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I am a 33 yr old mother of 3, youngest being 2 yrs...

I am a 33 yr old mother of 3, youngest being 2 yrs old all born via c-section. Ive been considering a yummy tuck for a new of years now, but there was always a reason why I couldn't do it, ontil now.

I have spent countless hours on this site looking at reviews, photos which have convinced me that i need a complete package, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift w/ Implants and Lipo. I have decided on going to the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery because of its close proximity and cost of procedures.

I have contacted a few Surgeons in the DR and got quotes along with my questions answers. After much searching I have decided to go with Dr. Fatima Almonte of CECIP. I was fortunate enough to have a consultoon with her while on vacation in Santa Domingo a few weeks ago. She was extremely professional and beautiful I must add, she examined me and made recommendations as to what procedures were best for me along with healthy ways I can lose weight before surgery.

I will be sending my deposit tomorrow in order to confirm my surgery date Jan 8th. The attached photos are from my email consultations have lost a few lbs since, hope to lose more weight to ensure maximum results.

Will keep you posted as I prepare for my big day.

Count down

I am getting anxious and a bit nervous. I leave for the DR this coming Sunday, and my surgery is scheduled for Tuesday January 7th.
I am scheduled for a tummy tuck, lipo and still thinking about bbl.
I will be staying at Virginia Recovery House, will be sharing a room with my surgery buddy.

Best Wishes to everyone for 2014!

I made it to the flat side!

Just a quick update, I arrived in Santos Domingo on Sunday picked up by my driver Neper and stayed at Virginia Recovery Home.

Neper, Jalisa and Virginia were very welcoming made me feel like I was visiting family.

Monday I had to go to hospital for blood work, xray and ekg, the wait was long due to Monday being a holiday. we left the hospital and went to the Mall for a leisurely stroll and late lunch. we hand to return to the hospital at 6pm to be admitted.
Dr Almonte came in later in the evening to mark me up and to let me know that I could only do the rummy tuck and lipo to lateral side due to my hemoglobin being 12.1, after loping all those vitamins like they were skittles. guess I'll be back to finish up my transformation.

My surgery was at 5:45 this morning I got dressed, took my blue pill and went next door to my buddies room were we said our prayers before we were both wheeled out. I remembered sitting on the operating talk while that installed my iv and than waking op asking when will the start. I missed the whole


thing. Dr. Almonte is a darling and very professional and Lesley is so helpful and caring. She came in my room and showed me her work. for the first time in 12 years I can see my tutu.

I did it!

will keep you op date on my recovery.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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honey how are you_??
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hello just was checking to see how you are recovering. i know its takes some getting use everybody wanting to see the new you & results!! keep us posted pray all is well
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Hey, how are you feeling. Just wanted to check on you and wish you a happy speedy recovery. Good luck and keep us posted.
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Good Luck with the healing process. Wishing you all the best
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Wish you fast recovery!!!
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I'm glad you're on the other side! Thanks for your updates. Are you in a recovery house?
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Yes, I'm staying at Virginia's Recovery Home. They are very caring and patient with you.
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how many mg of iron werr you taking?
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Your hemoglobin should be 13 or higher, so I couldn't have the back lipo or bbl. But she did remove 5 litres of far from sides.
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Thank you. Is there hemoglobin and ours run on the same system? If it's 13.5 in the states is it 13.5 there too?
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By any chance how high does the hemoglobin have to be to get TT BBL and BA
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I am glad you had a safe surgery.
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happy you made it safe xoxo
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Good luck , prayers
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Hi I'm going to have surgery with Fatima in January 13th I might see you there lol
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Keep us posted. Will be Robles Barbies I love her Tummy as much picture I love her tummy i think she do the best tummy in DR
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You are going to love the clinic Cecilip , I had my mommy makeover in September with Dr Jesus Abreu. The clinic and its staff is amazing. I felt like a celebrity there. Good luck on your journey !
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