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Tummy Tuck, Lipo on Waist, Back, Inner Thighs and Hopfuly Chin - Dominican Republic, DO

Am 44 years 190 lb hope to be 170 lb by July 16...

Am 44 years 190 lb hope to be 170 lb by July 16 date of my surgery, have been over weight most of my adult life, never liked my body, i have started to use the gym, I hope to get my waist back with some curves, will post some pictures soon, have been reading everyone blog, but was not sure i was ready to share, am not ready to share, am a single parent with 2 boys 9 and 14, i have planned my surgery be a kind of holiday as I live in Nigeria and would be travelling from Nigeria (Africa) for the surgery, i was looking to go to Dubai or south Africa for the surgery, but after seeing Dr Yily work, i was sold, i plan to stay 2 weeks in D.R then move on to U.S for 4 weeks resting holiday, i don't want to take any risk of going back to Nigeria for recovery, in case and thing goes wrong, i plan to take out a medical insurer
Am so much looking forward to the surgery, i know it would help with my confidence.
Good luck hun!! Im scheduled for July 15th with Duran and check out kissyboo2 as she is scheduled for the 16th with Duran also. Let us know if you want to buddy up or anything! :)
Hi everyone. I got a quote and potential surgery date of July 8th. Just over two weeks from now seems so soon but I'd rather get'er done than have the anticipation waiting for months. I will be there in July. Need to figure out dates. Would love to know some people going into it. I'm very nervous
I am going to the DR. Surgery date is 7/;8 with dr. estevez. I have a place to saty with yransportation, 3 meals per days, and nurse. Let me know if you need a place to stay. i will see if there is room Susan
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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