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I've been Yilified....... Dominican Republic, DO

Im booked with yily for October 29th and Im so...

Im booked with yily for October 29th and Im so ready for this transformation. Im 30 with 3 kids and im just ready for my body back. I already have a cute shape it just needs some revamping I have enough hips to share already and a nice butt I can use some projection though but my stomach has got too go ASAP so I cant wait for Yily to to the dam thang on me!!!! Im traveling with my niece who also will be having some work done by Yily on 10/29/13 We will be staying at Angies Recovey House Yliy recommended her to me and ive been talking and emailing her, She is so nice I think Im making a great decision staying with Angela and she speaks perfect ENGLISH which is a ++++++ for me because the whole language barrier thing had me super nervous. Ill keep the posts coming and my new Chapter unfolds:)

just a few pre op pics

need help needed with my supply list

59 days and counting until my girlish figure is enhanced by Yily I swear it seems like Time is on crack cause its flying by.......I cant wait im super excited. I see a lot of girls are getting all types any suggestions on essential after surgery care products please let me know what worked the best or maybe things you didn't get but later wished you had gotten........

I need a travel buddy anyone having sx around 10/29/13?

Its not looking at all.... I don't think my niece will be able to tag along for surgery so I need a travel buddy. I was already nervous to go over to have the procedure no my is shot ive had a headache for the past 3 days. I dont speak any spanish at all so I guess the only good thing is im staying at angies recovery house she speaks fluent english and she als told me that shes stay with you pre and post op she do not leave you alone .....Whewwwwwww.....It was like a breath air to hear that.

I got my official go ahead today

passport came today yay!!!!

36 days to go I'm so ready to meet Yily!!!! I'm bout to be all the right ;-)

just rolled across a few wish pics so thought I'd post them.

time is on crack these days***nervous***but so ready!!!

17 days until im yilyfied and 27days ill be back home with my loves im only staying 9 days post op.

I have all my supplies!!!!

butt cleavage wish pic

18 days post op

surgery was a success im very pleased with my results so far everything went smoothly. ......im gonna start off by saying don't believe all the negative things you read because yily is such a sweetheart and might I add very pretty she was so pleasant bedside manners were excellent she even cracks jokes and laughs with you. I don't speak any spanish but I stayed at Shiloutte recovery home and Angie did all of the translating for me. I loved staying at her home I was very happy with my stay her staff was very attentive to all my needs. they made me feel like I was family the first 4 nights post op there's a nurse by the name of stephanie whos very knows her stuff shes also very attentive. she could hear a rat piss on cotton I swear every move I made she was at the door.....I was happy for that.....then there is gabby shes there monday through friday shes a care giver she knows her stuff as well and can cook her behind off. I really wish I had like 200 extra dollar's when I was leaving because I would have broke them off lovely because they were truly god sent. oh and Angie has wifi and free long distance it sure came in handy because At&t wasn't playing no games...

post op pics


loving my results so far and feeling great...thanks yily

Ready for round 2!!!!

No date set yet but b4 summer is over I hope to be done not sure if I'm going back to yily or Dr lima...decisions. .....decisions

Round 2 complete

Thanks Dr Luis Lima and your wonderful wonderful staff........
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

very kind and attentive if I ever decided to have a round 2 it will be with yily for sure

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Lookin gud
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It's always a refreshing to hear about great results. What things do you attribute to your speedy recovery?
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thanks ive been taking it easy not rushing myself and getting massages a few times a week. Also being sure to eat good you need proper nutrition to heal without it your wounds wont heal properly or at all.
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Great results. What was your preop measurements?
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my waist was 43 and now 20 days po its 34 and im still swollen
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You TT scar looks fantastic!!! Happy healing ma!
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Wishing u an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery!
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Thank you for the best wishes all is well im happy with everything so far:)
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Wishing you a healthy recovery and beautiful results!
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Omg I'm so happy for u! Hopefully we can share stories one day. Can u please advise me what to do and how to get started! I feel so clueless?? I too want to b yilified!! Pls share ur journey. What made u pick her?? Did ur wish pics go to her?? How did u got abt contacting Dr Yily and payment? Her site is all Spanish?? Sorry for the million ?? Nervous and excited at the same time. Wish I could've went w u..
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sorry for such a late response I haven't been on the site let me know if you still need help.
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Best of luck to you girl!! I'll be down there on the 29th and sx on the 30th!! Are you ready?
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Thanks girl and best wishes to you as well...minimal worries though cause I stay prayed up!!!!!are you ready? What recovery house will you be staying at?
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I'm so ready! But still in shock n can't believe I'm doing it... Was planning for jan but spur the moment decided to go with like 35 days notice. So still not clicking totally that I'm going. But go hard or go home right? I'm planning on real recovery but maybe yasmines maybe if not? Not sure yet. I have a sx buddy too so it's not just up to me.
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Matter fact she's getting her sx same day as u with yily too. Jazzy j. She's hella cool! ;)
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oh ok im staying at Shiloutte rh I had to she's super cool and speak English like you or I would.I couldnt find surgery buddy so I have my aunt coming with me for the first 5 days to make sure im good then ill be here my last 5 days alone. well keep in touch and post post op pics if you can.I will also post them im having a TT,lipo, ? bbl I have a butt all ready but ill see what yily say when I get there.
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Hii gurly I have soo many ?'s if u don't mind can u please help me out I called yily as well got my price I really want to go in December how much was your passport
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Nice!! Maybe I'll run into you! I wish Baez wasn't so separated from yily n Duran. Wondering if I'll run into very many other girls down there from real self. I'll have 3 sx buddies to keep me company tho and they will meet all the cipla girls most likely.
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hey bella how's the recovery process going?
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Im excited for u! Im 30 with 2 kids 2 c-sections and no matter how much I do my insanity workout this dam fat wont leave. My shape bangin but I need my body back. Im in orlando and they talking $9000 so im reseaeching and getting it done in DR sounds better. Im just nervous though. I dont speak a lick of spanish. Even though my father is dominican. Im 5"3 165lbs. Im looking to have ecerything done after christmas. Im just hoping I have that support to go there. Dont have a lot of friends
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I see u already shaped up! You gone be the bomb.com cus I know i am.. time is flying
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girl... im so ready for for Yily to get this body back right I can't hardly wait im so excited,nervous and scared all at the same damm time!!!
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Oh yeah thats that anxiety kickin in!! Im stoked to be 64 days away from my dream bod. but shit I have anxiety attacks too!
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It's almost time Chica...aren't ready?
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