ETT/Lipo (waist)/Breast Lift (implants) quoted $5900

I am a 42 yr African American female who lost a...

I am a 42 yr African American female who lost a total of 87lbs by eating HEALTHY and EXERCISING! I am a mother of two young men (19 & 22) and a wife of a Handsome truck driver...I am a Probation Officer (juveniles) and LOVE my CAREER...I have gotten my AA, BA, and MA while working FullTime...I have spent 22 yrs taking care of my family and working hard! I just recently (2010) starting TAKING CARE OF ME (that's how I lost the 87 lbs)...I LOVE LIFE and I wanna LIVE til I am 80 (or longer)...most people DO NOT BELIEVE I am 42 (which is VERY GOOD), but when I take OFF my CLOTHES is a WHOLE different STORY...I have so much LOOSE SKIN (tummy, boobs, thighs, butt, even my big toe j/k)...I DO NOT look like I have any BODY ISSUES with CLOTHES on...but, once the CLOTHES are OFF its like WTF!!!!

I have been researching Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift and Implants for a YEAR...when I found this site I FELL IN LOVE with the THOUGHT of a MOMMY MAKEOVER!!!

Okay...I LIVE in 1hr from Los Angeles...and, the PRICE for Cosmetic Surgery is OUT OF THIS WORLD in this part of the world...OMG...for it because of Hollywood/Beverly Hills/etc...I know every state has it WELL OFF SIDE...but, DANG!!!

Anyway, I didn't let the PRICES here in Cali DESPRESS me :)

I decided to go overseas to GET MY BODY BACK (with bigger boobs)!!!

If anyone HAVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK regarding overseas Cosmetic Surgery please LEAVE a COMMENT...

If anyone from CALI has had a Mommy Makeover (or tummy tuck with breast lift) that DIDNT cost the amount of a BRAND NEW CAR please leave me a comment with the INFO!!!

I am sooooooooooo LOOKN forward to my NEW BODY!!!

Our All Inclusive Package include:
1.) Pre-operative tests, EKG and chest X-Ray.

2.) Stay in the Hospital.

3.) Anesthesiologist.

4). Medical procedure (in your quote).

5.) Basic drugs post-operatively (Antibiotics, Pain, Iron, Folic Acid).

6.) A post-surgical garment

7.) Recovery House

8.) All meals (home cooking).

9.) Ground transportation (airport pickup, RD.'s Office if necessary, back to the airport)

10). Surgeon views at her convenience.

11) You can have a companion during your stay for 55 USD per night, which also include meals.

My Quote for Tummy Tuck + Lipo on Waist + Breast Lift with Implants US$5900

I am CURRENTLY LOOKN for a BUDDY who's gonna have...

I am CURRENTLY LOOKN for a BUDDY who's gonna have SURGERY w/Dr Robles in July or Aug! I live in California but WE can arrange our FLIGHTS to arrive the same DAY!

Send me a Private message!
I live in atl ga after all my research I decide to go with dr Robles. And I like her all inclusive package.
marie3634, Robles package is AWESOME! I'M EXCITED FOR YOU! I will know for sure my date after I see my doc!
I want my procedures to b done also by dra Robles I already have my quote . I am going around July it will b my birthday gift. But do not know the day yet

Yesterday was my BDAY and I had a WONDERFUL TIME.....

Yesterday was my BDAY and I had a WONDERFUL TIME...42 and FABULOUS :-)

I got so many COMPLIMENTS because I went from 260 lbs to 173 (172.8)lbs....


Hi there! Congrats to your new makeover! I just recently received my quote, and I too am considering a Jul or Aug date.. Just researching more before finalizing. I'm from Boston, MA... If you're still looking for a buddy, keep me posted.. I'm planning on a TT, lipo and bbl.. Hopefully I do will be able to do this.. Like you I have 2 kids (son 14, dghtr 20), single mom 37 yrs young.. And have managed to go to school while working FT earning my AS, BS, and now working on my MS.. Lol..
good luck on surgery!
Thank You momyof3

Hey my RS DIVAS! I just LOVE reviewing PROFILES...

Hey my RS DIVAS! I just LOVE reviewing PROFILES and SEEING y'all TRANSFORMATIONS! YAY to those who are PAVING the way for US to follow! God BLESS and HEAL Y'ALL!

OKAY....I am still RESEARCHING...I have gotten several guotes from P.S in Mexico...I will try and post the info tomorrow...I am away from home (promotional training) and my BFF "DO NOT HAVE THE INTERNET"...OMG...who doesn't have internet in this day n age????? LMBO I packed my laptop for NOTHING!

FYI...I REALLY FEEL THAT I WILL BE GOING WITH DR ROBLES! however, I got 3 free consultations this week (local)...I will keep y'all UPDATED :-)

Hey, good luck on finding your doctor. I am heading to the DR on Tuesday with my surgery with Dr. Robles on Thursday. I am excited and nervous too. I plan to do a detail reveiw on my experience with Dr. Robles, so follow my journey.....
HEY NAT7080! YAY to your JOURNEY! do you have a REVIEW STARTED YET? I need to FOLLOW YOU!
Yes, I have a review with my pre-op photos

Hey RS Divas! I am sooooo BUSY with this TRAINING....

Hey RS Divas! I am sooooo BUSY with this TRAINING..I can't wait til Friday (last day)...I will start my SURVEY PLANNING...there are SO MANY DIVAS paving the WAY for ME...I'M SO DELIGHTED and THANKFUL...I got info on a Surgeon in Mexico that I will get a quote from...I also have a couple other quotes that I want to post to SHOW Y'ALL the different Options...however, DR ROBLES remains the BEST :-)

Extended Tummy Tuck 3300 Liposuction, lower...

Extended Tummy Tuck 3300
Liposuction, lower back, and waist 1600
Breast lift 3200
Fat grafting into the buttocks 600
Discount -900
S. Facility 1200
Anesthesia 650 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle, Bra and epifoam 180
Post op medication 125
Please add 1000 usd if you are interested on implants (up to 500ccs)

Total 9955   usd Dr Campos (Mexico)

Dr Campos (Mexico) quote Extended Tummy Tuck...

Dr Campos (Mexico) quote
Extended Tummy Tuck 3300
Liposuction, lower back, and waist 1600
Breast lift 3200
Fat grafting into the buttocks 600
Discount -900
S. Facility 1200
Anesthesia 650 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle, Bra and epifoam 180
Post op medication 125
Please add 1000 usd if you are interested on implants (up to 500ccs)

Total 9955   usd

Dr. Pantoja reviewed your pictures and he...

Dr. Pantoja reviewed your pictures and he recommends the following plan of surgery:

Liposuction in your upper arms, upper/lower back, flanks and thighs. All the fluid obtained from liposuction will be filtered in order to get pure fat and do the injections into your buttocks. Then he will proceed with the breast lift by performing an incision around the areola, the middle and the breast crease in order to remove the extra skin and fill your breast with the implant. The next procedure will be the tummy tuck, this will be made through an incision as low and thin as possible from side to side in order to repair your abdomen muscles and remove all of the extra skin. The implants we use are from the FDA approved brand "Natrelle" of cohesive silicone gel, we handle all sizes.

The quote we can offer you as a package is $6,800dlls. Keep in mind that we will always put your life and safety in first place, in order for you to have all the procedures in one surgery, you must have optimal health by the time of surgery. We will recommend for you to prepare your body with a healthy diet, iron supplements and daily exercise, all that will lower the risk during your surgery.

Once you set up an appointment for surgery, you have 2 weeks to put down a $300dlls. deposit in order to secure your date. Recovery time is approx 4 weeks. All stitches and drains must be removed within 14-20 days after the procedure. If you can't stay that long in town, you can follow up with your local doctor, in that case we recommend for you to stay at least 5-7 days for you to recover. The quote is valid for all 2013.

What is included in this cost?

- 2 night-stay in the clinic with 24 hour nurse care/aid
- Your own recovery room equipped with Patient's bed, armchair/lazy-boy, Wi-Fi, T.V., phone, bathroom utilities (shower and lavatory).
**Please note the following: A friend or family member is more than welcome to accompany you and stay in the clinic all day long and even stay in your room while you're in surgery. However, space is limited with the intention of giving the patient the needed attention. Therefore, at night-time the one accompanying you may stay at a hotel, just to have somewhere to sleep at (we don't have beds for family members). And in the morning he/she is welcome to stay at the clinic until your check-out, which is almost always at 10:00am the day after your surgery once you've had your breakfast, Dr. Pantoja has revised you and prescribed your medications. There are several nice hotels near by. 3 are within walking distance from our clinic.

- Patient's meals are provided (Fruit, Chicken Soup/Broth, etc).
- Dr. Pantoja's, Anesthesiologist's, Hospital, Nurses and Operating Room fees included
- An evaluation and electrocardiogram (EKG) is done before the surgery by the cardiologist
- Lab work required prior to surgery and post op
- 1 Compression Girdle/Garment
- 1 Post-op Bra
- Unlimited post-operative visits

What is not included:

1)Medication you need to take home for your recovery. (i.e. antibiotic, pain, spray to use on tummy tuck scar). This can be bought at any pharmacy in Mexico or be delivered to the clinic. The cost is approx. $150 dollars since this is a two week treatment. NO REFILL NEEDED.
2) Nursing services outside of clinic.
3) Breast ultrasound ($32dlls) This will be performed as soon as you arrive to our clinic.

Additional information about what to expect after your surgery:
You will need it about 2-3 weeks time off from work/school. It is imperative that when you return to your activities you do this under what is known as 'Light-duty' or with caution and wearing the girdle for the first 5-6 months. Doing this will support your back, posture, with swelling, and will aid in achieving the goal desired.

The anesthesia used is an Spinal Block and sedation. You don't feel anything, you don't be awake.

Recommended hotels:

1) City Express Hotel (they include local shuttle service, continental breakfast and wi-fi) $65dlls.
2) Camino Real ( local shuttle service and wi-fi included)$74dlls.
3) Real del Rio (only Wi-Fi) $65dlls.
4)Hotel Pueblo Amigo 8 min from our clinic (includes continental breakfast, Wi-Fi, local shuttle and San Diego Airport shuttle for $65dlls) Daily rate $65dlls.
5) Best Western Americanna Inn they are located in San Diego and they offer transportation to the clinic and from the San Diego airport. Phone 619-428-5521

**Prices of the hotels are before tax and they are subject to daily currency exchange.

We recommend 2 recovery houses:

-Grace Baja Guest House- Owner Lana Humphries- Phone (619) 664-3948 website email:

-Club Med (beachfront 30 min away) Phone number 909-266-1364 website

NOTE:Your blood work and EKG results will determine if you are a candidate for surgery or not.

JusSlim, too bad!!! Was going to do bag, but truthfully, Aug is too much of a Hurricane season month.. Well Aug, Sep, and Oct.. I have my vaca interrupted too many times in Aug.. 2011 & last year. If you do Aug, make sure it's the first 2 wks. The last weeks are too risky..
Sorry for the typos! Meant to say Aug, not bag.. Lol
Hey MiMi...hurricane season where? DR?

Dr Sanchez (Mexico) The doctor already saw your...

Dr Sanchez (Mexico)
The doctor already saw your photos and this is the quote:
$8,500 usd which includes:
Breast implants
Breast lift
Tummy tuck
Lipo on your lower back

Hospital fees (one night)

I had a local consultation today "PARS" and it was...

I had a local consultation today "PARS" and it was INDEED SAD! my hubby felt my pain and said "GUESS YOU'RE GOING TO D.R!" OMG those words SOUNDED SO GOOD...see he has his on Trucking business and can't tske off to go with me and he dont want his wife to go alone (even though I am more than GROWN ENUFF to go)...LOL...but, I do understand his concern...and, he KNOWS how BAD I WANT/NEED this TRANSFORMATION!



Jusslim havent heard from you in a little bit hope all is well. I like doctor robles quote and have searching for females my body that have had sx. With her and I havent found any all the girls are petite so im second guessing her I was looking into Dr j in georga he works on girls like me. So I dont know what to do right now.
I am excited for you. You r going to have great results
I am EXCITED TOO! I gotta call to make doc appt then get started on my passport! YAY!

TODAY I had my YEARLY PHYSICAL EXAM (Doc office).....

TODAY I had my YEARLY PHYSICAL EXAM (Doc office)...ALL IS WELL with me...I am in GOOD HEALTH...I don't smoke or drink....I exercise daily and eat healthy...HOWEVER, my ISSUE is the EXCESS SKIN!!!!

My doc ASKED me if I think I need BLOOD TESTS done :-) I was like "UMMMMM YEAH...cause I got a job promotion and they need the result a month before Aug!" so she put in a CBC test for me and told me to call the day before I need the test...and to expect 2 weeks for results by mail (or I can come down to the office)...YAY!!!! so I will go the 1st week of July...

I texted Laura and she told me to do the CBC test then book the flight :-)

I am soooooo EXCITED....I want a FLAT TUMMY and BIG BREAST for my 5 yr anniversary :-)

My Measurements: Height: 5'10 Weight: 172-174...

My Measurements:
Height: 5'10
Weight: 172-174 (always stay within 2lbs of 172)
Breast: 34B (in a bra but looks like a
Waist: 29 1/2
Hips: 44 1/2
Thighs: 26 1/2
Stomach: 36 (all that excess SKIN)
Arms: 12

I want my TUMMY and BREAST #s to CHANGE :-)
Your story is sensational good luck doll :)
THANK you @BXatHeart!!!
I'm going to Dr. Robles too, just haven't set the date yet. I've lost over 80 pounds too and feel great when I'm all dressed up....when the clothes come off, I'm so depressed! I'm having extended TT, muscle repair and lipo this time and hopefully come back later for new boobs :) I am so looking forward to doing something for myself. Part of me thinks I'm being selfish, but after raising my family and taking care of others, I deserve it. I think I'll be so much happier when I feel good in my own skin again.

Hey my R.S DIVAS! I am going to take my passport...

Hey my R.S DIVAS! I am going to take my passport pic my mammogram appt for next Weds...I still need to figure out WHICH MONTH (May/June/July)...I really need to figure that out no later than next month...I'm a probation officer and my department is a 24/7 365 days business...even though I only work 2 1/2 days (those days are BUSY)...well, I do KNOW THAT I'M HAVING MY SURGERY THIS YEAR!
You did a great jobs losing weight on your own! TT is going to make you hotter than you are!! Can't wait until you join me on the flat side :)
Thank You @ttkk97...its a DAILY JOURNEY! I am sooooo looking forward to getting rid of this excessive skin!
O M G what have I missed smdh I can't believe some of the things I'm reading really I'm going to Robles them photos do look fake to me nd the girl that said she was high when she got her TT its all a lot of crap DR Robles is taking over Real Self so yes she's going to getty a lot of Haters trying to slow her Down but the sad part is all the things I'm reading about her I'm still going to her to get my work done to my body Team Robles Ladies we got this with a hand down no more Questions please Lol she is one of the best out here on RS

OKAY...I need to send off for my PassPort...I was...

OKAY...I need to send off for my PassPort...I was suppose to do it last week but hubby was sick and I had to take care of him (he's my 6*4 baby)....anyway, I will go take the pic tomorrow at walmart...

Hmmmmm...I am soooooo OVER all the NEGATIVITY going on "here"...FROM this point on I WILL NOT waste time with NONESENSE!!!

I PRAY that everyone WHOM has had SURGERY will FIND PEACE in their HEALING JOURNEY...for those WHOM are planning (like me) I PRAY yall will FIND JOY in what's to COME :-)

there are A LOT of women (like myself) whom have LOST themselves mentally and physically by giving BIRTH (what JOY)...we are NOW wanting/needing OUR BODIES to be LIKE IT WAS before rather its a TUMMY TUCK...BREAST LIFT...LIPO...BBL...WE WANT OUR BODIES BACK NOW!!!!!!

JusSlim you are NIT the victim although u play it well. I stood up for this girl as your a BULLY! Sux when u get it back tho... End it and it will be over.
Ensure Addict, its like BLAH BLAH BLAH with you! OMG....LEAVE ME ALONE!!! have I said ANYTHING TO YOU??? what's your REAL PROBLEM??? ONLY THE TRUTH HURTS!!!! go have your SX and be BLESSED!!!
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I took my Passport pic today...OMG! I look like a...

I took my Passport pic today...OMG! I look like a CRIMINAL...LOL...I got the application from the postoffice so I will fill out and return next week...its $135 for a passport book...and, $55 for a passport card...I DONT KNOW WHATS the difference...and, the people whom work there is sooooooo UNFRIENDLY...I will find another on to drop it off at and pray they are in GOOD SPIRITS :)

bout, to head to my Mammogram appt (had to reschedule it yesterday cause it was a lil too early and I wasnt feeling good) so I am able to go today :)

then I will be going to do my ZUMBA class then the SAUNA....I am addicted to the SAUNA :-)
Good luck!
My passport pic looks horrible too! I was 85 pounds heavier than I am now and having a VERY bad hair day!! lol
WOW!!! at least you can say you was 85 lbs heavier!!! YAY to your weight lose!!! I called myself doing my hair before going but she told me I had to put my hair behind my ears...OMG...not a GOOD LOOK for me :( but, its DONE!!


I looked at your pics. Your weight loss journey was amazing!! I look forward to following your journey
THANK YOU @PrettyPhysique...its a DAILY JOURNEY! but, I'm BLESSED to be off that DIET rollercoaster...didn't realize how much having kids can affect your the weight gain was all MY FAULT but the excessive tummy skin was from giving imma have that TAKEN CARE OF :-)
Yay!!! Stay positive and things will be ayyyokayyy!! :)

Hey R.S Divas!!! has anyone every flown with...

Hey R.S Divas!!! has anyone every flown with Spirit Airlines???? I found round trip tickets to D.R for $631...

I am still confused!!!! I don't know if I should go to Mexico (no flight needed and I only have to stay for at least 4 days and I can return to have drains removed and follow up) or to D.R (flight need and I have to stay for at least 14 days and I wont be able to return for anything)...

I LOVE Dra Robles TT and Breast work...and, there are sooooo many GOOD REVIEWS on her :)
go with whom will give you the results you want this will be a one time thing so do it right best of luck im intrested to know who you will pick
I think you should go where you believe you get the results that you want.

I need to send off this Passport application...SMH...

I need to send off this Passport application...SMH...I been busy with hubby Trucking business...we are lookn into getting another I have been doing research...but, I NEED TO SEND off this Passport app...even though my surgery wont be til July or Aug...LOL

I wanna send out PRAYERS to my Robles Divas:
Ladiebug (recent surgery)
Ms Thang

If you would like to READ their reviews just copy/paste their names in the "search" box on RealSelf...I HOPE I didn't LEAVE OFF anyone that I have actually chatted/messaged regarding Dra Robles...if so PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!

Love Yall!!!
@JusSlim I was wondering how everything went with you??? Hope all is well. I'm thinking of going to Dr. Robles for breast lift with silicone implants under the muscle with TT and lipo. So just wondering how you came out in the other side??? Do u like your results?? Do you have pics?? Sorry for so many questions, but you know how it is when your researching.
Hey girl. I'm a PO also, in Arizona. I'm getting my makeover at the end of May. I'm wondering how long it will be before I can carry my duty belt.... Are you armed? I'm not looking forward to the 12 pounds of gear around my hips following the TT!
It's going to hard to do that for awhile! Your duty belt will be hitting the incision most Likely and will be very uncomfortable if not painful until your healed well.. Make sure you mention this before your surgery so you know what to expect. Maybe with the right girdle it will be better...good luck ladies! Are you still going in July? Do you know which recovery house you will be in? Sounds like it will be full lol I see a few going around the same time. Maybe I will see you there
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr Robles due to the Price which includes an Inclusive Package (see below) and the Photos of the work she's done and the Reviews on here (realself)... Our All Inclusive Package include: 1.) Pre-operative tests, EKG and chest X-Ray. 2.) Stay in the Hospital. 3.) Anesthesiologist. 4). Medical procedure (in your quote). 5.) Basic drugs post-operatively (Antibiotics, Pain, Iron, Folic Acid). 6.) A post-surgical garment 7.) Recovery House 8.) All meals (home cooking). 9.) Ground transportation (airport pickup, RD.'s Office if necessary, back to the airport) 10). Surgeon views at her convenience. 11) You can have a companion during your stay for 55 USD per night, which also include meals.

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