u could make a comeback, God said he wld nvr leave us nor forsake us! I knew u had it n u and i knw God will order ur steps as u heal and help others by continuimg to tell ur story!! U are an inspiration to so many ladies! Oxoxox's!!!
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What an ordeal! My heart goes out t you & proud that your husband had your back & sharing your story! You will be in my thoughts & prayers!!!
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I would like for you to start a thread for women that have had surgery with Duran with complications. I don't believe it's for me to do, because I haven't the experience with this MD. It's hard navigating through the post with no specific order. If seeking to find out MDs with reported complications-this would be best. May be the title "Complications with Duran." And this could be done for any MD on the site. It's just an idea. That I thought would better help us who are searching for an MD to review and find these kinds of post. Having only the success stories isn't enough!
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I can't express how much your posts have influenced my decision making. I'm can't imagine going through what you have for almost a year after surgery. You are absolutely right in your post about people taking your experience as yours for a warning of what could happen! How are you recovery? Have you gone to that new doctor stated in your post Jan. 2014. I truly hope your spirits are high and expectations are hopeful in your recovery. If my words sound jumbled its because I'm in tears. For your situation and your outcome. What was the thing that came from your belly button? I don't mean to pry, just want to be able to better compile a list of questions for surgeons about my procedures. I know this may sound weird and yes, I plan on having the procedure. But will reconsider DRA Duran. I have seen to many bad experiences/ complications arriving from having surgery with her. This is weighing heavily on my heart and ability to make the best choice for me. Sending my prayers, hugs, kisses, and thought your way... for a total recover. *CLAIM IT TODAY AND IT WILL BE*
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You and your family are in my prayers. God will heal you have faith and pray. In my opinion a tummy tuck, bbl , lipo and an arm lift was to much to have done at the same time. Multiple procedures at one time is risky because it increases your chance of complications. The nerve issue I read a review from someone that happened 2 and she was able to gain feeling in her leg again with the help of rehab. Blessings
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you are in my prayers…
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This review brought tears to my eyes. Its like I felt ur pain. I immediately reached for my baby and just hugged her so tight. thank you for ur openess with us here my friends sister is on this site shes a 'duran doll' however she's very happy with her results. I too have 4 kids. I'm so sorry this happened to you. tbh the pics and pain in ur words have kinda put me off this surgery. Imma take my big ass to the gym and invest the money in a PT. For me the risks not worth it. Thank you soooooo much for sharing sis. please please pleaaase update us on ur road to full health (god willing) xxxxx
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Reading your post makes me believe it can happen to me. I wanted to go with the hype....yily or cabral just for that big butt. Though I still want the procedure im going to a great surgeon who puts the well being of her patients first before her reputation. I love how soft of a heart you have to make this as positive as possible. Please keep us updated on your recovery. I know we have faith that all will be well. Also duran was the dr of treena jackson who passed away last month. Though duran says its not her fault. Ladies trust yourself not others to persuade your decision. I hope everyone is well on this crazy journey.
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Girl I felt like crying when I read this. My cousin is sooooooo pressed to go to dr.Duran and I told her to read your review hopefully she will change her mind. What the hell was that that came out of your belly button?
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Haz my heart holds heavy for you. :( im so sorry that you had to experience what you've been through. This is definitely the reality of having plastic surgery. And your voice should be heard. Thank GOD u can still be there with your lil ones. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. God Bless and continue to keep us updated on your progress. Xo
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I'm praying for you and I love that your honest about this so other can see its real thank you for sharing you are I. My prayers
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I am still praying for you my dear. May God continue to bless you!
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hello I'm glad you are alive. I myself have four children and this is the reason why I made my appointment and cancel a date with Dr yily I could not think about if I passed away and my sister had to tell my kids that I died having surgery for a big but I just couldn't do it I was supposed to go March 2nd but I cancelled everything lost my deposit money but I still have my life thank God and I hope things work out for you and you get better fast I will keep you in my prayers
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Thank u. God know what he does n why u seen my post. God bless u mamaz : )
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Praying for you and I'm sorry this happened to you...this is crazy I'm booked with Yily and now I'm scared out my mind
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I cancelled my appointment date. .. my life is more important. They have too many crazy things going on over there. I am NOT taking any chances. For those of you ladies that are still going I wish you the best and will keep you in my prayers
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Although I've said it b4 U R BLESSED ABUNDANTLY! 2 have your life. Another young women lost hers this week.... It's been said it wasn't due 2 the ps but.. Ummm only GOD truly knows, & she had her surgeries *Lipo* performed by none than.......Yup You've guessed it Dr Duran. & All she had 2 my knowledge was Lipo. ... SMH I'm sooo grateful that Itook the time 2 read Urs & other stories like Urs. Another rs member had a similar experience, her Doctors told her that fat was injected into the sciatic muscle which was causing her pain & other issues. & her PS was.... yup U've guessed it again..... Dr Duran. I'm praying for U & Urs that GOD work EVERYTHING! Out. Please keep us updated GOD bless
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Which other RS member had this happen?
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