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Tt, Lipo and Fat Transfer Bbl - Dominican Republic, DO

So i've finally decided to go with my process, A...

So i've finally decided to go with my process, A mother of 2, boy and girl and dont plan on having anymore.... Heres my journey to D.R for plastic surgery. Contacted Dra Robles through her website and got an immediate response from her assistant Laura who then asked me to fill out a form and send 3 pics after that was submitted i got my final quote the very next day

Here are my before pictures

I cant wait to be on the other side!! Sent Laura a msg to change my date to November because i refuse to use any vaca time next year on surgery, waiting on my reply is driving me CRAZYYY!! Can anybody send me the list of vitamins i have to buy, i cant find my email from laura with all my info

Some of my wish pics

So i plan to lose 20 pounds before i go so i can look my very best so im gonna start with my it works body wraps because ive lost weight off of it before but besides that ive decided to post a few wish pics lol

Date has finally changed

Ok so im no longer going to Dr robles in february 2015, its now changed to November 11,2014 im soooo excited im about 4 1/2 months away from crossing over to the flat side lml my vaca is already set at work, now i have to figure out the dates i have to book my flight.. Lets see how long it take laura to send back that info... Does anyone have an idea of what dates should my flight be?

I love me some Orange Juice

I know random lol but i drink orange juice soooooo much its insane!!! Im wondering is this a good thing or bad :-/

Treadmill catching dust already lol

Ok so i got a treadmill a few months ago before i seriously decided to do this surgery sh*t and this thing has been catching dust since after the 3rd time being on it smfh so I've decided to clear out the area and get ready to get rid of this 20 pounds in 4 months... Hope i can do it lml.... Pray for me... This thing cost alot of money! About to put it to use


Hey guys i sent my deposit to hold my date and i also changed my surgery date once again lol so now its a day earlier which is November 10th 2014 I'm soooo excited!!! I sent my money and got a confirmation the very next day and didn't realized she sent my safe date until today... But now sh*t really just got real!!!

My email from laura...

So just received the run down i guess about what should i be doing before surgery... Also she has been hitting me up constantly about when am i going to book my flight lml, I'm usually not a last min person but i have been taking my time with every thing lately lol... Sorry so short but I'm really not a blogging type of person, i like to show pictures/proof of what I'm talking about and hope that u get the picture.... Stay tune

Not happy

At work doing ot all for this surgery, this shit is killing me to be here at 6pm wtf!!! Love my job and the people i work with but I'm tired of talking on this phone today ughhhh its all about my surgery

Feeling down

I woke up today feeling a little down about this weight lost process so I've decided to get serious, checked my weight at the mall on my break and feel extra down now.... This is some bullsh*t!! Also calculated my bmi and more bullsh*t.... Fml... 4 months and im trying to get down to 180 idk how thats happening tho smfh

Flight Purchased!!!!

Ok so today i got up out the bed in better spirits and finally booked my flight so it's official!!! Im out to d.r for this and i cant f*cking believe it lmao i feel like I'm going tomorrow all because my flight is purchased now and all sorts of feelings are going thru me at this moment lml....my flight cost me 410 round trip and 30 dollars insurance so 440 to be exact not bad.... Cant wait!! Now im wondering how do i get that wheelchair service coming back?


So im trying to send laura my flight and not getting thru to her wtf! Im tired of going thru her can somebody give me dra robles whats app # please!!!

Ok everything is fine!

That text to laura's phone scared me this morning lml but she finally emailed me all the info and this is what it looks like.....

It works body wraps!!!

I LOVE these body wraps first pic is before any wraps 2nd pics is 8 hrs later right after i took the wrap off (i was bloated from water intake) third pic is 48 hrs later after just one wrap... I really love these things! (Excuse my hair in the first two just took out braids lol third pic my hair was wrapped after getting it done lmao)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Call the airline for the wheelchair assistance, it's free, tell them u want ur seats to be in the front row coming back bc ull appreciate the extra leg room n since u r requesting a wheelchair there's no charge for the extra leg room. I had seat 1d n I liked it bc if I had to stand to use the bathroom I didn't have to disturb anyone
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Making good progress :) get it girl!!
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Omg hows it going?!
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It's goin lol!! I got a text confirmation that Laura has received my flight info.. I'm just waiting for the email to come through.. I'm so ready for this.. Super excited :D What are those wraps called..I may have to try them myself.
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I'm glad she responded to you, I recieved the same email today... One step closer girl... I'll look for you at Virginia's RH!
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Oh ok yes! We gonna be in there together for two days if your surgery is on the 17th u will be at the rh on the 18th and I'm out on the 20th we will def get to meet... Even more exciting lol
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Yes I'll be following you until then!
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Yaaay cannot wait to see your transformation!!! You are going a day before my Bday!!!! Keep me posted!!! =))
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I sure will! Most of my post will be pics which i find is way better than just reading
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Yayyy I'm excited for you... I finally booked my ticket last night too. Youll be there a week before me.... It's no turning back now.
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I know right!!!! Omg this is crazy!! Lmao im trying to send laura my flight info and cant get thru to her smh i need dra robles whats app # tired of that girl lol
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Lol I just emailed my flight info to their email address info@drawalkirisrobles.com. They usually respond within a day. Her assistances are the ones that answer her what's app text anyway! Here's the number just in case tho 3476672704! Keep me posted :)
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I forgot to mention that besides the protein shake all I drank was water all day.
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Eww i hate protein shakes i hate water too lml but ive done the water thing before with my body wraps so ill do the water lml thanks alot!!!
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This is not going to be easy, but I can tell you what did to loose weight. I had lost 15lbs in 2 month with my regimen. I would eat small meals every 2-3 hours a day. My last meal would be before 6pm in the evening. Whey protein shake at 7:30am 3 or 4 hard boiled eggs only one with yoke the rest is just eggs whites with one pack of instant oatmeal at 9:30am. A snack of either almonds or fruit or yogourt at 11am. Grilled chicken breast or baked fish with steamed vegetables at lunch at 1pm no starches like rice or pasta. You can do half of baked sweet potatoe if desired. No salt I use mrs dash lemon pepper seasoning on my veggies. No butter or margarine either. A snack at 4pm similar to your morning snack. If I get really hungry when I get home then I'll drink some tea with honey or a little brown sugar or A cup of oatmeal. I also worked out 2-3 days a week. 5 miles on the treadmill with ab excercise and lunges...... It's not easy but the combination will jump start your metabolism to loose the weight. You can do it girl!!!!
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Whew!! Thats alot of info...thanks sooooo much!!! I need to write this down and go with this plan
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Your welcome
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Thank you!
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For? Lol
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I received an email from realself stating you had updated a post? Lol the information helped and thought I'd say thanks.
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Oh lmao blonde moment! Your so welcome! Lml
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Lol... That makes sense to do the blood draw first, your welcome... Anytime!
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I know.. Expect an email from Laura regarding the pre- surgery guidelines within the next couple of weeks. I started buying the vitamins this week so the expense won't be all at one time. It's called "dreamdays" it's an apple app but , if you have a android you can find a similar app.
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Ok i love receiving emails from her cause it feels more and more real lmao i want to get my cbc done first to see where im at without vitamins and ill have a better understanding on how much i need to boost my blood levels with it... Thanks for the app i have it now
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Girl I know the feeling...my heart was racing when I saw it....you feel like your one step closer to your surgery date. I downloaded a countdown app for the surgery date lol! I'm excited for you!
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