Tummy Tuck with Lipo and Fat Transfer with Dr. Australia Fragoso Baez -Dominican Republic

Hi Ladies, I'm usually a reader and don't post...

Hi Ladies,

I'm usually a reader and don't post much but I think all reviews are helpful in making decisions. I must say that due to the reviews and pics on RS Dr. Yily was my first choice but I met someone that had liposculpture done with Dr. Baez so I started my research on her. Baez previous patients results was what I was looking for. A subtle curvaceous, elegant body!

On Friday November 15th I had a Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Fat Transfer done. I am 33 with 2 kids, weight before surgery 122 lbs. My main concern was getting rid of my loose skin because of the pregnancies and I could get some fat transferred why not. The first 3 - 4 night were unbearable with lipo pain and peeing every 30 mins or so. During insertion or removal of the catheter my urethra seems to have gotten scraped so i was also peeing blood. The doctor reassured me that it would go away after 4-5 days and to keep drinking water. She was right, i am clear now!
I am currently one week post op and the most painful thing is still the back lipo and of course the drain. My drain keeps getting clogged with clots so I am a bit concerned that it won't be removed on the 10th day as the doctor wants. Otherwise i am recovering well at the Real Recovery Armonia. It's been a bit busy at the recovery house because they are moving to a new location and i may have to move with them while i am here.

Regarding doctor Baez she really cares about your health and would not do surgery unless she gets clearance from the lab and other specialists. Once you meet her you will fall in love with her ways.

I will post my before and after pics soon so I can also help others in making a decision.

Reply or message me if you would like to know anything else regarding my experience.


Nice, Thank You. Dr. Baez will be doing my...BBL w/lipo and Breast lift w/no silicon or implants...
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When will you be going to the DR? I asked Dr. Baez about breast implants for a lift but she said no because she thought that it would be too much recovery for me to handle. I guess because i am petite.

Thank you for sharing your experience so far! It sounds like it's going well and I hope you're able to get your drain out soon. When do you head home?

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Hi Ladies,
Today i am 3 weeks post op and still have a bit of fluid in my back. I have probably been a bit too active. The massage therapist has been massaging my flanks and they are responding quite well. I however think that I will have to spend more $$ on massages because the hardness takes a while. Any suggestions??

In the meantime I have been searching online for a new compression garment that I can wear with most of my clothes. I currently have the compression garment from Fajate model 12047 in xxs. That's the size that was advised, after 10 days the massage therapist advised to take it in an inch, wore it for 2 days like that but it was unbearable and ended up removing the stitches. I have been on Fajate website and would like to order model 12066 but do not know where to purchase online.

Can anyone advise on a site that offers Fajate or other similar compression garments that are mid thigh or boy shorts and do not excessively enhance the buttocks when wearing pants. Fajate currently gives me a bubble butt that doesn't look natural with pants but i guess because it's too tight.


How tall are you? dr. Baez told me to gain weight but I don't want to I'm already 143 lbs, muscular though. How do you like your results? Will you post pics? I'd like to be your pre surgery weight post, so don't wanna gain weight. I'd love to see what you look like.
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Was your first garment provided by her?? We have been emailing each other back and forward and I got a quote but when I asked her about massages garment medicine etc she has not responded to it :( if u can te me this info it will be really helpful.. Btw u look great!
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Can you please post pics?
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7th week update

Hi Ladies,

Here are some before and after pics of tummy tuck and BBL. The Butt was a lot perkier the first month. Sad... Any tips on how to maintain it?

I had to have some scabs/stitches removed by my GP because they did not fall off on their own. Dr. Baez advised that I should have them removed because they should fall off at 3 weeks. I also used the micropore 3m tape which I think aided in the delay in my case. The tape did not come off on it's own and I noticed that a center stitch by the tummy tuck was releasing some fluid, so i had to carefully remove the tape with alcohol. I sent a pic to Dr. Baez and she advised not to use the tape again because it seemed like an irritation. I used iodine for a week but suddenly it started to ooze again at the 6th week. That's when I realized that it was a stitch that did not dissolve. Baez said to go to my GP asap and to have it removed!

Now everything is dry and healing well. I just don't love how dark my scar is. I hope it clears up by summer time so I can launch my bikini body. I am currently using ScarAway Silicone Tape, Contractubex (prescribed by Baez) and Mederma for all my scars. The Tummy Tuck scar its self is thin but the skin around it is dark. I am really missing my perky butt which I had the first month of surgery.Ladies wearing your faja/ garment is a MUST, as soon as I remove it for more than an hour I start swelling. My back is still a bit swollen. I must say that my body looks HOTT when I wear fitted club dresses or shorts. The surgery is worth it!

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2 months post op pics with Dr Baez

I'm feeling so much better now. I am now 2,5 months post op and every day I can do I little more. Can't wait to start exercise but I am afraid of losing my lil perky butt. I have gotten used to the size and my doctor says that whatever fat survives the first 2-3 weeks will remain. If I loose volume it's because I have lost weight in general.

Will post more pics at three months with fitted clothes so you guys can enjoy.

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BBL pic

Hi ladies,
Here is a pic of me in a dress. Omg, I am loving my Boo-teƩ!!! It doesn't look that amazing in jeans as it does in dresses but I have had people tell me that I look great and to keep working out. Lol!
I'm still a bit swollen around my tummy and back but I feel much better. Doctor Fragoso Baez is great!


you look very nice i loved your results!
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Your results are great. Very natural looking
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it seems as f a lot of ladies are many issues with their tt, seroma or drains not draining properly getting infection or drains breaking and they get back to the states and doctors not really wanting to treat them, having more surgeries and hospital bills. my surgery is scheduled for July and I'm not really sure anymore.what are you ladies thinking
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Great Doctor! I would recommend her to everyone.

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