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So I have decided after many years I will be...

So I have decided after many years I will be having surgery with Dr Robles. I love her work and I think she will be able to meet my need at a fraction of the cost of my local
Surgeons. I will be getting a tummy tuck lipo and breast augmentation. I'm really excited and nervous at the same time I'm glad I found real self the reviews helped me out more than anyone could know. So I decided to document my journey in hope of helping some one out..
When I tell people about my plan for surgery I was overwhelmed by hateful comment my closet friends telling me I was lazy and should just work out. My mom not understanding my choice to leave the country. Because to them I don't need surgery I the ideal size...wrong I get to see the truth the NAKED TRUTH I'm deff in need of work I'm can not lead a normal life constantly feeling like This. I'm posted some before pics and posting pics took a lot out of me because I am so insecure I hate my body and I'm so ready for a change.

It's offical

My surgury date is set for May 12,2014 but she wants me to fly in on the 11 th. Now I have to start the process of getting my plane ticket and passport since this is my first time leaving the country . I have to make sure the airline I choose has wheel chair service because I'm sure I will need it on my way home... The Doctors assistant Laura has also provided me with a list of things to bring.. I'm going to start buying now.. She has also instructed me to start Taking
300 mg iron twice a day
5 mg frolic acid
Complex b once a day
Vitamins c once a day
Also, stop taking aspirin or aspirin related compounds, and vitamin E and Vitamin A as well. I am to start this at least a month before I go but I am going to just start now...
I so excited and I'm glad to be starting this journey after thinking about it for so long my son will be 6 soon...So 6 years of wishing I'm happy it's here 3 months to go..
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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