So happy with my results and just in time for summer!!!

Tired of not looking like I feel!!! I have been...

Tired of not looking like I feel!!! I have been considering this surgery for over a year now and I'm at the point where its feasible! I want to be able to go shopping and not get depressed because I can't fit it or it doesnt look like it did on the hanger like it does once I put it on. I feel exited, nervous, concerned, anxious and giddy and I will continue to feel that way all the way up until surgery time. I am a 28 years old full time student, employee and mother. I have a 6yr old daughter... as most of all us women know, our body almost NEVER go back to the way it was before we was pregnant. I was a size 6 when I got pregnant now im struggling to stay in a size 16! I don't want to be a size 6 anymore but I would love to get rid of this boppy pillow that has formed around my waist, not to mention what breast feeding did boobs (saggy). I just want my full confidence back! Looking for support from the site since I can't rely on anyone besides my BFF to support me in this choice.

Ugh!! Being fat and saggy is no fun!! I tried to...

Ugh!! Being fat and saggy is no fun!! I tried to take a bath last night and the only body parts that got wet was from the belly button down and my nipples (from the sagging)!!! Maybe that was too much information.... so ill move on. I have been in contact with Dra Robles in the DR for surgery since July. For a tummy tuck and lipo of the back she quoted me 4,900 and that price included a 10 day stay at the recovery house, food, meds, garment, basically it included everything but my plane ticket! only problem is that she said she cant do tt, lipo of back and breast lift in one surgery so I was bummed out but still was going to go to her. But 2 days ago I found another doctor in the DR named Yily de los santos and when I saw her work i had to at least send her my pics and see how much she would charge me... She replied the next day quoting me at 5,500 and that included the breast lift!! She said she can do my mommy make over! But now im confused on who to go with so i emailed santos again to ask if she has a package or something and im waiting for her reply. so who should i go to? the one thats cheaper with the all inclusive package or the one that is 400 more expensive but will give me everything i want on the first visit? Pondering.....

Ok. So I heard back from Yily and she quoted me...

Ok. So I heard back from Yily and she quoted me $5,500 but I would have to pay for my recovery house separately.. I dont know which one to go with Robles or Yily, one (robles) includes my complete stay, food and care and the other (yily) will do all three surgeries together but robles wont and is cheaper.... what should I do? I NEED HELP!!

Very tired today. I was off from school and work...

Very tired today. I was off from school and work and ended up spending most of the day putting a sew-in in my mom's head and i was a little grumpy cause i wasnt getting paid for it and now my fingers hurt from cornrolling, tying strings on needles and etc. but anywhoo, ive been exchanging emails back and forth with yily for the last few days and yesterday i cancelled out robles cause i read a VERY disturbing review from someone who just got back from her maybe 2 days ago!! it freaked me out so ima leave that alone. so yily quoted me 5500 but i would have to pay additional for recovery house and etc. So i just sent her an email asking about if she had any suggestions on recovery houses and for how much also asked her if she required a down payment so hopefully ill hear back from her tomorrow. Ive already asked about length of stay, what clinical fee's consisted of.... Is there any other questions I need to ask that I havent already asked.. to all who are reading this let me know if im missing anything!!

So I have already started saving for my surgery...

So I have already started saving for my surgery but I just recently decided to add a few more shifts a week to help make sure I have the money sooner :) you don't know how hard it was for me to decide to work more... I'm really big on saving, so much to where i save the majority of the year so that i don't have to work as much as i would if i worked from paycheck to paycheck (which i hate cause i have been there and it sucks beyond measure to the point of depression) but i have to keep in mind that working more hours a week is just putting me one step closer to finally doing something for me, something that i thought i wouldn't be able to do but i see that it is feasible now... so exited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tired. I know I haven't been posting in a while...

Tired. I know I haven't been posting in a while but there's not much else to say at this point. Besides the fact that I am currently in my senior year in college and we just finished midterms and we're getting ready to prepare for finals and presentations nothing has changed.... well I take that back. I decided to go to Robles, so I kept my date for March 18th with her. Even though I would like to get all 3 procedures done, I thought it to be wise to wait and get the breast lift done at a later date IF at that time I still want one, I will get it then. I'm sure I couldve saved up for Yily, but I'm not trying to break my neck from now until march making sure I work enough hours to pay the extra $400 in costs, not to mention that the cost did not have a all inclusive package like Robles. I would've had to pay for my stay separately which would've been an extra $800. I'm soooooo ready for the rest of this year to go by and then it will be CRUNCH TIME and a minor countdown to the day that i leave!!! Has anyone found a good website to get decent ticket prices leaving from Greensboro, NC or Raleigh, NC??? If so let me know!!

OK so I am still as exited as I was the first day...

OK so I am still as exited as I was the first day I posted and Im getting closer to the date, Goodbye October, hello November!!! So now that I have finally decided to go to Robles (Final decision) I have been speaking to Raquel and she said I need to give her my plane info as soon as I get it because as of right now Robles is booked good for March if not close to it!!! Said they can only take two girl per day and since my plane ticket info is technically my confirmation or security of my spot on March 18th I need to work to get that to her asap, so ive been working hard to get that money up and pay her. So I've been online looking at plane tickets for the last week or so and these prices are no joke!! Right now they are about $550 give or take!!! Does anyone know some secret that I dont about finding decent tickets? Do you think they will go back down before I actually leave? I've been on hotwire, orbitz, priceline, kayak... you name it ive been there looking for something a little cheaper... anyone have any suggestions?

I know its been a while since ive been on here....

I know its been a while since ive been on here. Ive just been going to school, taking care of my daughter and working to make this money for my surgery!!! I also won a scholarship to study abroad for the month of January in Milan, Italy!!!! I am too exited about that. I received an email from Raquel for my health survey, I filled it out and returned it to her a few days ago and she emailed me back today and said that I have been cleared for surgery by DRA ROBLES!!! i am BEYOND exited about this news!!!! Now it just makes me want to get out and work even more to make this money...I am trying very hard to have the money for my plane ticket there in the next 2 weeks, if everything goes the way its supposed to.

I have a question to all my RS ladies out there I the only one who has seemed to gain weight since recieving my quote for surgery.... part of me says it just because im in my senior year in college and all the stress is making me not make good choices in the food i eat, but another part of me is saying its because I know I will not have this fat for too much longer... so whatever ima eat whatever i want whenever i want to eat it.... am i the only one struggling with this issue of gaining/maintaining my current weight..I need advise on that please!!!

Hello ladies, there is nothing new to report at...

Hello ladies, there is nothing new to report at the moment, just working my butt off like crazy for Christmas and for my study abroad trip next month... Raquel is sending me my list of vitamins and other stuff to start getting on January 7th for my trip there in March!! I am still as exited as EVER!! Anyone find any cheaper tickets than $500?!?!?!?! Let me know!!

Hey RS ladies!!! Got my pre-op recomendations...

Hey RS ladies!!! Got my pre-op recomendations today so I plan on starting that soon... im sooo exited!!!! still working and getting ready for my plane ticket and everything!!

I got my email from Raquel of the pre-op...

I got my email from Raquel of the pre-op recommendations, I will be taking
iron 300mg
b-complex- 2 tablets
vitamin C- 1000mg
folic acid- 400mg

I started taking these last friday (4th). Plan on getting my VitaMedica package when i get back from italy. I leave Wednesday! still just as exited as i was when i first decided to do this!!

Ok. so ive been taking these pill for over a week...

ok. so ive been taking these pill for over a week now, and i have begun to notice the WORST GAS OF MY LIFE while taking them!!! Am i the only RS lady on here experiencing this??? I stopped taking them yesterday just to see what would happen and i have no gas.... wow

Ok so i fixed the gas problem.. ugh! but...

ok so i fixed the gas problem.. ugh! but everything else is going well!!! Buying my plane ticket either Friday or the beginning of next week, same thing with the Vitamed package.. it might be too late for me to uae them before i go but it can probable still benefit me after surgery with the healing andd recovery. Will anyone elae be there when i arrive on the 18th? im traveling alone so knowing sone of my RS fM will be there might help a little :) thats it for now... the countdown has begun.... 6 weeks until the start of something great!


I BROUGHT MY PLANE TICKET TODAY!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!! Now its real, its sooo official and I'm so ready for it! Still taking my vitamins getting ready to order the VitaMed Package too. Everything is coming together and im soo happy! I'll keep you girls posted if anything else comes up, but if not, ill just keep taking my pills to get ready for the CBC test in about 2 weeks :) I can't believe its right around the corner!!

Hey RS ladies!!! Everything is going well, still...

Hey RS ladies!!! Everything is going well, still taking my iron, b-complex, folic acid and vitamin C. My VitaMedica package came in the mail today so im exited about that i will start taking them two weeks before my scheduled date for surgery (march 18th),, so i will start taking them on March 4th!!! whhoooo hooooo i am so ready to look like the person i feel like :) i am all smiles over here! also plan on buying my little things (robes, compression socks, etc) in about a week or so. Once i have everything i will post my list of what i packed in case any of you would like to know what will be in my suitcase. Later!!!

3 WEEKS AND 5 DAYS!!!! So exited and ready for...

3 WEEKS AND 5 DAYS!!!! So exited and ready for this new chapter in my life!! working on buying my plane ticket (one way) back from the DR this week, or on payday next week haven't figured that out yet, its amazing how much stuff comes up the closer you date comes, went to get an oil change yesterday and my back brakes are dang near gone! and how much will it cost to take care of that? $140 of course im looking like look here i need to save my money for my surgery.. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!! LOL any way. still taking my vitamins recommended by Robles (folic acid, vitamin c, iron and b-complex) and i will begin my VitaMedica on March 4th. Im still figuring out what to pack and have begun to do so... i am a very organized person and like to be prepared. soon as i have it figured out what im bringing i will post the list and im only bringing a carryon.

ALRIGHT!! we are getting down to the wire!!!! I...

ALRIGHT!! we are getting down to the wire!!!! I have 1 week 5 days left and I am sooooo exited!! Here's a list of things I'm taking with me:
Sweat pants for travel there and back
6 dresses for easy take on/off
2 house robes (with front pockets)
20 pairs of underwear (I dont know why so many, i have a issue with not having enough)
sports bras
stool softeners (you never know)
Body wipes and personal wipes (since no showers)
flip flops
phone charger
iPad mini & charger
wife beaters
VitaMedica pills
hair brush
my cash for payment and a lil extra

I think that's about it! If I think of something else I'll repost. If you have a iPad/tablet or something like that bring it with you, that way you can watch movies and read books/magazines without having to take up the space of bringing it physically!! Thats all I have for now still taking my iron, folic acid and my morning and evening pills from VitaMedica... and i must admitt im tired of popping pills but its for a good cause!! MY SEXINESS.. hahahaha later RS chickas!

Whooo hoooo!! I have a week to get my life...

Whooo hoooo!! I have a week to get my life together and ready for my trip, what a great journey this will be!!!! I'm all packed and ready to go I printed off copy of email about my quote price (don't need no problems) and copy of my plane ticket got my passport. How did some of you pack your money/cash?? Don't want it to be obvious that I'm carrying that much money on me, I have a money belt that goes underneath clothing but it will not hold ALL the money so how have some of you do it? I'm curious to know. I'll probably post one more time before I get on that plane!!! :)))))))

4 MORE DAYS!!!! WHOOOO HOOOO!!! I'm finalizing my...

4 MORE DAYS!!!! WHOOOO HOOOO!!! I'm finalizing my packing and everything! still taking pills and VitaMedica. Had a body wrap done today and I lost 18" over my whole body, i was exited about that, going again on Friday before I leave bright and early Monday morning... I can't stop smiling :)

I leave in 1 day!!!! Wow I'm ready and exited.....

I leave in 1 day!!!! Wow I'm ready and exited.. Dropping my BFF off tonight at the airport cause she leaves tomorrow for her surgery!!

I have 12hours before I leave and boy do I feel...

I have 12hours before I leave and boy do I feel the pressure to get some last minute things done even though I really have nothing left to get!!! I'm just exited and freaking out!!! Wasn't able to bring much $$$ aside from the money for surgery, things kept popping up that had to be taken care of so I'm only leaving with $150 extra which I hope won't shoot me in the foot later on.. Figured I won't need money for massages yet since you don't have them done til 3 weeks after surgery. I will be back home by then and will have a paycheck available for that if needed... I'm so nervous yet solo ready to go. Dropping off my child at 8pm to her fathers and then it's crunch time!! Hopefully I will get some sleep, but I doubt that will happen!! Keep me in your prayers and to all other RS ladies having surgery this week, HAPPY HEALING LADIES!!

I also too some more before pics and will post them as soon as I figure out how since they're on my phone and I've never downloaded pics on my phone to computer before! Lol ill figure it out!

I am tired!!! I'm half way there! Had my flight...

I am tired!!! I'm half way there! Had my flight from Greensboro to Atlanta at 6:00 this morning, now I'm waiting for my second flight from Atlanta to Santo Domingo which will be around 10:00 so I have plenty of time. A little bored, thinking about grabbing something to eat but I have a good seat at the gate right now. Will let you ladies know once I have arrived in the DR... Getting nervous..

Hey ladies!! Well I am here and at the recovery...

Hey ladies!! Well I am here and at the recovery house with Virginia!! She is sweet. My flight out of Atlanta didn't take off til 2 HOURS AFTER the scheduled time due to the fuel tank on the plane doing something stupid.. Any who I made it here and got picked up and went straight to the clinic to get tests done and what not.. Very important when you land in the DR they have a express lane to get your tourist ticket (I'm sure that's not the right word for it) it's $10 but you can only use the express lane if you have a $10 bill... Not two $5's or ask for change with a $20 bill it has to be a $10 bill.. Just got a pill and I'm going to take it. I have to be at the clinic tomorrow at 5:30am to get checked in see Robles and have my surgery!! I will keep you guys posted :)

Hello ladies!!! I am 2 days post op and everyday...

Hello ladies!!! I am 2 days post op and everyday gets a little better. I sleep a lot and moving around sucks at times. Been staying with Virginia and she's great!! I'm also here with Hazel81 so we are recovering together with the moans and groans lol. Tomorrow we have an appointment to see Robles for a check up to see how we are healing... I am flat as can be and I'm happy about it !! Haven't seen myself without the CG on, but hopefully tomorrow I will. On my way to lay down...

Ok. I've been absent for a few days, sorry about...

Ok. I've been absent for a few days, sorry about that. Had a power surge here and it took out the wifi. Any who I am doing very well my stomach is as tight as it could possibly be at this moment I'm still bent over when I walk but I hoping by next week we begin walking straight. Saw Robles yesterday and boy do I like what I see!!!! The curves are DANGEROUS and I can't wait to put on some summer dresses!!! Hazel81 and I share a room and I am soo glad I met here have a lot in common and have been helping each other through the recovery process. Meet with Robles again on Tuesdays I believe to check how I'm draining. Every day gets better, I try to stay rested and drinking a lot of fluids.. Keep in mind to walk around as much as you can since it aids in your recovery and drainage. Until next time happy healing ladies!!!!

I meant to put earlier that make sure your...

I meant to put earlier that make sure your hemoglobin levels are as high as they can be!! I had a CBC test done a month before I came and it was only 12.1 and that was with me taking those pills since January!!! So the month before I came I doubled up on my iron and when I came they did another one and it was at 13.6!! If your hemoglobin is not high enough (past 12) she will not do tummy tuck with lipo, she will only do one or the other but not both. So I ended up only getting tummy tuck which included lipo of your sides so I only paid $4,300 which was fine with me cause I saved money AND I look fabulous!!!

Ok I know I have been absent for a while. Time for...

Ok I know I have been absent for a while. Time for updates. I am back at home now and boy do I miss Virginia!!! First night home last night and I couldn't get comfortable enough to go to sleep so I ended up sleeping on a recliner at like 4am! I have a appointment to get a massage today and I hope that helps since I am not standing straight up yet . I came home with my drain and hoping to take it out by Monday since I go back to school and don't want people looking at me strange with a drain clipped to my shirt. And I did my first cleaning of my scare today with the oil I got from Robles while in the DR. I promise to post pics as soon as possible but yes I am BEYOND happy with my results and can't wait til the tenderness, stiffnes and tension in my back, sides and stomach goes down as well as swelling.

Now I've been hearing a lot on here recently about Robles and people's experience with her. I was treated with the upmost care and have no regrets. Robles was a very sweet and caring woman,Virginia was AMAZING and I wish I could've brought her home with me cause I had no idea what to eat for dinner or breakfast this morning!! Haha. But I did not wake up during surgery like a lot have said they have recently I was also visited several times during my hospital stay before moving to the recovery house by Robles, Laura and Raquel, and sometimes all three was in my room checking on me. There are an awesome team. Now I must say if your looking to be seen quickly the DR is not the place for you, they take their time and care and give their undiveded attention to each patient so yes there will be times you will be waiting to be seen by the doctor all day but I knew she didn't forget about me. Robles is a very busy woman and she does it all with a smile on her face. She doesn't have a day off and she seems ok with that because you can tell that she loves what she does. She was more protective over my results than I was!!! She kept saying "don't mess up my surgery and my belly button" Lol if your looking to receive all of your doctors attention and looking for the best care possible then Robles is your doctor, if your looking for a quick fix don't even come and that's all I have to say about that. About to get dressed for my appointment, talk to you ladies later and yes I will post pictures soon!!

Anyone take out their own drain after leaving the...

Anyone take out their own drain after leaving the DR..? Message me I got questions!!!

Just posted some pics of today while I was washing...

Just posted some pics of today while I was washing up... Enjoy!!!! :)

Hello! I truely must say that everyday gets a...

Hello! I truely must say that everyday gets a little easier. But those first 2 weeks was some straight BULL. If you can get past those first 2 weeks you'll be alright but they may break you down. I dealt with the question of was it worth it and what did I do to myself, but I'm doing better now.. Using less and less pain meds and my swelling is going down. I will post more pics soon just relaxing and trying not to overdo it. I haven't slept in a bed in FOREVER. I've been sleeping on a recliner, since it has been the most comfortable for me. I really hope to soon be back in my bed :( that's all I have for now!!! Will post more pics soon, at 3 weeks post op

3 weeks post op and I'm feeling pretty good!!...

3 weeks post op and I'm feeling pretty good!! Posted more pics enjoy!!

I know I know

So I have been missing for a while now, shame on me I know!! After surgery my life was a whirlwind!!! I graduated from college, I'm back in school for my Masters, I have a new job and I am homeschooling my daughter (whew!). Other than that I have been doing well, I still experience little swelling even though it has been 1-1/2 years since my surgery when I eat salty foods. I still wear a compression garment but not every day. I have posted new pictures of me. I am going back in February 2015 to get my back and arms lipoed and then im done, even though I would like my inner thighs done cause I have thunder thighs :-) anywhoo if you have any other questions to ask just let me know, but don't ask me questions that are answered in any of my previous posts or questions I can't ask like numbers, ugh. pay attention to previous posts, but yea, ask away!!!
DRA. Robles

have been online searching for about 7 months... I reached out to one doctor in the same building as Robles, but she emailed me back first AND has answered all of my questions when i asked them in a timely manner. She also has a all inclusive package with her quotes that are almost too good to pass up!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thanks for sharing
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Wow ... Looking great
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You look good! Thanks for the update, now I really can't wait til my turn.
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How r u feeling these days and how r u liking your results, can u post some current pics?
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just posted some pics and new post, enjoy!
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u look good.
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Follow up !!:)
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Looking good! Glad to know everything is working out for you! She is an awesome surgeon and very humble person.
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you look great!.. What size would you say you are wearing after surgery in comparison to what you were before? Im trying to buy clothes but am afraid of buying them too small. Thanx. God bless
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I still wear the same size, just depends on how you want your clothes to fit. I have titties (38D) so for the most part I still have to get large, but if I want the shirt tight and if its in the right material ill get a medium
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hey girl, do you have Virginia's RH website info? You look great girl Pls keep us posted on your new pics.
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Hey, hope you are doing well now, the recovery house looks so nice was a nurse included, meals,wifi and ac how much did it cost per day ?
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You look great! Make sure u post more post-op pics. I would like to see you now since your well past 3 weeks post op.
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Thanks so much for sharing! You look awesome. I'm thinking about going to her I have my quote already just really scared to be out of the country having surgery, but these stories I'm reading are really helping me to decide on going. Thanks so much and happy healing.
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You seriously look amazing! Really smooth. Yeah!!
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Thank you for the update. Great pic!
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What is the name of the recovery house u stayed in?
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Hello TT Sistah, glad you are doing well. Recovery is indeed a tough process. I was one of the Lucky ones that did not have too much pain, but the swelling and uncomfortable sleep was a B----. Be sure to keep ur garment on as much as possible and keep it tight. I am 12 weeks post op and still swelling!!! But like you, I am in love with the new me. The change is amazing. All I can say is thank you Dr. Robles! I wish you quick, happy and healthy healing. Keep us posted!
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Thank you!!! Yea the swelling is no joke! Feels like your about to bust!! It's getting better but I'm still pretty "puffy" in my stomach area.. Hoping to get a deep tissue massage soon since my scabs have come off. How are you feeling?
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You Look Good Girl!!!!
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Hope you are healing well can you post more pics thanks happy healing :)
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I dont see any after pics?
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Hey lady we miss u over Herr and happy u r doing good let me know about the drain removal I'm terrified LOL
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I'm doing well... Tell Virginia I miss her terribly!!! Trying to find the right Inge to eat have been harder than I expected. Just monitoring my fluids that are coming out to be able to take this drain out!!! I'm hoping by Tuesday. How are you doing?
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Happy healing! Dr. Robles is the
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