Not sure when but I will get it done by beginning of next year

I've decided to go through with going to DR for my...

I've decided to go through with going to DR for my surgery after speaking to DR. Robles assistant Laura, I feel at ease again. If anyone is looking for a buddy for late June let me know because I'm going alone. I started a review already but decided to start a new one because I was so confused on whether I should stay in the states or going to DR. I really don't want to finance and I already have enough money saved for the surgery if I have it in DR. I really love Dr. Robles results I have seen on here, I only seen one negative result when it came to this doctor. I like how professional her staff have been with answering all my questions promptly. So Dr. Robles is who I am going with I'm still scared of the whole procedure but I know everything will be OK I have faith in God.

Bought my plane ticket. I'm still looking for a...

Bought my plane ticket. I'm still looking for a buddy going to Dr. Robles in DR. i I I arrive @1128 on the 17th.

Thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf! I hope you're able to find a travel buddy soon. Two things you might do:

1. Start a discussion in the mommy makeover forum asking for a surgery buddy

2. Add photos to your review as photos definitely improve engagement in your review

Hope these suggestions help!


Did anyone get vaccinated before going to DR?......

Did anyone get vaccinated before going to DR?... I'm going to get hep A and B next week.
Good luck to you!!! Check the real self calendar and tummy tuck side. I always see her name there. I love her results! I wish she were in the states. If my kids weren't so young, I possibly would consider going to her. I hear good things about her. If you can, request the Virginia recovery house. People have good things to say about Virginia.
Thank you Honeydoo72, I have requested Virginia House and Laura said she will try to get me in.
Good luck with everything...

I'm so scared about going to D.R. for this surgery...

I'm so scared about going to D.R. for this surgery second world country scared of getting infection and drinking the water. So many reviews of doctors not using gloves that's so gross... I hope I made the right decision. On top of that I'm starting to think the people on here are fake not real people that really been to D.R. for surgery... I'm gonna try to stay positive I have two little boys that need me I don't need to attract bad energy my way. Hope someone who's been to her can comment so I can start thinking positive again.
I have the same fears as you!! I was dead set on going to DR but now I've been re-thinking it and not sure anymore. I keep going back and forth with the "what if"? From what I can see, she does amazing work. I'm sending you lots of luck! I'll be watching your journey anxiously.
Yes soon2be, I keep going back and forth but I already bought my flight and I'm not losing my money now. I'm not looking back just hoping everything goes well for me while I'm over there. Thanks for the luck wish you luck in your decisions as well.

Making my list of supplies I need to bring to DR....

Making my list of supplies I need to bring to DR. I'm still looking for someone who's going around the same time to Dr. Robles. My surgery seems so far away but it's closer than I think it is. I'm excited and scared at the same time I really can not wait until it's done and over with. I'm on this site day and night looking at pics and reading stories all the time now. Good and bad stories just trying to prepare myself for my journey after surgery. I will start buying my supplies the end of this month and go to my pcp for my surgery clearance the beginning of May. I have no support from my family and friends the ones that know think I'm crazy maybe cause they never seen me naked. I'm going to get my surgey done cause I'm tired of not liking my body and always in fear of undressing in front of anyone. I'm so tired of not being able to wear certain shirts cause my stomach might be seen I just want to feel young not 60. I'm just so ready to feel my age with my clothes off and not be timid in bed cause of my breast falling into my arm pits when I lay down and my tummy being all over the place and wrinkled. I just don't feel sexy with my clothes off. I hope this surgery bring my sexy back that I lost a long time ago.

Exactly two months away from my surgery day I'm...

Exactly two months away from my surgery day I'm excited. I'm so happy this is really going to happen. Now it's time to get some of my supplies and get mentally ready for it.

I just did my measurements 34 30 39 I'm like a box...

I just did my measurements 34 30 39 I'm like a box shape right now I cant wait to have my surgery.
I had surgery with Dr. Robles 3 weeks ago today. Don't regret it one bit. So happy with the results. I just highly suggest you bring someone to stay with you for at least the first few days and request a stay at Virginia's recovery house. I stood there and was treated wonderfully. Don't be afraid. Just prepare for the recovery. Its hard the first 1 week. Bring extra cash in case you need extra medicine or want to do the oxygen therapy which helped with the recovery. Good Luck!
Thanks P.R. Mom... I'm going alone but i'm staying at Virginia recovery house hopefully with my translate app I won't have a bad stay at the clinic.
During my recovery i stay on great experiences!

I found some of my old summer dresses I can wear...

I found some of my old summer dresses I can wear for this surgery trip. Packing 4, 4 grandma night gowns with pockets, Tank tops 3, t-shirts 3. So far that's all I packed. Got to get granny panties and travel size toiletries. Some snacks just in case I can't eat the food. hand sanitizer, small Lysol spray, chucks for the bed at the recovery house. Bacitiracin, rose mosqueta oil, gauze, surgical tape, flip flops and slippers. Oh I forgot anti-embolism socks. Anything else ladies please help me out.
Hi i'm going to DR on june 13th. I'm also going alone. i think i'm more excited then afraid. Good Luck!!!

I'm no longer getting my breast done in D.R. I...

I'm no longer getting my breast done in D.R. I rather get it done in the U.S. and know exactly what kind of implant I'm getting. I don't want to put any type of foreign silicon implant inside of my body just my preference. Well one more month until i make it to the flat side.
I went to DR and decided to have a consultation with Dr. Yilys her implants are approved by the FDA.
Who's your surgeon?
Thank you finallydoingme 2013... Good luck to you as well... I'm excited and afraid at the same time it's a weird feeling.

Didn't go

I decided not to go after all.... I'm just gonna save up and get it done here in the U.S.
I went thru the same feelings... I eventually decided to stay in the states as well. I know some woman have had great work don in the DR, but when I found out that Docs here dont want to touch you if youve got to DR I decided to stay here. I mean cmon, there are so many things that could go wrong no matter where you go but I like the peace of mind knowing that my PS is much closer. You have to trust your instincts and have faith in your decision. Good luck, You didnt mention what area you are from but maybe look at the outlying areas as well. I am driving to a different city, 2.5 hrs away but if your willing to go all the way to the DR, you have plenty of options. Just make sure you are confident in your decision and that should ease your mind. I am super excited for my own even though its not till October, not nervous at all. Keep us posted and good luck :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Not going to this Doctor I'm getting it done in the U.S.

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