Hello Divas I have been following this site for a...

Hello Divas I have been following this site for a few months and just love it! all you ladies are amazing! I am a mami of 4 wonderful children 15,12,6,3. but as you all know pregnancy is very hard on our bodies. I have very loose skin on my tummy and lots of strechmarks and saggy breast. I am getting done TT/BA/LIPO i would love a BBL but i think it will be to much. I just turned 35 and am 5'5 and 136lbs I was hoping to get my surgery done in Dec 2012 but it was crazy trying to get a flight right after Christmas.:( So Im going to D.R. on Feb 26th 2013 and am so pumped. I will be going by myself and staying at the recovery house. Is anyone else going to be going the same time i am?


I will be getting surgery 5 days after you by doctor Robles as well!!!!! So keep me posted!!!!!!
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Yay! You staying at the recovery house? I'm so excited to meet you! I will keep u posted!
Hey busymomof4 Wow your date is so close now congratulations ;P I saw that you gonna have a BA and i want to now if you know what brand and type of implants Dr Robles is using on her patients? Because i´m still undesided about the implanst because i´m scared to get bad implants like PIP for example. Ok chica hopefully i´m hear from you Bybye Lagatamorena
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Okay so I'm booked!!!! I will be in DR on Feb 25...

Okay so I'm booked!!!! I will be in DR on Feb 25 2013 I have been wanting a tummy tuck for 15 years and I'm finally doing it! I'm going to list tomorrow everything I'm bringing with me!

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Okay ladies sorry it's been crazy around my home...

Okay ladies sorry it's been crazy around my home 2kids sick I have a chest infection maybe even started of namonia? My chest is so sore and my ribs hurt sooooo bad. My Dr said it could take months for the coughing to stop!! Omgoodness I hope not this better clear up soon. Pray for this to get better ladies I really need to get better before my surgery!!!!!


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Thanks Jus!! I hope so girl! I'm coughing every. 2 min its aweful!!
Hey busymomof4, I too am from Canada and thinking of going with Dr.Robles...I got quoted 14,000 here and I just got my pre quote of 5900.00 but waiting for Dr to give final price after she looks at pictures. Would love to get more info from you about flights and other things.

I'm back ladies!!!! Okay some things have changed...

I'm back ladies!!!! Okay some things have changed I am booked for surgery a day earlier. So I will be in DR on Feb 24 and will have surgery the next morning on Feb 25th!!! I'm so excited to get a my body back or at least a waistline! And some curves Hehe.... Time to get my stuff together my 12 year old daughter. Is giving me a hard time about going away for 14 days she is a mommy's. Girl. I just need to stay focused and positive. I can't. Wait to meet all my surgery buddies if it wasn't for all you ladies I may have changed my mind my goodness 20 more days!!!!


YOU are having the same surgeries as! I will prolly go back next yr for the bbl...but tt/ba/lipo is my priorities!
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Hey girl I'm wanting to go back to for a BBL I'm just going to see how this goes and then next year come back for a BBL if all is good Hehe
OMG! ITS GETTING CLOSE! I can't wait to see your RESULTS! my BLESSED PROMOTION has held me back but its all GOOD! Its going DOWN SOON! you are in my PRAYERS!
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WOW!!!! 17 more days i was talking to Raquel today...

WOW!!!! 17 more days i was talking to Raquel today she said everything is all in order!! I am getting all my preop stuff done early morning at the clinic on feb 25th for 12noon surgery! Omgosh its getting so real i have been through so many emotions, ups and downs,should I should'nt I, am i being selfish! Well i have come to this!! ITS TIME FOR ME TO DO SOMETHING FOR ME!!!!! Ok ladies let the my journey begin !!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!


Busymom...So exciting! I know exactly how you feel as far a mixed emotions. I have wanted to do this for so long, but have always backed out. I finally made my decision. I have the airline tickets bought and the surgery scheduled. Wow...I can't believe I am going to do this...FINALLY! I'am so relieved, I finally made the commitment! Now I'm just excited! I will be right behind you, my surgery is the 28th.
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O.M.G...WOW!!!! its GOING DOWN!!! I cant WAIT to see your PICS :)
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Some new pics added Im really hoping Dr Robles can...

Some new pics added Im really hoping Dr Robles can help me and do her magic I NEED MY SHAPE BACK!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!


OMGOSH !!!! Im so excited! Are you staying at the Recovery house? What are you getting done? Wow girl its our time!!! Im so excited>:)
I will be having a TT w/lipo hips and flanks and BL w/ augmentation. I will be staying at another recovery house that allows men, because my hubby will be coming. I think it is called Juana's house.
Thanks Jus!!! I know its sooo close wish me luck i just posted some before pics i really need Dr Robles help with my shape im all streched out from my kids!

Sorry ladies but a very unexpected family matter...

Sorry ladies but a very unexpected family matter came up and i am forced to put my surgery off.:( Im so sad and wish all you lovley ladies the best of luck i will be following your post!!!! HUGS!!!! to you all.......


I hope all is WELL!!!!
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sorry here about your matter! hope all is well! keep us posted!
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Awwww Im so sorry to hear this. i hope all is well I WAS so looking forward to meeting you
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Hey ladies its been crazy for me the last couple of months changed from Dr Robles in D.R to Dr Azurin in Coral springs florida!!! Im so excited!!! TT/Lipo!!! Wish me luck!!!!


Pics please !
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Hi busymom.. I have been thinking about You. How was your surgery?
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Hi SMEmyself!!! Surgery went well I just got home yesterday from Florida!! I love Dr Azurin he is so sweet!! And I love all his staff too!! I'm very brused and swollen still but day by day I love my figure already even though I can't stand up straight yet!! How are you?

4weeks post op!!

Hey!!! Ok I'm sorry its been crazy!! I'm 4werks post op!! Wow tome is just flying by!! I had a great experience with my tummy tuck and lipo I am still swollen but day by day I'm feeling. Better I love Dr Azurin is is very talented and all his staff if amazing I love Lynn!!

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4weeks post op pic


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Thank you!!! I will this week post more pics for sure I went to a wedding last night and haven't seem a lot of people in a couple years I was not wearing my garnet and everyone said Omg girl what have you been doing working out you look amazing!! Your so curvy wow!!! I had a very box like to me before I have curves!!! I love it!!! I felt so good!!!
The placement of your incision is sooo low !!! 1of the reasons I love dr.azurin
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