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35 years old , work our 6 days a week , have a...

35 years old , work our 6 days a week , have a tendency to accumulate fat in my flank and abdomens. Decided to try liposuction since I also had an umbilical hernia that needed correction . My goal is to have a flat stomach and no love handles hopefully when all swelling is gone I hope to achieve at least a slight visual of my six pack before working it out ( hernia op stops me form working out the next 8 weeks. Fear of gaining back the weight while not on ht gym . Dr Was Ricardo Ventura from Dominican republic.

26th day pdate

Going from looking great and loving the results to hating the hole idea of doing this procedure. I understand its a mind game and try to be objective about it. Ive made some corrections in my recovery routine like morning massages to avoid afternoon bloat , double wáter consumption ad do ultrasound three times a week . Thinking of taking in my Compresion garmet as I feel it is loose now.

31 days post op

Just returned from ultrasound and masages wicha i am doing one a week now. Feel swollen after the treatment and dont like te afternoon picture at all. Here are pictures of early morning and afternoon . Swelling and blotaing are still an issue Hope this gos away this secon month of recovery. Feeling ugh with the hole process as of today

31 days post op

Just returned form a massage and ultrasound sesión All week was very good but sesión made swelling worse these pics are taken pre sesión on wednesday and copared with today after sesión. felling Hope this swelling stops on this second month of recovery Will still wera garment and keep a sesión a week of masages and ultra.

6 week...s out Resullts are finally setting in.

a month and a half has gone by and results are now steady Still fell swelling o my flanks but asume its normal since it was the área where them most fat was taken. Love the way the bd turned out. I am allowed to excersise now so this will help even more. I have started to use a foam compresión gridle to hopefully define een more where there is still some swelling I have my final Drs appointment in two weeks and hope to get the best before and after review of his carreerr hehehe definateley all worth it .

More 6 week post op pictures

Compresión Garmet is a must! Stopped worring it for tw days an swelling was the worst i had since surgery. Next week I start moderate cardio ( wich for me will be mucho fuerte cardio) as I LUV to hit the gym but was unable to because of the surgery. Flanks and back are no where id want them to be BUT i am keeeping optimistic about my final results. Definateley hope I end up looking like this frontal.


Here are some pictures of this weeks recovery I will start training on the 7th week intead of the 8th as I feel my results with further improve with excersice. Still fell sorta mixed about the flanks but i ve come to understand that body types differ . I am not unhappy with back resilts but feel its still swollen and could improve.i was not aiming for definition with this procedure as excercise regulary does the trick so for me, going on this experiece has been as per my expectations. Still have another week befor my final consult so well see .Thanx to all that have followed my progress


So , I am excatly 60 days post op and at a point of seeing what will most likely be definitive results. Overall VERY Happy with my experience altough I am not where I want to be with my body. this experience has definateley been wothr it. I had put this Sx off for a couple of years thinking the diference would not be worth the hassle Boy was I wron My new SELF is definateley more confident and happy with overall apareance. I hope from here on it will only get better and Hopefully the weight will NEVER come back :) Blessed ant thankfull that everything went well. I LUV my Doctor even more and it will not be the last time i see him :) Happy experience everyone .

One year later.....

Its been a roller coaster ride since my surgery . Overall i am pleased with the way im looking altough ive learned that surgery is not a miracle worked . You will need to work to maintain your results. Even tough my expectations were not completely met I must admit they were a bit utopical given my type of body ( my doctor did mention this) but I do admut it has changed the way I look at my body and helped me with my confidence . Recent pics show the final result I did gain some weight 6 months ago but i am currently working hard at the gym to keep my results. HOPE this update helps
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My doctor has been very thorough in explaining the process and has given me confidence that my end results will be as expected. Very profesional

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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wow amazing, one of the best surgeries that I saw
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Thank you Windohek My Dr has been great every step of the way! Surgery +a change in lifestyles are the perfect combination to great results !
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You look amazing real hunk of a guy... thanks for posting your umbilical hernia pictures, I also want to get my done and have spoken with Dr. Ventura, so its good to see what a change looks like.
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Hola! Sorry for the late reply Do not hesitate to got o Dr Ventura ( and or his Father) for this procedure Since I had both the Hernia and the lipo done I had them Both as my doctor operating hand & hand wich made for a quick procedure and helped in a speedy recovery. Good luck and keep us posted
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Hola! Thank you for your comments! I just posted my ONE year update. Im Happy with my results hope the recent pictures help Now I notice I was swollen for more then 7 months but with time it is definateley worth it. Keep us posted!@
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Hola! Take a look at my one year review to see the final results! So glad I did this Dr Ventura is Great I have kept contact with him and his support is very satisfactory. Keep us posted and Good Luck!
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Wow...looking good bro! I am doing research right now to get liposuction in the abdomen area in the Dominican question for you is that-Did you go under full anesthesia or local? I am so nervous....looking to go down there in November. Hope to hear from you soon!
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Hi Roody. My surgon did wonders on my abs. I had Local anesthesia so I was awake for the hole procedure I received I think epidural I felt Nothing at all I went on and off dozing to sleep I had a 2 hour procedure but felt it was like 30 minutes. I was very scared of the anesthesia part but can safely say it is NOT scary at all and you wont be nervous if you are half awake. Consider a consult with Dr Ventura he is a good choice for MALE fat removal TRUST ME
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Hi Roody ! Have u decided on a Dr yet ? Keep us posted
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WOW!!!! I must say you look AMAZING...may I ask where you got your lipo foam from, it seemed to have really made a difference?
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hola Sorry for the delay in my response I got mine at who also made my garment check them out
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Definateley wear your garment It does make a diference After the 10th day i changed fomr daily to weekly masages.Lumpiness goes away with time but i am asuming the draining masages alog woth ultrasound do a good gob in healing it faster
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Thank you! It has been a good week but I'm definateley doing it by the book until my final recovery date . I am looking forward to my final pictures six weeks out . Thanx again
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im trying to get used to having this garment on 24/7 because im noticing i blow up and swell if i dont keep it on all the time. did you keep getting massages? and i see that your lumpiness/unevenness went away was that just healing on its own or did u have to massage them out??
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just saw your last updated pics. wow thats an amazing transformation one of the best ive seen. wat to go! congratulations you look amazing.
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I hope I look like you soon, you have a great result. way to go, your my new inspiration. I looked great after surgery, but now I feel like an oompa loompa and i look worse than before my surgery - granted im 13 days out, but i look like shit lol.
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Thank you for your coments Reading about others experience is indeed a great help. Hoping to read your story son . Regards.
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