leaving for D.R in 3 days!!!

Hello ladies im a mom of three beautiful babies...

Hello ladies im a mom of three beautiful babies 8,6,and soon to be 5 and im 29 ive been with my husband a little over 11 years im trully blessed :) my body however is a different story i have always told my husband after our 1st child when we are done having children im getting my stomach done.Ive completly let myself go im 4.11" and currently weigh 183 and thats after just starting my diet and losing 5lbs yikes! anywho to be completly honest with you ive never had a great body ive always looked to food for comfort i was molested when i was younger so i never wanted to be to be attractive because i just felt like it would make it worse But now not only for me but for my children and hubby i want to take care of myself and feel good about myself im ready to live feeling good. Ive been looking alot into this site or obsessed with this site should i say lol and i really want to go to DR to Dr.Robles ive been to DR once before because i have family there but never alone so im so nervous! i havent sent my pics for my quote yet but i will be doing it real soon and will keep you all updated :) oh also i would like to go end of april begining of may

Did my wiegh in today and ive lost a total of 10...

did my wiegh in today and ive lost a total of 10 pounds in one week im super excited and very motivated!

So todays 1/2 off wednesday at salvation army...

so todays 1/2 off wednesday at salvation army thrift store and i was able to buy 6 zip up nightgowns and one thermal robe in case i get chilli all for $16 they are gonna get ruined so i refuse to invest money in new ones lol once i wash them they will be good as new =) oh also i will go to walmart tommorow and get a new sd card because there is def something wrong with the one i have because it wont let me scan the pics off of it

Well I've lost 3 lbs this week and I got an email...

Well I've lost 3 lbs this week and I got an email from Laura with a quote although its just an estimate and doesnt include my boobs she says I have to choose butt or boobs because Dr.Robles wont do both so I wrote her I'd rather the boobs so im waiting for her to write me back hopefully I will get an email sometime tommorow. My dad is freaking out about me going to DR alone he was ok with it at first but when he realized I was going to the city and not santiago which is where our family is he went in panic mode. I have my mind pretty made up that Im going with Dr.Robles but I will entertain his request on looking into the Dr. in santiago that my cousin went with.

Yay I finally recieved my quote today! I will and...

Yay I finally recieved my quote today! I will and be paying 6200 and I will be having lipo to the waist, tummy tuck, breast lift and implants. I plan on going the last week of April and I could hardly wait Im so excited and nervous at the same time. Laura said next step now is to do my CBC test and send her the results so I will let you know how that turns out. *fingers crossed

So i went to lab corp today to try and get my cbc...

so i went to lab corp today to try and get my cbc test done and they tried to tell me i needed a doctors order so after calling a few places that all told me the same thing a really nice lady took the time to tell me i can order one online she didnt know the site i can do it through but i found it so for anyone else that goes through this ill save you the trouble just go through healthtestsdirect.com and you can buy and print the order there its an order and also gives you a dicount on getting the test done. the lab was closed by the time i found the info so i will go on monday to get the test done. i did try to call laura but she told me shes never had this problem no ones ever told her that and the doctors order will not be good in th US. like i said writting this just in case anyone else has the same issue. all together the test and order only cost me 31.00.

Did my wiegh in today and im down to 174 which...

did my wiegh in today and im down to 174 which means im down 14 lbs ill take that =) id love to get down to at least 140 even though thats not my ideal wieght for my hieght id like to get at least that low for my surgery but i will not stress the wieght loss because i want to keep focused and not get discouraged.

So i took my cbc test tuesday got my results...

so i took my cbc test tuesday got my results wednesday and as soon as i got them i sent the results to Laura via email she just emailed me back and said my results are great and she sent them to Dr.Robles for review and she will get back with me. Im so excited i get so antsy waiting for the emails from laura im ready to book my flight and lock things down i cant wait for the new me!!

Ok pretty ladies its offical!!!!! I just got the...

Ok pretty ladies its offical!!!!! I just got the green light from Laura and I booked my flight I will be getting my surgery on April 25! Im super excited and cant wait for it to be done with! If anyone is going around the same time let me know =)

Its wiegh in day and im still at 174 which is fine...

its wiegh in day and im still at 174 which is fine because id rather stay the same this week then go up lol . i booked my flight so its official ill be leaving april 24th and having my surgery the 25th. the flights not that long but the layover sucks so all together it will take 9 hours to get there. my flight was 530.00 and i just bought a small suitcase off ebay for 30.00 should be big enough.(i hope) i had a really great weekend and look foward to a fabulous week =)

So ive done my wiegh in today and im down to 167...

so ive done my wiegh in today and im down to 167 so -21 lbs been obsessed with looking at everyones profiles and updates just waiting for my day but profiles seems slow till march i guess thats the month to go lol i sometimes have crazy dreams about my surgery but i think thats just my nerves im really not nervous yet just excited i dont know why my dreams are wacky maybe i just dont wanna admit im nervous i dont know my husband has been absolutly amazing going way out of his way to show me how much he loves me i think hes scared but doesnt want to tell me because he doesnt want to worry me but i mean if tables were turned i guess i wouldnt want to worry him with my worries either hes so supportive hes .... ughh theres no words to describe him really hes the best! does anyone else have crazy dreams about thier upcoming surgery?

Well im down to 162 still trying to get as wieght...

well im down to 162 still trying to get as wieght off as i can. time is getting very close so ive just been focusing on my diet and getting things together little by little and really trying not to spend money since i will be out for six weeks. i wrote to laura about getting virginias recovery house since alot is being said about the other recovery house dr. robles also uses so im waiting on confirmation from laura who said she put the request in. im so thankful for this site and especially the girls that are real raw and telling thier journey how it really is and not sugar coating . it gets me even more prepared for my journey and gives me an idea of what to expect. time is flying and im so ready to start the healing process and see the light at the end of that tunnel =)

Ok so my wiegh in today was 157 only 2 weeks and 3...

ok so my wiegh in today was 157 only 2 weeks and 3 days left before i leave a little dissapointed in how slow i lost my wieght but greatful that i lost some wieght. as far a being ready emotionally i def have that checked off my list im not afrais just really excited. i have all the things i need for DR and im ready to go i still however need a few more packs of gauze and stuff for when i come home and i still need to get my brothers recliner and set up shop i will probably wait till a few days before i leave though. well thats all for now.

I cant believe the day is almost here!!! only...

i cant believe the day is almost here!!! only three days left before im on that plane im crazy excited for this. im just ready to get this over with so i can call my hubby and let him know im ok! its going to be hard to be out there with no one by my side but i know i will have lots of loved ones by my side when i get home. the hardest thing for me is going to be 12 days without my hubby and kids this will be the longest i have ever been away from them =( i hope time goes really fast sometimes when i think of how close everything is and what im bout to do my heart feels like its going to beat out of my chest and and i need to take really deep breaths in order to catch my breath im not really scared just nervous i know Dr.Robles is an excellent doctor and im in good hands i trust the reviews in all these girls that were nice enough to share them especially the ones that shared it in great detail thank you for that ladies =) just did my wiegh in im at 151 so 37 lbs lost since jan. im happy with that i will post a pic of my wieght now soon since the other one i have up is from jan before the wieght loss thats all for now let the count down begin!!!!!!!

Just a little update missed my flight this morn...

Just a little update missed my flight this morn because security stopped me to check my bag but everthing was good it still held me up enough to miss my flight I am now going to get there 5 hours after I was suppose to and it will prob be dark scary ughh!! Anywho my surgery is tommorow and I am hella excited rwally can't wait I'm ready to be home with my babies I will post when I can...

Well ladies im alive i made it through! thank you...

well ladies im alive i made it through! thank you jesus! i am 4 days post op today and each day gets better i felt absoluly fine till yesterday i was sick all day but didnt throw up just felt like i was going to but today i woke up and everything is good again virginia is the bomb definitly try to stay at her recovery house because no one i mean no one is better then her i absolutly adore her and will definitly miss her i cant say enough about her she is amazing! the other girls here are really nice funny as hell everyone is so supportive of eachother. now on to the pain the most pain i have is when i stand for to long then my back is killing me! when i went through the surgery i did wake up but it was nothing scary i promise i fell right back to sleep. dr.robles and laura is really nice and they really do take alot of time to talk with you and make sure of what you want. i did have to get 2 iron shots after surgery which were 40 for both but that is the only extra so far. when i first got off the p[lane im not gonna lie i did panick a little because wilson was not there i finally found him outside the exit doors all the way at the end i wasnt expecting to get that far with cash on me alone i was already a nervous wreck holding it through 3 airports. i havent got to really see my self yet but i have an appt with robles tommorow so i think ill finally get to see myself then i do know when i tried to look down when she looked at my tuck that the beauty mark i once had under neath my boob is now in the middle of my belly so thats good oh also be really careful because if you lay too flat u will pull a stitch i thought i wasnt too flat because one of the ladies there put my to lay cause i was dizzy and i needed to be restitched. i will pobably update again sometime when i get home just wanted you all to know im ok =)


Finally getting around to putt

new pics

Cant wait for everything to heal and swelling to go down


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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How are you doing? its going on 1yr for you!!!
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please please PLEASE Update us on your progress!!! Im sure you look even more fabulous then you did back then. I will be going to ROBLES IN APRIL !!! I would love to see your results.
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Your story sounds so similar to mine, I was also molested as a child. Thanks for your inspirational story! I am going to Dr. Robles in April of next year, and I was wondering how you managed to lose so much weight? I never know what to do, and Dr. Roble's assistant told me to lose 10-20 pounds in order to have the best results. You look great by the way!
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Gorgeous! Congrats :0)
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thanks boo!
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Congratulations!!! You look good. What size implants did you get? Thank you for the salvation army tip. As many nice items that I take there, I am sure I can luck up on a few zip up gowns.
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Lol thanks I went with 500cc robles and laura did try and get me to do 400 but I went there knowing I wanted to be a D cup which would be 500 she told me the 500 would hang lower because they are heavier but I was fine with that because they will look more any natural I love them and have no regrets there are too many times I've read or talked to woman who wish they would have went bigger so I'm glad I stuck with my guns even though I definitly repect and value the oppinion of dr. Robles she's an excellent dr!
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Momo3, how r u feeling now? I wanted to agree on your comment about going with a larger implant. Because I went to Robles last year and decided to be conservative by going with 350cc with fear that the 400 would be to big and let me tell u that even though my boobies look so natural and perky , I'm just not happy with the size . Which is y I am going back to her , to get them larger. What bra cup size r u now?
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You look great! Congratulations!
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Thanks mama how's everything with you?
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Do you have any updates/after pics for us?

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Really interested in Dra. Robles... Cant wait to see the new you! Keep u s updated :-)
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Good to hear from you. Glad everything went well. Try to rest as much as possible and definitely no more straighten. I wish you a speedy recovery. Can't wait to see your results.
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Best of luck to you!
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Good luck to you, keep us posted!
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Good luck! Keep us posted on RS so we know everything is well...
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Good luck!! I can't wait to hear how it goes and see your after pics.
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Good luck, and congratulations on the weight loss! It isn't easy.
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Good luck to u lady. This is our week, i cant wait to go myself
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i know girl im so excited for us both see you there !!!
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On my way girl see you here!
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Mo where r u staying? N what's ur real name???
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Ok lady... my name is angie just so u know who i am lol
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Best of luck to you!
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