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A little swollen but very happy..NEW PICTURE

Hey Ladies im a mother a three,a wife and full...

Hey Ladies im a mother a three,a wife and full time student also.Im excited about doing something for me! As woman we sometime think about kids,hubby,career and forget what we want to do for ourselves SO I have been researching getting a tuumy tuck for 4 years. Went to many doc's office and i made my decision to go to the Domnician Republic because from what I have notices is they really scuplt your body to your fit size.The incision is excellent with Dr. Robles patients also the recovery house is a get thing for me seeing that I have small kids.Theres no way they would let me rest..LOL.SO I Love this site because its lots of love and positive woman.SO i decide to log my progress to help mother ladies because lots of ladies were brave to post there progress and there feeling as they were going to there procedure and it has help me get prepared for my journey!! THANKS LADIES>>>IM ON MY WAY TOO>>LOL

OK ....IM SO SO Ready!!! YAYYY!!!....it time to...

OK ....IM SO SO Ready!!! YAYYY!!!....it time to start gathering all my stuff and get packed.About 2 weeks and a half before i leave.

I am so thankfull to all the ladies posting about...

I am so thankfull to all the ladies posting about Dr.RObles and the recovery house.Im so ready to go i have 2 weeks intill i go and its driving me nutss...lol..
My hubby is so excited and kids. All i can do is stay on this all day and read reviews..Happy Healing ladies

Just having a moment to do something for myself...

Just having a moment to do something for myself feels so good !!!!! Got blood work to over to doctor and that was the last thing i needed to do. See ya on the flat side really soon!

Im all together now.House together now im ready to...

Im all together now.House together now im ready to get this body together. .lol.

Ok i arrived here safely. ...Its so beautiful here...

Ok i arrived here safely. ...Its so beautiful here.Laura is a doll.I'm just waiting at the clinic now for surgery!i will update u ladies when im on the flat side!

Surgery went excellent .No i didn't wake up...

Surgery went excellent .No i didn't wake up durning surgery. Dr.Robles really takes care of her patients. The recovery house is wonderful also.im not in pain just more like discomfort from leaning forward..but this trip was so worth it..ttyl

So this post op day 5 and im doing better than...

So this post op day 5 and im doing better than what i excepted. I saw my stomach yesterday and it looks beautiful! I will post pictures soon.Recovery can be a little rough cause u are numb and sore but it is so worth!

9 day post op and im loving my stay here.i dont...

9 day post op and im loving my stay here.i dont have one thing to complain about.The other girld here have been so my fun to be around..post more later

Im 3 weeks post op and im doing very well.I got an...

Im 3 weeks post op and im doing very well.I got an massage last week which felt amazing and helped with the stiffness alot.Dr. Robles has been in touch with me ever other day thru emal and whatsapp.My Scar is very thin and low and healing excellent.My belly button has a scab on it. I hate that im itching like crazy! lol.Ive also lost 20 pounds!!! Hooray.Im just very happy and pleased with Dr.Robles,Virgina and my entire trip to DR.

New pics

Doing excellent


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Research about her office and past patient reviews and pictures.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look terrific! N
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How long did you keep the drain on for?
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you look beautiful! love!! :))))
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You look great I want to get a tt Lipo and bbl but I don't khow if I'm going to get time off at work and I was thinking in july or August but not sure since you can get FMLA for that.
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you look amazing hun! I go to Robles on April 10th! Im so excited!
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I've just booked with Dra Robles in July and I can't wait
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Hi...wish you the best....am having mine in around July but haven't picked my doctor yet....I've talked to Dr.Robles but haven't decided yet....what really convinced you to go with her????silly me....am just scared i guess... Good luck...
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I was going back and forth betwwen her and Dra Yily and got my quote for Yily and price wise this works out for me. But I have seen Dra Robles work on Facebook and I was blown away. At the moment im trying to lose enough weight so my body will look good but even as a big girl she still did an amazing job on another female who was even bigger then me. And I love the Vibe from the #TeambarbieDoll on RS they all look amazing.
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Thanks gal....I'll look more into her reviews and see....have you checked into a recovery house yet???? Am in the UK...thanks babe...keep me updated....
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Im in the UK also...where abouts are you?...she has a recovery house included in her VIP so I went for that but I want to stay a little bit longer then the 10 days that it say...cos I am not risking anything...cos it's a long way home....let me know what you decide. ..I have booked my ticket and everything leaving on the 7th and surgery on the 8th of July
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Am in northern but moving next week to Ireland...you???? If you don't mind what are you having done??? Am doing lipo,BBL and breast lift...i send her photos and she recommends a tummy tuck too but am deadly scared about a that.... Talk to me....its encouraging...thax babe....
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Yeahp. I'm thinking of going with her; sometime this summer if possible.
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U look amazing!!!!! #team robles...; )
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Hey Hazel, not sure if you come on here any more, but I think you had great results and wonder if you'd consider posting updated pic? Thanks!
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U look good
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How u lookin now sweetie is the swelling down
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you look great! so excited, im scheduled with Robles for 3/24/14.
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hi gal....would you let us know how you get on????going in june....
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Love your results!!!!
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Thanks ladies,No i didnt get a BBL,just a TT and lipo on my sides, Im healed very well now,just still numb around but me belly button, I dont have anymore swelling,thank goodness,im working out like crazy and just might go back to Dr,Robles to get lip done on my thighs,I will see next summer how im looking then i'll decide. I'm tell u,this surgery was awesome but u must be patient with yourself and eat clean and u will be good. GOOD LUCK LADIES> HAPPY HEALING!
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Well you look great. .what rh did u stay at..and long before you could exercise and what airline did you use
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You look great... I hope your healing process is going well! I know they say with the TT it can take up to a year to fully recover. Can you post new pics? Also were you able to get massages down in the D.R after TT?
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