Finally Making Moves! Dominican Republic, DO

I'm finally making moves to getting my body back....

I'm finally making moves to getting my body back. I have been doing a lot of research for a long time. I originally decided to go with Dr. Pazmiño in Miami FL. He has awesome work also... His quote was $14,300...I already gave a deposit of $500. I don't think I wanna spend all that and be broke or owe any loans. I will be canceling with him to get my deposit back.
I continued my research and came across RealSelf and here I clearly saw that outside of the states a lot of women are traveling to get procedures done. I'm not gonna lie! I said to myself I would never go out of the US! Lol here I am going to DR to get my body back!

So I decided to go with Dr. Robles. The work she's done is awesome! I love that everything is just about included. Raquel her assistant is great! Nonetheless, I don't like surprises especially when it has to do with $$ that you did not count on spending. She provides you with everything you need to knw... Til later beauties!
yes , I was trying to find someone in Dallas Tx and asking 15.000 -20000 I don't have that and cant get loans. I found real self and luv it .go to DR jan
Congrats on choosing a surgeon! I received a quote from Robles also, not sure if she's "the one" but her work is great & I like that she offers a package up front. I'm leaning toward Duran for SX... What are you having done?

Before pictures...

Good luck I will be following your journey.

Wish pics

Good luck! your gonna look great!
Thank you hun... I can't wait! :) Are you a #roblesbarbie? Lol


Hey guys! So I finally got the confirmation on getting my refund from the Dr. Paz... Which I'm happy about... I can use that that toward my deposit for Dr. Robles... :)
Congrats!!! How exciting!! Can't wait to see it progress!!
Thank you hun... :)

Talked with my sister...

Well guys, I spoke with my sister and told her that I need her to come with me to DR...
Mind you she don't want me to have the surgery period.
I'm her only sister and she feels afraid that I will have complications going to DR... She broke my heart, she was crying and pleading that I don't go over seas... I'm confused and don't know what to do... I love her too much.... :( what can I do? Should I go without telling her? Or should I pay 14,400 to get done here? And she can come with me to Florida. She will not go to DR... Not for that anyways.

Finally spoke with Dr. Robles!!! :)

Finally spoke with Dr. Robles....
I had some questions to feel secured that this is the right thing and surgeon to go with... I feel good about this... I'm feeling more anxious about having this Sx done... I'm thinking of changing my date... I wanna have enough money in case I need to buy extra stuff and go shopping!!! (White chicks movie) lol
Hey I will also be out there for the 16th but for yily do you have an rh buddy? =)
Omg! Awwww I can totally relate I have only one sister too! I'm the oldest... I'm really looking forward to ur journey, I pray all goes well wishing nothing but the best dear, xoxo
Thank you sooo much!! I appreciate the comforting words... I'm the younger sister and everyone treats me like the baby sister even if I'm older... Lol can't win... Thanks again hun...
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