Not going to the Dominican Republic!

I have been a realself stalker for the last 2-3...

I have been a realself stalker for the last 2-3 months :S I am a young mum my kids are 3 year and 1 year old.. I just got my quote from dr yily for

The price - fat grafting to buttock, BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist, breast augmentation with implant, breast lift is 4,700$USD. It also includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests ( TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA,
(EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical
assistants, etc).

But I am looking to add thigh lift and arm lift ect for a quoted 4400 extra. And have not been told how much for tummy tuck yet :S the reason I am getting everything is I don't want to fix my tummy and boobies then my thighs and arms drive me insane and I have seen some stories on here ith pictures and its like perfect from hips to boobs and there thighs and arms looked great before surgery but then after it draws soo much more attention.

my highest weight ever ( 9 months pregnant with second child - 185lbs ) I am currently 170 lbs would love to loose a few before the surgery but as I am tall I my ideal weight is 160 any less then becomes underweight

i used to weigh 155 before kids and played volleyball 4 years ago (state champ) but i guess i trained 2 hrs 7 times a week plus gym back then but oh how I miss that body it makes me want to cry thinking about it 6 pack perky double D's :'( now muffin top with saggy skin and deflated C/D

I'm writing this because it was hard trying to find other people that were doing their entire body which then made it hard to make up my mind so I am hoping my journey can help at least 1 person to make that jump to be the happiest they can be :)

Hey when do you plan on getting it done
goodluck girlie and she does some tremendous work!! i will be following yr journey!!

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! You might want to connect with Eternalsmiles, who is also going to Dr. Yily.

Please keep us posted!


Soo I have just got my second reply back (in less...

Soo I have just got my second reply back (in less then 3 days might I add!) from Dra. Hilario Durán

Hi girl!
Liposculpture TT, breast implant Us 6,000. If all is ok i can do labioplastia and It is us1,000 more

Dra. Hilario Durán

It more expensive with less then dr yily the reason why I'm leaning more to dr Duran regardless of the extra cost is because

1. Dr yily takes weeks to reply back which concerns me and if its hard to contact her to try and give her money how hard will it be if something went wrong! Most of us a mums 5 min for a reply is already a waste of our time waiting!

2. The fact she gets so many emails requesting quotes per day (75 as to what she told me and other girls) it would be easy over time to try and squeeze an extra procedure or cut corners to keep everyone interested in her remaining interested by being able to see everyone :S

3. Dr Duran is responsive and it wouldn't be months and months of waiting for ts procedure I'm looking to get married around September I need time to recover and I refuse to get married with this body my partner fell in love with me with an amazing body and even tho it was his "special fluid" that ended up ruining that body and he says he loves me no matter what and my body isn't even that bad blah blah blah.. he shouldn't have to be tied to this body with ohotographic evidence :(

Thank you for your supportive replies it means a lot that I already have a mini support group :) in response to your questions (from what I can remember lol) I'm looking to get this done in a month or so I I did go to yily I would prob look to June before my birthday..
Gurl, you getting it all Done... I don't blame you! I want to get a Vaginaplasty in December.. I get my bbl on June 6th with Yily... Can't Wait... Hope to see you there... Once you make your decision on which doctor or if you can pm Angiemcc to replace or remove Yily from your chosen Doctor and she will update your blog with your doctor of choice.
Hey Pippy Im plannig to have the whole kit n kaboodle done too!! everything. I havent gotten my quote for the thigh lift yet... It doesnt matter... IM DOING IT ALL, if she will allow me. the first half you were quoted on but WITH the tummy tuck, I was quoted 5500. I then submitted request with price of thigh lift, forgot to as about the arms. But if my quote is the same, then I am all set!!.
Its so good seeing someone in the same boat! I have set a trend of getting all or nothing and now people a sharing it :) lol she said to me for thigh lift was 2700 US extra for thighs and I think either 2500 or 2400 for arm lift :S

I'm just starting this rant on a good...

I'm just starting this rant on a good note


Now to the rant

I am stressed with so much going on I feel asif my surgery is being pushed further and further away :(

So before today I was

Looking for work
Studying full time
Cleaning a household (that my in laws live in btw)
Planning our wedding ( August this year and only just started planning !!! )
Getting our house blue prints sorted and contracted
And figuring what and where my surgery will be
Dealing with lawyers to close a 3rd party car accident claim

It's like a constant head ache and yes people do more in their lives ect

I am so tired of my family saying oh just exercise or eat healthier it's like F*CK OFF SERIOUSLY! I walk daily eat less and cut out saturated fats and processed carbs.. They even go as far to say its all just fat and will be fine if I loose weight! And I lift my shirt up ly on my back and grab the skin and they are like oh well maybe you do need a tummy tuck cause you can see your natural body size but that layer of skin really makes you look bigger..

I'm just so tired of being talked to as if I'm selfish and like it can go on better things

My family say your body isn't important but a wedding is

And then my partners family say a big wedding isn't important but surgery makes you feel better so would be more worth iras the wedding reception is more for everyone else

I'm just soo blahh right now
It does thanks so much that's a great price
what was the price you were quoted? I want to get lipo on my upper arms, chin, inner thighs, back, stomach and hips. I also want a bbl. My fiance said I should have the breast lift. We are getting married next April. Hoping to get in to Dr. De Los Santos before my birthday in October.
Quoted:4800 for bbl, thighs, chin, arms,bbl, ba,bl Hope that helps...

No longer going to the Dominican Republic, going...

No longer going to the Dominican Republic, going to Thailand! Just got my date booked and my quote due by dr thep $7600 for EVERYTHING written bellow I think I'm inlove!

Liposuction to my arm and Arm Lift=35000 bahts
Liposuction to my Thigh and Thigh Lift=35000 bahts
Liposuction to chin / neck=25000 bahts
Liposuction to waist, abdomin, hips and back=25000 bahts
Full Tummy Tuck=50000 bahts
Breast Implants roughly 475-550CC silicone =45000
Liaboplasty (inner and outer)= 15000 bahts
Tubal Litigation (tubes tied)=5000 bahts

doctor thep

How i found dr thep was my partners aunts got her breasts done there (his Thai) and its perfect as I have a free translator haha
are you getting that all done at the same time?
Great! I wanna Go... Thailand had excellent work for very cheap... They have the best sex reassignment surgeons in the world...And seamstress to die for... Make sure you don't take to many clothes get them made there... I plan on going for vacation next year for a month... keep us informed... I just PM you.
Thanks :) feels good to have people in the same bloody boat for once! Lol
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