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33 yo mother of 4 needing a TT, possible BA and BBL

Hi everyone I am a 31yo mother of 4 long over due...

Hi everyone I am a 31yo mother of 4 long over due for a mommy makeover. My oldest is 16yo and my baby is almost 6. Ive been wanting this for a long time and Ive read a lot of reviews and narrowed my decision down to the Dominican Republic with either Dr Robles (her price is all inclusive), Dr Yily (lots of extras) and Dr Duran (dont know much about her but her reviews are great. HELLLLLP ladies lol Right now Im in the process of submitting my pics to Dr Robles. Shes the Dr I initially wanted to do my surgery until I found out about Dr Yily. Then I started reading reviews on Dr Duran and now Im all confused.

Dr Duran

Leaning towards Dr Duran based on twitter pics and reviews. I havent came across a bad review for her yet. Next step is consultation. Wish me luck!

33 yo mother of 4 needing a TT, possible BA and BBL

Since my last post....years ago I've decided not to have my surgery in the DR. So many ppl were against it. Besides my family and friends are here to help me. So now I'm going to consult with Dr Welsh in Tampa for a TT and possible mommy makeover on Oct 7th. I've spoken with dr Hasan's office they won't do more than one procedure at one time!!!! He has to do my BBL!!!! Lol a TT with possible BA is more important now than a BBL. If Dr Welsh's consult doesn't go well I'm considering Dr Salama for my mommy makeover. No one but Hasan is touching my ass! Lol I'll let u know how my consult with Welsh goes!

Met with Dr Welsh

So I made a consult for TT with Dr Welsh. He is such a nice and knowledgeable Dr. Hes up in age but according to his coordinator Esther, she completely trusts him. She told me he did her breasts (she has silicone implants) and recently had a TT herself 3months prior with Dr Welsh. She even showed me her incision. I was impressed with her outcome. She has healed well and her incision is great! The entire consult was great. That is until Dr Welsh asked me if anyone has ever told me I had a heart murmur....WHATTTT? I have had open heart sx as a child-approx. 2yo and Ive followed up with a cardiologist up until 10yrs ago because I kept hearing everything was fine. The last appt with a cardiologist I asked if I needed to follow up every year and he said no. Sooooo now I'm going to need cardiac clearance prior to surgery. No biggie. Its been 10years. lol

Dr Welsh Quote

So like I said prior I consulted with Dr Welsh for a TT. That's all he quoted me for. No lipo, no garment, nothing. because I would need a extended incision I guess it costs a lil more. My quote was $6999.00. It only includes a TT. Did I say that already? I think that's a lil excessive. My current BMI is 35. Dr Welsh's BMI limit is 40. So im good there. The Miami Drs that I really want to do my surgery if I went all the way south want a bmi of 30 or less. Some will take you at 32-33 but I haven't seen a lot of their after pics. ugh....I called one of my MTF TG friends and he going to get me some names of places his friends have went. He had implants from Dr Welsh which is what inspired me to get a consult. His boobs look awesome! In the meantime, I'm going to lose weight and get more consults, primarily from Dr Miami, Dr Hasan?Fisher and Dr Salama.
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