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So, I've lurked her off and on for at least a year...

So, I've lurked her off and on for at least a year. Came back most recently and I'm on Yily's bandwagon! I sent an email today requesting a consult and am trying to get a fluent friend or family member to assist me in calling her tomorrow! I may be rushing, but I would like a quote and to pay my deposit by Friday 2/15 or 2/18. I only have a small window where I could be out of work and I'm praying that I can do my surgery the week of April 15th. If anyone else is considering that time frame PLEASE let me know so that we could possibly buddy up. I'm going to go the whole 9 yards post before and afters etc. I am most certainly looking for the sense of comraderie and sisterhood I see here. I look forward to talking more with you ladies. Xo Lia

Hey Lia, I'm jealous you get to go before me... I go on June 6th... I'm here for ya, just let me know if you need anything..... RS Members are really helpful and loving, I believe in them and what their experiences.
Hi Lia, were you able to get the date you wanted! If so, are you ready? Keep us in the loop! xo

My Operation is scheduled for April 11 with Doctor Camilo in Santo Domingo (works in the same clinic as Yily) for April 11. ***I will be staying at Jacqueline's for 6 days, email me at frenchlady****.com if you want a travel and recovery budy ***

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