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Duran Doll in the Making - Dominican Republic, DO

So I have chosen to go to Dr Duran I'm super...

So I have chosen to go to Dr Duran I'm super excited I'm 22 I have a 8 month old baby and I wanna look like I did before pregnancy actually I want to look better than I did I'm getting a tummy tuck lipo and Brazilian butt lift I want to get my boobs done but I'm going to wait for that I'm obsessed with her work I love it and the way she dose lipo priceless
Would be nice to see your before pics posted on this site
I dont hve pics well I sent it to her but noo response yily is the 1 that gve mee a qoute but I was reading n they said yily do lipo as much as Duran I wanna look gud ugh I hope she responds or Ill go wit almonte
She will respond just keep sending it she responded to me in two days and I love Durand work better than yily she does butt better to me

80 days till surgery day

Im super excited it is only 80 days till my surgery I have booked my flight already and have confirmed with duran so its really going to happen. im still not sure what to bring for my trip and I have decided to add a breast lift with implants to my procedure so I can come out looking like a Barbie doll.
Everything ok?
How did you reach Dr Duran ?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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