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Need to Get in Touch with Duran -Dominican Republic, DO

Hello Dolls! I'm excited to start my journey to my...

Hello Dolls!
I'm excited to start my journey to my pre baby body ;-) I'm a proud mother of a 10 month old and currently 5 months pregnant. I'm stuck in between Yily and Duran but veering more towards Duran but I still have not heard back from her :-( any suggestions?? Still waiting for consultation from Duran. I have received a consult from Yily and she quoted me $4600 for the following (taken from actual response from Yily)
''Quote Total: $4,650.00 USD
The above quote total includes the following procedures:

1. Tummy Tuck

2. Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist

3. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to the buttock''

I changed my mind about the BBL and arm pit lipo I want boobs instead. I think I'd be happier being able to sit on my butt post op and can get a nice bubble from back squatting ;-)
The price above is a wish price. I'm hoping it will be between $5000-$5500

Still waiting...

I emailed Duran about a month ago in Spanish and in English then downloaded Whatsapp and messaged her in English and in Spanish. Still no reply! Becoming irritated! I don't want to pay to make that call but I may just have to. Don't know what to do...ladies??

Don't want to be a stalker but...

Would hate to stalk Duran but she doesn't respond to emails... I notice she responds to those who are traveling within a few months. I have to plan well in advance because I only have two breaks a year with my job :-( and one is too short for sx... I'm going to pick up a calling card and securing my spot. My sisters also want to get some work done and will travel with me . Will be more excited once I contact her!

Trying to reach Duran STILL

So I'm seven months pregnant and looking to get Lipo only done post baby. I'm pregnant with another girl and hope to try for a boy one day God willing . I've tried to get in touch with Duran but I have had the worst luck! Facebook Instagram email nothing works . I don't speak Spanish so I don't think calling would work. :( I'm becoming a little frustrated.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Still trying to get in touch with her to get a consult. She does great work and I hear she's very sweet which I will NEED during a process like this. I am interested in a mommy makeover. Mini tummy tuck lipo of abs,flanks, waist, full back with Brest lift and argumentation. That price above is a wish price!

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Hei Barbie congratulation on your baby and on your decision to get your sexy body back. Have patience. I know is frustrating but you'll be happy soon. I do support your decision to switch from BBL to breast bcoz TT and BBL is hurting like hell. You can get your booty latter. TT will be only the beginning. You have a nice body to begin with. I can totally see you soon looking like a Barbie. Again, have patience. I will be here to encourage you.:-]
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Thanks that's so sweet ! You all are so encouraging and sweet:-) your dr really hooked you up! You look awesome ! My hubby told me not to touch my butt. When I do squats I tend to get a nice one back there ... I just need to do it . I really have my mind set on Duran because she does low scars like you have ...a low scar is a MUST. I like low rise like you do. How much did your Dr charge?
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And Dr. Australia Baez.
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Congrats on your pregnancy. Look up Cynthia Disla as well.
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I have to do some research on them but I will look into it thanks!
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Hello girl, get a calling card so you can speak to her... If you have anymore questions you can always turn to the card.. Before you buy the calling card ask which will be the best card to call Santo Domingo.. Good luck
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Ok will do thanks!
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You look amazing BTW!!!
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Your pre-baby body is amazing! I use to be able to see my hip bones too, but hated it, now I only wish...
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Thank you! Just hoping after all is done I get a even better body! ;-)
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It takes her longer to answer you if you don't send the message in Spanish. You can use Google translate...
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I sent her a message in Soanish yesterday *fingers crossed
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Welcome to the community, I love your wish list, it's great to have goals set. When I want to loose weight, I will post a photo of a fit girl on my fridge so when I go to snack, it reminds me...hmmmm do I really need this, am I hungry :) 

So excited for you to start your journey! Keep us posted! 

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