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Has Anyone Heard of Nelson Rosario??? Please Help - Dominican Republic

I have a surgery date with nelson Rosario.. His...

I have a surgery date with nelson Rosario.. His website seems like he does good work... I cant seem to find any info on nelson Rosario except on his own web page!! if anyone has any input on his work please help!!! any info is better than none...There is so many different choices in dr. I heard abt yilly but I alfready scheduled with Rosario. so I was wondering if there are no reviews on him bc he is good or bad saw him on a Spanish news channel but that is all!!!


Sorry wrong post my phone going crazy
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You will be fine the recliner is gonna be a big help I used one after my surgery.good luck
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You had a tummy tuck?

One day b4 surgery!!!

I am here I. Dr with rosario He doesn't no much english is the negative but I'm with a fluent speaking Spanish person. His office is gorgeous everything g seems very clean tomorrow is the big day so scared dk what to do to keep sane!! Loosing my mind


How are you doing?
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Made it thru surgery

The aurgwey went we'll.. I think. I'm back home.. It's been a ruff recovery but everyday it gets better. Has surgery on May 15.. I pooped a stich so it got a litle infection.. The doctor out here is observing to make sure it's healing correctly. Best part Abt rosario is he has a plcw for you to get massages your stitches out and if need be any drainage done in ny!! So I have follow up care wich is great!!


Looking into Dr.Nelson myself a friend of mine from the DO had a tummy tuck done she looks awesome... Do you like you results?
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Dr Nelson Rosario

nelson Rosario good or bad???

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