I Am Looking for a Roommate for OCTOBER 2014 for Dr. Duran - Dominican Republic, DO

I am set on becoming a Duran Doll and I am seeking...

I am set on becoming a Duran Doll and I am seeking a roommate for 10/2014. According to my extensive research and post op experiences, I believe Dr. Duran is the best choice for me. She is very agressive in a positive to ensure that I achieve the best results possible. I have to remember to pack everything that is needed and hopefully this too would be a great experience for me. I have already underwent breast augmentation, so I am familar with the surgery process and look forward to a beautiful body, simply a beautiful me.
I am scheduled for Oct 21st who will be going that day I am looking for a buddy
OK. I just sent Yily my deposit. I'll know by the 5th of Oct. if I could go on the 21st. I'll keep u informed. Thank u love for responding.
Keep me posted @seilove
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I will have a good one

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