Dr. Walkiris Robles tummy tuck and lipo with BBL -

I loved my experience. The first few days were...

I loved my experience. The first few days were very painful but well worth it at the end. After two months i can say I finally can feel close to normal again!

Im adding some new pics from last month. i really...

im adding some new pics from last month. i really dont have new pics bc ive been workin so much and really dont have time to dress up and snap a pic to show off the new figure. another problem is that all my clothes do not fit me at all! you can barely see the difference i had to go out and buy small shirts so that it can be tight around my new bod!

Okay did some 3 month post op pics

okay did some 3 month post op pics

Okay 6 month pic is up!! NEVER in my life did i...

okay 6 month pic is up!! NEVER in my life did i think i would look like this. my bod is so amazing i cant even believe it sometimes. it looks 100 times better then even before i had my children and also i think about 90% of my swelling is gone! i still swell up after i work out or work. but i have been going to the gym 3 times a week doing light ab workouts and weights.

Hello ladies... i am uploading a new pic. also i...

Hello ladies... i am uploading a new pic. also i am updating to let yall know i am going to get my breast done next. i am highly considering robles because i am so pleased with her of how she treated me and my body. despite a couple negative things i read..... i am so sorry for the ladies who went through what they did. i stress, everybody is different! we all go in with different body types and cannot expect to come out all looking the same! and also our end results do not all depend on the doctor because it all depends on us too! we need to take care of our self. it all starts with the recovery, diet, massages, and also it takes months to see how everything looks when ur swelling goes down. i wish everybody a fast and good recovery.

Hey girls, new pic uploaded. One year since my...

Hey girls, new pic uploaded. One year since my surgery. my scar is still not so cleared out!! Anyone know of any good scar creams? Breast augmentation set for March 25th. Thinking about going 350-400 cc because i want to be a large B or small C. Currently I am a very small A. I cant wait for my new twins!!

Less then two weeks and i am back at Robles but...

Less then two weeks and i am back at Robles but this time for my breast :) super excited. Started on my vitamins. I did not buy the whole vital pack this time because i feel as this is a much less traumatizing surgery. So for vitamins i am taking:

Vitamin C
Folic Acid
Complex B

I have to buy a nice comfortable post-op bra. I guess Walmart?

I am going to make a new review for the BA when I arrive in DR.

Also i read people freaking out about waking up while in surgery. You are not completed knocked out so more likely you will wake up from the blue pill not being as effective anymore. But even so you shouldn't feel any pain. I never woke up during mine or that i remember of. But i would imagine what people feel is pressure. As I was awake when i had my C-sections with my children and you can still feel the pressure from the surgery just not exactly pain. And if anything I would rather still be consciousness then be put under and have a chance of not waking up as they do with general anesthesia.

My scar- still not cleared! Of course my doc blames it on the smoking and also has notice two other scars i have from an accident are the same. Keliods is extra skin that grows over the scar, making it bumpy.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

5 stars!! Only thing i had to wait on my surgery date longer then i thought. I wanted to be operated first thing in the morning but unfortunately my doctor only likes a certain anesthesiology so we had to wait for him to be available!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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love your transformation looks super sexy
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Wow. Amazing!
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You look amazing I'll be a Robles doll soon Oct 10 my date.
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What rh are u staying in I'll be there oct12
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I love the way Robles shapes belly button!
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You look great!!! Robles is the "Gett'em Body" queen.
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what was your change in measurements, weight or size since the surgery ?
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Your results! You look amazing! :)
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i love your results!!
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OMG!!! Your ass is amazing! I WANT IT!!! Im stealing as a wish pic!
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Did she lipo your thighs? Or will she do lipo on an extra area?
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Damn she hooked you up!!!! amazing. Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for sharing.you look so nice!
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my date is april 15th 2014 yay! im going in for lipo tummy tuck and fat grafting to butt...how did you sleep may I ask:)? any suggestions? and you look Great!
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She has hospital beds to u sleep well, u can adjust it to ur liking and its an air-conditioned room.. good luck!! Im a full year after surgery and I LUV my results!!
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Hey ladiebug :-)
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I'm on the 14th we should keep in touch. :) I'm excited and nervous!!!
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You look great!!!!
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Looks sooo good!! Can you share pictures of how low your scar is? I'm going in April for tt and lipo. Can't wait!
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Hey... How did your bellybutton end up healing?
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You look really good, im going back and fourth via email with Robles assistant Laura. I'm also thinking about a TT and bbl. Again though, you look great mama!!
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Did u have your boobies done
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You look amazing. I am considering her as my doctor breast Aug. And Ty. My coordinator is Laura. I am getting ready to send my deposit just was a little scared of doing so. Any suggestions ?
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