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Hi Ladies !!!!!! I am new to RS and would...

Hi Ladies !!!!!! I am new to RS and would appreciate anyone's advice and insight on sx in DR. A little about myself: I am 26 yrs old, college grad, professional, no children, engaged, and blessed to have wonderful friends and family. 5'3", 128 lbs. In between Baez, Disla

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Not sure why my initial post got cut off :/ ... In between Baez, Disla and Tania Medina but leaning towards Disla. I see that Duran and Yily are amazing at snatching waists but i want a more natural look, besides, the fact that it is extremely difficult to get in contact with them really put me off. I would appreciate any info on Baez , Medina and my girl Disla. So far Disla is the most informative, even spoke to me from her cell while running errands (love her) !!.... I am naturally slim but have a naughty stomach pouch and my waist just started expanding out of no where smh. Got quoted the same for Rhinoplasty, lipo of stomach and flacks and fat injections to hips and booty. Looking forward to building relationships with you dolls ! Muah !
Good luck finding some info!  Keep us posted on what you decide to do :)
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Thank you so much !!!!!

Hella Confused !!!!!!!!!

After reading so many reviews, now I've thrown Dr. Manuel Diaz into the mix. He has awesome reviews and everyone speaks highly of his bedside manner and overall talent to sculpt. Sent him an email yesterday, still waiting for response. I truly hope he doesn't think I'm too thin as Dr. Baez said. I have time to put on 10 pounds if need be :/ . So my current lineup is Dr. Disla , Dr. Tania Medina , Dr. Diaz and Dr. Baez only if she agrees to do bbl after weight gain, otherwise she wont touch me. Also, any insight on these dr's skills regarding Rhinoplasty? I cant be too focused on my booty and end up with a jacked up nose. ** le sigh **
Hey, lol, no one wants u to have a jacked up nose. Did u get a quote from Dr. Diaz? He's nice and he responds quickly via whatsapp.


Hi Dolls, so one of the attorneys at the firm that I work for confided in me and shared her plastic surgery story. She went to Edgar Contreras about 2 years ago and she looks AMAZING. According to her, he specializes in petite/small women, also good with tummy tucks but she wouldn't recommend him for larger women. Im 5'2" and weigh 132 lbs (gained some weight since my first post), trying to get to 135-140 for surgery. He's also the renown king of facial plastic surgery..... So i got to researching and discovered the malpractice issues. I'm seriously torn right now. I do understand that there are risks with any surgery but Contreras and Cabral have had more legal issues than most. But that can also be because they've performed more surgeries than the others.... le sigh ladies ***. I saw a few Rhinoplasty before/after from Contreras and those are PERFECTION. I'm confident in his skills but i cant help to feel hesitant about the BBL. I will email him today and see how he responds and addresses my concerns and take it from there. If anyone has gone to him, please give me feedback and send me pics :) xoxxoxo
You'll find more contreras rhino and bbl patients on the bbl forum. Check out nvmebeauty if you haven't already.
Thank you !


Hey ladies,

I know its been a while but my mom fell ill over the last few months and i just had to tend to my family and put this surgery on stand by for a bit. Thank god she is feeling a lot better so i may very well get back on track with getting snatched.

I have to tell you guys that the most responsive Dr. has been Contreras throughout this entire ordeal. Is anyone going to him around October 31st or first week of November ??? I would love to have a buddy because my sister can no longer go with me :(
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Dr Cynthia Disla - So far, my Dr. is incredible. Very personable and gets back to me quickly. She answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable instantly!

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