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I'm so happy I found this forum. I have been...

I'm so happy I found this forum. I have been dreaming of the day I could have a flat belly with a lil cute belly button again. I was 19 when I had my first son and it changed my body forever. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment because 6 years later, I had a daughter which further destroyed my belly. Instead of just stretch marks on the bottom; they had traveled to the top of my belly. I am a nervous wreck; I'm scared; I'm thinking I am out of my mind to even consider going out of the country for plastic surgery, but I'm doing it. My surgery is scheduled. I took 2 1/2 weeks PTO from work today. My boss instant messaged me and said, "Did you just put in 2 1/2 weeks PTO?". I said yes. LOL!! Well I need to lose 20 lbs and get my MD to prescribe some iron medication because I know I'm anemic. Well here goes nothing ladies. I'm praying for you and please pray for me. You never realize how horrible you look until you take a picture of yourself naked. I swear to sweet baby Jesus I no idea I was so fat. I look in the mirror and I DO NOT see that! I'll build up enough courage to show you guys my before pics one day. But that day won't be today. LBVS!!!!

Surgery Date Changed

Well, someone took the last slot for 3/24 so I had to change my date to 4/1. I've paid my deposit and my surgery date has been confirmed. I do like the advice someone gave about flying back first class so I'm going to do that. How far in advance should I purchase my tickets?

Thank God for Spanx!

Is Anybody Else Anemic?

I reviewed a CBC online that I had when I was at the hospital for shortness of breath and I'm mortified that my Hemoglobin is 9.7. Has anyone had this issue? Did taking 300mgs of Iron 2x a day help you. I'm looking for any and all suggestions please.

Passport Application - Check

Today I went to the Post Office and filled out my application for my passport. Ladies, please be prepared to have your mother and father's DOB. I had to call my Dad for the year. I'm so horrible at dates. Anyway, the grand total was $152.12 and I didn't need expedited service since my date is more than 6 weeks away. It's starting to feel more and more official.

MegaFood Blood Builders have Arrived

April seems like a long time from now but I know it will be here before I know it. I've been taking all my vitamins like a good girl. Shout out to UpGrade2013 for mentioning MegaFood Blood Builders in her blog!!! I ordered from Amazon for around $26 and they were delivered last night. I'm planning to get my hemo levels checked in a couple of weeks to see if there's been an improvement. I've been exercising and trying to eat healthy. Eating healthy is such a struggle for me. I love real butter, cream, cheese, fried this and that so it's been a struggle but I'm trying. I guess that's all for now.

B Complex Confusion

Hey Ladies! Any advice is much appreciated. When I received the list of recommended vitamins, B Complex is on the list but it also says to stop taking Vitamin A. Well the B Complex I've been taking now for 2 weeks has Vitamin A in it. Are you finding this to be the case as well?? I texted Laura and she told me to stop taking it. I'm so confused. Please let me know what you ladies think. Thanks!

Passport Arrived

Came home from getting my blood work done to see if these blood builders and iron pills are helping and priority mail flat rate envelope was in my table. Could it be my passport??? Yes it was!!!! It just got real y'all. And on top of all this excitement, I've lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks. Yay me!! I have 12 more to go!!


Blood Work Results

So, I had my blood work done yesterday to see if these whole food blood builders are working in addition to the iron I take twice a day and there has been progress but not as much as I expected. I'm happy there's been an improvement but I'm slightly disappointed. Maybe I'm asking for too much. I've been taking the iron twice a day for 2 1/2 weeks and the blood builder for 2 weeks. My levels went from 9.7 to 10.6. I have 5 1/2 weeks to get up to a 12. OMG, the pressure! You girls with these high hemoglobin levels are so lucky!!

Frustrated As Hell!!

At this point, I feel like crying. I have been trying to get Laura to answer my question about what procedure can I have if I can't get my hemoglobin up to 12. I don't know why she keeps ignoring/avoiding my question saying thinks like you have to try, and it's improving, etc. Today I texted and asked again. What are my options if I can't get my hemoglobin up to 12. She responds saying it needs to be 13. What the hell??? She's been saying 12 or higher this whole time. I don't want to purchase my flight if I can't get any work done. This is stressing me the hell out!!!

Scaring Myself out of this Surgery

This is my journal of my thoughts and what I'm feeling as I'm going through this journey so please respect my page. I don't need any negative feedback...please and thank you! I read another girl's page and she posted about a young, healthy girl dying this month of a pulmonary embolism. I googled cosmetic surgery and pulmonary embolism and what I read just scared me shitless!! Tummy tucks are high risk for PEs and they have found that the risk tends to increase for doctors that don't use some sort of compression on your legs during long procedures. PEs are also high for people who have combined procedures. I just can't stop thinking about the fact that I have 2 children who need me and I do have a man that loves me with all my fat and stretch marks. I'm so torn and in tears right now because this is the biggest decision I know most of us are making in our lives. Just the thought of leaving my babies and never coming back just put some major concerns on my mind, all because I want a flat tummy. Damn!

Traveling with Thousands

I've ready many reviews here and I haven't read much about how ladies are handling traveling with thousands of dollars on them. I'd like to hear how you guys plan to carry the your bra, your carry on bag, etc. I'm very uncomfortable carrying the amount of money needed for my surgery and extras I will need while in the DR. Just looking for some suggestions. On a separate note, I've toyed with the idea of my Boo going with me at least for the first week and we finally decided that he wouldn't due to the cost increasing dramatically with another round trip plane ticket and a hotel stay for him. He is a sad puppy dog but I'm even sadder because I know he will rub my feet, wipe my butt, and cater to me because he loves his baby. He'll be strong for me when I will be weak. But I also feel better knowing that he'll be with the kids making sure they stay strong while their Mom is away. Just thinking about being away from my family makes me so sad but this is something I've been wanting for years and I know I can do this! I'm thankful for my travel buddy Smallwaistwanted. We text each other just about every day. She keeps me in check and I do the same for her. One day we are excited, the next we are scared and I'm thankful I have her.

CBC Test Results Are In

I've been a complete and total wreck about my hemoglobin levels. I've been saying all along I started at 9.7. It's actually 9.6. My test results show 12.3. I know that's not a lot for some but I'm so overjoyed right now!!! I've been so stressed thinking about getting to at least a 12 from starting at 9.6. I DID IT!!!!!! My flight is booked and I'll be flying out in 14 days. Woohoo!!!

I've Arrived Safely

I'm here in DR. It really seems unreal. Make sure y'all get that paper they give you on the airplane to complete because I almost slapped somebody at the airport. Anywho, you fill out your destination. And have the address written down because my phone wouldn't work in the airport.....NO SERVICE. I've done my blood work and chest X-ray. I have very small veins and I didn't feel a thing and I'm the biggest baby when it comes to getting blood drawn. Now it's a waiting game. I wish they just say there are no rooms at Cecip. Instead they just have you waiting as if they're getting one ready for you. I'll update you guys again when something else happens.

Same Day Post Op Pic for your Enjoyment

Here u go

If You Are Going to DR, Stay Home Please

I have had nothing but complications my whole stay. This was the biggest mistake of my life! If you ask yourself just like I've asked myself a thousand times if going to another country for someone to cut on you is crazy, go with your gut. I didn't go with my gut and now I'm paying the consequences.

I have burns on my skin and of course if u ask them about it they are going to say its my fault for whatever reason. I went to the oxygen tank 3 times, have had 6 iron shots, 4 tubes of Lioton, Sufrexal, and A&D ointment. I'm still burned. My belly looks pregnant now bcs I haven't been able to wear my faja due to the burns on my side. There's much more to my story but I'm tired of typing now. I'm so over this shit. I'm going home with both drains one of which didn't work for 2 days bcs it was broken. I just pray I come out of this stupid ass decision alive and well to take care of my family who depend on me.

For the Naysayers, the Proof is in the Pic

I just want u to see what Robles did to me due to liposuction. These are pics of my sides that have been burned from lipo. I have used creams, gone to the oxygen chamber 3 times and did not wear the faja for 7 days. This was not my fault.

First Massage and Front Drain Gone

I had my first lymphatic drainage massage today and it was awesome. I had to get off the table twice due to an overwhelming urge to pee so it was definitely working. He also used some sort of electronic therapy on my scar that's supposed to help repair the connective tissues faster. Can't wait to go back Wednesday!!!

I checked my drains again at 3 PM and the front was less than 50 cc and back was 100cc. I grew a pair and pulled the front drain out and feel so much better!!!

Robles Response to my Burns

Here's screenshots of Robles response to my burns for those who have asked.

Second Massage

My 2nd massage was more aggressive but when I tell you I love my massage therapist! This man is good at what he does. If you are in the STL area and need a lymphatic drainage massage or any other massage therapy, Eric Freukes is your guy. If you are interested, he can be reached at 314-651-8151. I can raise my left arm better with less pain now. He was more aggressive on my sides and he is very informative during the entire process. He also uses electronic acupuncture therapy which is supposed to help restore the connective tissues. He seems very concerned about your well being. I will also say one last thing. This is true with whatever you do. You get what you pay for. I chose to take the cheap way out for surgery and now I'm paying for it with these hideous burns on my sides. The massages are expensive but you are going to pay more going to malls, and these chain massage places that hire people fresh out of massage therapy school with no experience to find someone who can help you feel normal again. I didn't drink a drop of anything before seeing him and I had to get off the table twice to use the restroom. The man is good! I'm very sad I won't be seeing him again until Monday. :( I feel like I'm rambling now so until the next update, happy healing and I wish everyone well on this long road to recovery.

Updated Burn Pics & Drain Free

Well I think my burns continue to heal. I've included pics for you to see what can happen to you. I also pulled my back drain out today finally as it was draining less than 50 cc's. The back drain was much shorter than the front and it didn't feel as uncomfortable as the front to remove. My belly is still VERY swollen. I'm about 5 months preggo with this big ass belly. Belly button and scar looking good. I guess that's all for now. I will post pics of my belly when the swelling goes down some.

Burns Almost Healed

Well. I go for my 4th massage today and even though they are painful as hell, I feel so much better after it's over! I took a shower for the first time today and I feel like a new woman!! That hot water felt like sex!! LOL!! I am $200 in and still on the hunt for my stage 2 faja. My first one does nothing for me anymore. I ordered a large and I couldn't even think about getting into that thing. The XL will be delivered today. It's a prada faja which I was told by Virginia at the recovery house that those are the best. But I'm now hearing that fajate and Salome are the best. Anywho, I feel like I'm rambling.

I was told by Laura that Robles wanted to send me a different cream for my side. They asked for my address some time ago. When I whatsapp'd Robles about the cream today, she tells me I don't need it. They stay on some bullshit! My swelling is still to the point where I only look good in a faja but I'm told that is normal so I'm just trying to be patient and hoping a tighter garment will help me out. I guess that's all for now.

I Know I've Said it Before But I'll Tell you Again!

I'm in love with my massage therapist Erick Freukes. Today was my 4th massage and every single time I go, it's something different. Today was the first day he actually worked on rotating my legs and twisting and turning them which is a great thing because it feels weird to my incision to try to sleep on my side. But with the movements and stretches he did with my legs today, I think I feel more confident that I can sleep on my side.

The back massage was more intense and it hurt really bad but I know it's necessary. Even my sister said she noticed a difference when she touched my back because it doesn't feel as hard. I'm so happy I was able to find the best massage therapist in St. Louis. I don't see how people go through this type of surgery and don't do massages. It's a must to feel normal again but the key is finding someone who knows what they're doing and Mr. Freukes is a master at his craft. My saving grace every Monday and Wednesday.

Getting Better but My Skin is Forever Damaged

My body is looking better but I'm still very swollen. I feel like ill be trapped in a faja for the rest of my life. Yes I look good in clothes and yes its an improvement from my before pics but its only bcs I have on a faja sucking the life out of me 24/7. If I eat 1 morsel of food or drink an ounce of anything, my belly protrudes very badly and is even visible in a faja. The scabs from my burns are all gone but my skin will be forever damaged from Dr Robles carelessness. And these burns DID NOT come from a faja. Burns from your faja look like carpet burns. My burns were very deep and I wasn't even allowed to wear my faja almost my entire trip in DR.

I have been seeing a PS in the US and he suggests smart lipo when I'm 6 months PO to my upper and lower abdomen.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Sorry to see you go through this, I also seen a few people get burned as well during my stay there.
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Your burn is scaring good, in 8-10 months you won't be seeing almost anything from it. One of my small burns it's like it and skin started to get normal around it after 8-9 months. Don't blame Dominican Republic, I've been burned by "one of the best" in the US
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It looks much better but I'm not blaming Dominican Republic. I'm blaming the surgeon.
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Hey I decided to come by and read your story. I'm sorry that you had to go thru the burn ordeal. I understand more so why you feel the way you do about going back.
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Ur faja is cute.. Is it comfortable? What brand is it?
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It's a Maria E. If it's comfortable, it's not getting the job done. LOL!
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WOW!! I am speechless
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Hey sis. You do look good but im sorry about the whole burn ordeal. Will the scar creams,and strips work to make them better? And youll be doing rd 2 in the states,good for u ma.thanks for sharing your pictures and ur story with everyone
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Thank you! I've been using mederma but I haven't seen any change yet. I guess it takes time.
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I really hope it works
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Wow. I'm so sorry you went through this! Praying for you!
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Whoa those burns are extremely serious yikes. How are you doing so far? That's not cool at all and scares the hell out of me!
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I have ups and downs. Some days I feel good because I look flat. Other days, I'm so extremely swollen and I don't know why. My scars seem to be looking a little better from using the Mederma. At 4 months PO, I expected to see better results at this point but I do look better than I did before. I have yet to be able to go anywhere without some sort of support garment because by the end of the day, I'm a pumpkin.
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Awwww damn. I be seeing girls extremely happy AND out and about soon after and also expecting that speedy recovery. Guess I have to not be so optimistic. My update, I have absolutely everything I might need, tailored the list based on what vets packed and used most , but my hemo came to 12.3.... pretty much the bare minimum. I am trying to push it to 14 for room to play with... :( I would have been at a recovery house in pain by now but bodied....everything for a reason.
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Everyone is different. You might be up and running faster. I had setbacks due to my burns so slower recovery. I couldn't wear my faja, I couldn't get massages, all those things contribute to a better result. But yes, work on that hemo. My surgery sister couldn't get all her work done due to a hemo in the low 12's.
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Hope you heal up nicely and grow to love your results. That's why we committed to this right? Did your sister had a higher hemo before she got to DR? Some ppl say their own fell after the plane ride. However that goes
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Thank you! No, she was trying to get her hemo up taking lots of iron right before she was set to leave because a test she took b4 take off revealed it was kind of low. Mine didn't drop from what my test results were in the US either. I was at a 12.3 or something like that a couple weeks before leaving for DR and I was a 13 when I arrived in DR.
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Ohhh ok ok. I hope I get mine to where I want it to be. I'm anemic and don't want that to be the reason why I don't get my procedures done
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You will. I am anemic too. Before taking my supplements, my hemo was a 9.6 and I got it all the way up to a 13 in a little over 2 months.
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I don't really wanna comment but I feel like I must... I went to Robles a month ago and let me tell u girls be ready for some REAL SHIT!!! I speak Spanish and it was a big plus my English is so so and I still went to a lot of BULLSHIT with them... Bring $$$$ cause they ALWAYS have something that u need to do that's not included on the package Be ready to wait for hours and hours and hours Be ready to be ignore Be ready to ask lots of Q's that they have no answer If anything robles say something then Gonzalez say the opposite and so on If u text or wanna talk hahaha good luck and with some they will answer back, they are so busy that they don't wanna be bother Whatever happens is never their fault & is always normal (it can happens) but u pay xtra for that "IF" I ask her how many pounds she took of and she laugh on my face and told me that she don't keep track of that, I felt like punch her on her fucking face then she got on my face because at the recovery house the nurses weren't doing a very good job when it comes to applying the creams like if it was my fault They have so minimal communication and blame u for it. She told me to tell her to do it I was like 0_o that's her job!!! To tell them what to do, I pay what I paid to be take care & they came with that BS and I'm still waiting for that cucumber pineapple juice lol that never happen, food was ok... This is getting long, let me just say.... Get ready cause u are on a hell of a ride with this ppl oh!! And almost forgot about LAURA HA HA HA HA that evil little pice of art always give u an answer even tho is all bullshit so watch out I'm not a fighter, I waited, I was ignore, I swallow a lot of BS cause c'mon let's be realistic at that point been there all by urself been fuck in the ass like they do what are u gonna do really... Just not died, recover and come back home GOOD FUCKING LUCK TO ALL!! I'm sorry if u don't like this but it's the truth And it is so much more that I don't wanna get into more details, I give thanks that the other girls I was at the recovery house were nice and we supported each other I stop found this blog cause back then ppl were talking about pll dying and didn't wanna hear that, I've been ignoring this site for long time but tonight I felt like sharing a bit of my ride thru hell I hope yours are better!
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Thanks for sharing & keeping it all the way 100. You don't have to hold back anything on here that's why its called RealSelf & that's what you're being real for letting us know how things is going from your sx.
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I sooo agree with you I went through the same BS
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We have a Robles Barbie group on fb...please send me a request so I can add yall. Laura is always there listening. Robles will be there trying to get a earful when she's done clocking this year...Debbie Chambers is my name and im never on here to much anymore so u can find me there...ttyl
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