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Roble's Barbie #TeamRobles Dominican Republic- Tummy Tuck


I would love it if you could post some details about your journey:) 

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Good luck!
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thanks @lisi29

Days come closer #TeamRobles Tummy Tuck

omg the days come closer and every minute more nervous and excited , but also happy for my flat side. Laura gave me two prices one just surgery and another everything included, but I think I'd rather stay with the all inclusive package so do not worry about anything and do not see much difference. what do you think????

Wish me luck!


cant wait to see your results! I have no doubt that shell do an amazing job on you. You have a great slope and fullness to your breast that should compliment job she does on you. best wishes to you!
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If you don't have any family or friends here (or traveling with you) go with the All Inclusive and demand Virginia's Recovery House.
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thanks! I already request it Laura said she cannot guarantee

New Pictures!!!! #teamrobles

sorry to take so long to update will explain my experiences day by day.

I was so nervous the day before surgery. I arrive to the airport and the I cannot find the driver then I noticed that he was outside of the airport with my name then he took me to the hospital straight to Dr. Robles offices where I meet Raquel and Laura both are great, they help me with the test and Laura was inside with the doctor at the consultation time, then I was move to the room where I can say was the longer time because I was by my self in the room and just thinking about the new me and the risk I read before on the consent that I signed. On the next day I went to the administration to pay (I used Credit Card) that I do not recommend because they charged a lot as fee, then the doctor was waiting for me at the room to see if I have questions and gave me the blue pill I just remember that I wake up in the room I try to move but was not possible they said I have to wait until next day. On the third day Raquel arrive around 10:30 gave me all the medicine to bring to the recovery house and help me to get ready, around 1pm Wilson arrive to bring me to the RH, I have no complain about the RH they was amazing, they provided the medicine on time and they really care about you and your recovery... Be prepared for drink a lot of water. I recommend to bring to Dominican Republic books, ipod, iPad or cellphone.

The pictures was on my last Medical checkup, I decided to stay the 10 days at the RH and then 15 more in Bonao with my family.

I am going to continue later...


Hi mama you look great!!! I understand you are still recovering but when you have a free time can you update us with new pics and let us know how you feel. Take care and God Bless You.
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How much did you weigh before surgery ?
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Did u get bbl 2
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I don't regret… LOve my results thanks Dr. Roble Team

I deftly love my results, everybody love my news shape. will update with pictures soon, I love the treatment and I can believe the post surgery services that is very important because also after surgery you need follow up. they keep send me email, calls I really love Robles Team.


oh and i would love to see a few more pics of you if possible
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u look great...im going to robles in april is there anything you can tell me so i can be better prepared. me and u have the same body type i hope my results come out to lok as great as yours does...
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I love your results!
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Robles by researching my information here in RealSelf. I got in touch with her assistant and then I made my decision. For me the most important is be alive and healthy, I have 4 babies and I do not like how I look like. I hope to be like other girls here. Very anxious for my surgery.

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