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Heading to DR on May 6th for surgery with Dr. Yily...

Heading to DR on May 6th for surgery with Dr. Yily. I have spoken with them since before I made the deposit. I know they get 85 emails a day so I'm trying to be patient. Is it just me, or does it seem Once you make your deposit, if feel like the longest 3 days. I still have to get all my supplies...Dra. Yily mentioned something about wearing tape...anybody know what that's about?

I just got my confirmation for surgery on May 7th...

I just got my confirmation for surgery on May 7th with team Yily!! I love her work and I'm excited to finally get this done. I believe I have everything I need for the trip including meds. I'm not sure is I will post any pics just yet. I am looking forward to my new boobies, taught tummy and bbl.
New Body Chicago! I think I met you down in the DR. I am Miss Windy City. How are you healing? I was the only other person there besides you from Chicago.
Check Out: TaylorMadeDR... Yily gurl... She will remove pics today.
Hey gurl.. Congrats... There are a few gurls on RS going when your going... Highsididdy littleinthemiddle are the two I can think of right now... I go June 6th Ill be watching your blog

Team Yily is the best!

Dr. Yily did a great job! I got a tt, augment and bbl and everything seems to be healing well. I stayed at the Wilson Recovery house for 10 days and they took great care of me. Made sure I had all my meds, apts, messages...they helped make recovery easier.

Ann and Yira are two team Yily members i fell in love with...inspite of the lanuage barrier they were both so helpful during this process. Dr. Yily met with me, listened to what I wanted and delivered on the results. Not only is she goergouse, she is humble an a real master at her craft. If anyone os considering going oversees, Dr. Yily is the best hands down! It may be difficult gettin in to see her but it would be worth your wait to do so. I definatedly feel like i got the best value for money.

I am 18 days post op and there is still a lot of swelling and soreness. I was told not to ware the xs compression garment I should be in because my belly button need to heal. So im still in the med one and im feeling so bloated. I'm not sure if it's better or what to do. I have yet to get a reply from the email I sent to Yily asking for help.

I clean the belly button with alcohol everyday then let it air dry. How long should I do this? Should I be puttin Neosporin on it too?

Inbox me if you would like to see other pics.
Hey hun. I'm good and u? I'm concerned about this belly button and getting into this smaller garment. Have you found someone for follow up in the Chi? I'm still looking.

Belly button question?

Does it look infected?

1 day after surgery

Pics are of me 1 day post op. As u can see a lost a little booty. Lucky Yily gave me a little extra so I don't miss it too much.
how are you currently doing? more pics please
Your review says 'Not Worth It' --- I think you look fantastic!
I would like to know as well.
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I think Dr. Yily does great work and I'm looking forward to updating you all soon. Her staff seems great although I am still trying to get confirmation at the recovery house.

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