TT, Lipo W/BBL in DR I Need Help Deciding...Dr Robles Vs Dr Yily Vs Dr Duran - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi everyone I am a 31yo mother of 4 long over due...

Hi everyone I am a 31yo mother of 4 long over due for a mommy makeover. My oldest is 16yo and my baby is almost 6. Ive been wanting this for a long time and Ive read a lot of reviews and narrowed my decision down to the Dominican Republic with either Dr Robles (her price is all inclusive), Dr Yily (lots of extras) and Dr Duran (dont know much about her but her reviews are great. HELLLLLP ladies lol Right now Im in the process of submitting my pics to Dr Robles. Shes the Dr I initially wanted to do my surgery until I found out about Dr Yily. Then I started reading reviews on Dr Duran and now Im all confused.

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Dr Duran

Leaning towards Dr Duran based on twitter pics and reviews. I havent came across a bad review for her yet. Next step is consultation. Wish me luck!


I wish u luck !!!!! Iam just wondering the same got a quote from robles but not duran ....let me know if she emails u back with any quotes......
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Welcome to the community!  I am happy you started your review with us and excited to hear what you decide.

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Thank u!!!
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