I have large gaps and I have an overbite - Smile Makeover - Dominican Republic, DO

I have been in search of a good cosmetic dentist...

I have been in search of a good cosmetic dentist in either Mexico or the Dominican Republic as having the smile makeover done in my country is too expensive, for me at this time. I have large gaps and I have an overbite.

I decided on going to the Dominican Republic because I will be getting plastic surgery done there. I am not doing my smile makeover and BBL at the same time but it is cheaper there in the DR and I can use that time to meet with plastic surgeons and do a thorough investigation of them. Another reviewer spoke of Dr. Alonso and after viewing some reviews on him and communicating with him via emails I believe my decision has been made. I have not seen any reviews on him on realself and I am hoping that this would help ladies, or men here.

In all I will be having six (6) porcelain veneers and six (6) porcelain crowns done.


No update since October... What happened?
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How much did he quote u for that??
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Keep us posted! I just emailed Dr. Alonso through facebook...haven't heard back yet. I'm thinking of taking my teenage daughter to have veneers done next summer.
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Need braces

I have been advised that I need braces prior to getting veneers. I really don't want abnormally huge teeth and I need to correct my overbite. So I'll be getting invisalign before heading to the DR for braces.


Are you going to share your Invisalign story with us? :D
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I will definitely do that once I get it done.
Sorry so much has been going on in my life. But I need to have braces before having veneers. I have an overbite and my spaces are pretty large. I will try to do updates more regularly.

Date Changes

As I have shared with you guys I need braces (whether traditional braces or invisalign) before I do my veneers. I am hoping I only need a year of that treatment before my veneers are done but I will update you guys along the way...


Good to see you again!  It looks from your pictures like you have a slight open bite, and possibly a bimaxillary protrusion.  Are they recommending regular braces or Invisalign?    And do you know to whom you'll go for the orthodontics?  Have they explained how far they are planning to go with treatment before you go to veneers?
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Braces Update

I will be getting my braces put in next month and am really looking forward to that journey. It has been something I wanted to do for many years and just one of the many steps I need to get me to my goal of a beautiful smile. Also when I do get veneers done it will not be with Dr. Alonso.


Did you get your braces yet? :D
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Dr. Alonso was never my first choice but because of cost I continued communicating with him. I got quotes from Dr. Estrada and Dr. Weise (both of whom I prefer and are relatively close in price). I have not seen Dr. Alonso yet since I need braces first anyway but after reading your review and really going with my gut (after looking at his work) I have decided that when I do go to the DR for veneers it will be done by Dr. Estrada. You need to post pictures.
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I did post pics. A whole lot of them before and after as well as proof of the conversations.

Putting things in perspective

I have had to postpone getting braces due to the fact that I have major surgery on June 26th. Once I recover I will be going to Dr. Nova in the Dominican Republic for him to do my braces at the whopping cost of $450USD...lol. I just have to get my orthodontist back home to do my monthly adjustment, which I have already organised.


Doing ones research is good and it is through my thorough research I came upon Dr. Nova and yes his cost for regular braces is $450USD and $550 for ceramic braces.
At first I thought it said $4500, and I thought, that's just as expensive as here!  But then I saw it was $450. LOL!  How did you arrange about the adjustments, and how much will that cost?  I've never heard of that!
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Can u please give me info on how to communicate with these doctor I'm having the hardest time, plus I'm not real ya computer wiz lol, I'm trying to get veneers ASAP I'm currently getting my braces removed


Simply sharing this. I realize a lot of persons are interested in contacting cosmetic dentists in the DR to make an informed decision when they go.


Im going to dr nova for braces in dec
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I think a lot of people don't realize the price you're quoting, @JourneyToMe, is just for the installation, and that usually prices are higher because they include all of the adjustments for the full treatment. :)  That might be why @Latin100 reacted to the price in that way.

What I want to know is, are you okay after your major surgery???
Thanks for your post.
Dr. Mariano Estrada

Stage 1: Deep Cleaning and Traditional Braces with Dr. Nova Stage 2: Monthly Braces Adjustment Stage 3: Braces Removal, Deep Cleaning and Whitening Stage 4: Porcelain Veneers with either Dr. Nova or Dr. Estrada

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