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Hello RS!!! Well, I've been struggling with the...

Hello RS!!! Well, I've been struggling with the decision whether or not to go to the DR to have my sugery done by Dra. Robles. So far so good! Response is very quickly and I am pleased with that. I orignally wanted a TT w/lipo, bbl (not full because I already have a big butt), lipo in (arms, back, inner thighs). I'm working out and have lost some weight. So, I don't think that I will need the bbl by that time. I am 5'4'' and my starting weight was 184lbs. I'm in the military and I really need this tummy tuck. I plan on staying until my drains come out. Can you guys please help me with telling me your experiences? What did you bring? How was your recovery? How great is Dra. Robles? Did any of you catch an infection? How do you like her boob job? What recovery house do you recommend? I will update as much as I can. I will be very informative when I go!!! Thank you all! Also, I am uploading pictures and I have toned/lost weight since these pics. I will post results in 2weeks.


I will be following ur journey
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Thank you, doll!
She usually gives u a list of what u need ti bring.check out ladibug review shes a year post op Robles pt
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My before pics????

I don't know about a bbl. I wanted one because of my cellulite. I am in the process of losing 30lbs. I will update often.

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More before pics

Sorry about the mirror, I'm visiting a friend.


Good luck I will be following your journey
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Thank you!
Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! Will you be getting breast work done as well?
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Tummy Tuck with Lipo

I've decided not to get the bbl. I am going to get the tummy tuck with lipo in the back, arms inner/outer thighs. I'm waiting on my quote now!

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My business has helped my body, tt still needed.


Kgally i leave the 7th, where r u leaving from
Makemebetter03 from Houston. I arrive at Dominican Republic at 1:00 staying at queens recovery
Happy healings! I pray that your trip is safe and your surgery goes as planned!

Changed Doctor

Hey!!!!! Sorry I've been so busy! I just wanted to let you beautiful people know that I changed doctors! I'm going with Tania Medina! Let me know what you think of her!

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Wish pics

I posted my wish pics under changed doctors! Sorry


Hi, I just wanted to say that I had tummy tuck, back lipo and bbl with DR. Medina 3 months ago. I had an amazing experience. One of the most important things for a great recovery and healing well the lymphatic drainage and making sure u are healthy and have a good hemoglobin level. I will be returning in January for breast reduction. As far as not seeing before and after pictures for DR. Medina I'd like to say that they are there but through the realself website I did find it hard to find myself. U should look up her website and see the amazing work. Also wanted to comment from personal experience that while I was waiting to see DR. Medina for a post op visit I ran into 2 girls who had lipo and bbl with DR. Robles and they were so swollen after 2 weeks and still had their drains. That's not good. Also they were told that they had to go home with those drains because they were both so full of fluid. I'm not saying that's not possible or that crap don't happen with other doctors, but just telling my personal experience. Those two ladies were there for consultation for future surgery and second opinion.
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I will be following your journey.
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I got a quote from Medina but there's not many reviews...I just joined a FB group for Medina but I haven't seen any before pics and all the pics I have seen is with clothes on so that's NOT HELPFUL at all..SHOOT I LOOK AWESOME with CLOTHES on too :-)
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