Yily May 29- Deposit paid cannot go $200 Anyone interested ??.... Dominican Republic, DO

I am 29 yrs mother of 4, been thinking of getting...

I am 29 yrs mother of 4, been thinking of getting a TT since my first c section (2nd child), but bc I wanted more kids I decided not to. I am now done having my children got my tubes tied and I am ready to work on my body to welcome my BIG 30's this year ! I am 5'4 tall and weigh 157 lbs. My belly sags due to the stretching and parting of the c sections (2). I have a butt but is wide I want it to have ore definition. I have small boobs I wear B cu but I am NOT a full B ( I will post pics as the date gets closer). I checked out many doctors but set my mind on Yily thanks to many of your reviews #teamyily ! I reached out to her and it took about 5 days for first response she quote me $5500. I wrote her another email 3 days ago to add lipo on my inner thighs , and take out the BA . I am unsure if I want the BA with the TT and BBL done all at the same time so I want both quotes. I still have not herd from her. I am shooting for April 3rd since March is booked. I was trying to have family member come with me but everyone works and from what I have been reading I will be just fine at Jacqueline's recovery house. I will keep posting later on. XOXO

Hi. My surgery date is April 3rd. I'M Looking for a travel buddy. I'm new to this site. Not sure how to post message s yet. BentleyNashville .
Hi there ! My date is tentative bc I have not heard from her but once I do and I can have everything in place I will update you ... What are you getting done ?
Hi, have you found anyone to buddy w/ yet? We have the same sx date. Will u be staying at Jacqueline's RH?

So going on 3 wks and still have not heard from...

So going on 3 wks and still have not heard from her I called and vm was full losing hope n about to research other docs ***sigh***

I FINALLY got a hold of them in DR I called early...

I FINALLY got a hold of them in DR I called early this morning at 9 AM and got my date and new quote ! She is charging me $4100 being that I am no longer doing the BA and I am adding my inner thighs. My schedule date is April 19. Crossing my fingers bc there is one more piece to this puzzle that if I can solve I will be buying my flight, sending my deposit and going down to MIA for my passport within the next 2 weeks.
I got my quote today! $5500 but I haven't seen any of her TT or Breast work :-( that amount doesn't include RH so that will be another $1000+ I really need to see her TT/BA work...I know she's aggressive with her lipo n does good bbl but my concern is TT/BA...let me know if you find any reviews on her tt/ba
I will let you know my original quote was $5500 but I can't afford with RH so I decided to leave BA out n go next year :)

I finally locked in my date ! April 22 I'm all set...

I finally locked in my date ! April 22 I'm all set ! Took few phone calls lol bc emails weren't really answered in a timely manner. I got so much prepping to do can't wait!
woohoo youre getting closer and closer.. awesome. Im excited for you..
Thank you ! I'm excited myself ! :)

Sooo due to unforeseen circumstances I have to...

Sooo due to unforeseen circumstances I have to push my surgery back :(
I'm bummed about it but something's are out of my control and I guess have to learn to accept it good thing is tht I still can shoot for may 29 which is the new date they gave me .
Good luck!!
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