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Hi everyone! I'm not new to realself but im...

Hi everyone! I'm not new to realself but im finally going to be able to get my procedures so i decided its time to start my review. Ok so I am a30 almost 31 yr old mother of two deperately in needof some work lol. Being a mother is a true blessing and gift! Now with that said pregnancy however was NOT kind to my body. A little background, durring my first pregnancy i gained 70pounds and breast fed, and during my second pregnancy i gained 50pounds and also breast fed. This flucuation in weight has left my belly littered with stretch mark and LOTS of loose flabby skin. As for my breast, i never really ever had much tobegin with ( a small b at best) are now nowlook like two deflated balloons hanging from my chest :( . I have tried to get this done in the past but financially something always comes up to prevent it from becomming reality. so now after a lot searching and checking out your reviews here, I have decided to go with Dr. Walkiris Robles in the Dominican Republic. From the pictures I have seen, She does beautiful work, and with her prices, I can finally make my dream a reality. I have requested a quote for tummy tuck and breast implants, and i recieved one yesterday for tummy tuck and lipo to waist and flanks but it didn't say anything about the breast implants. So I have emailed her assistant to clearify if they were included also or if she for got about them. I haven't heard back yet, but hopefully i will soon. Im so anxious to start my journey!!

when are you going? I just got my quote today...I would love to have a buddy! I am lookn at July or Aug (just got a promotion)....

Ok, so I recieved an email from Laura, Dr. Robles...

Ok, so I recieved an email from Laura, Dr. Robles assistant, with my final quote. My quote was 5800.00 for tummy tuck, breast implants and lipo to waistand flanks. Im very pleased with my quote and can't wait to go!!!. I did ask Laura also how to go about scheduling and I guess i have to purchase my tickets and send a copy to her to book. Also Dr. Robles has requested i get medical clearance from my cardiologist with an echocardiogram prior to scheduling. Ok so the reasoning for that is because 10 years ago I had to have open heart surgery to remove a non cancerous tumor from my heart. I am currently healthy and have not any issues since so I don't see why there should be any issues, however I do have to admit I am quite anxious to get taht medical clearance so I can e on my way! My appt with the cardiologist is on the 21st of this month so hopefully all goes well! I'll update then to let you know.
Hey Diva choose a very skilled Doctor

Very exciting! Please let us know how your appointment goes with your cardiologist. Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf!

Thanks for the welcome! I will definatly update once i have seen my cardiologist. wish me luck!!

OK sorry it's been so long since my last post....

OK sorry it's been so long since my last post. Unfortunately my husband lost his job so we have been dealing with all the stress that goes along with that. However he had a promising interview today. (Fingers crossed!) Now as for me I had my echo and eight with the cardiologist and everything was normal! So I have emailed copies to Laura. I will be going to apply for a passport this week and then will purchase my tickets. I'm planning on going in mid July,and would love to know if anyone else is also going at that time. Anyway that's about all for now but I'll update again soon.
I'm in Dade city lol! Yes I'm very nervous! I have a consult in Wesley Chapel Wednesday.  I'm an OR nurse and have been considering this for a long time. You can find bad surgeons and get infections here in the states too. But I just talked to a CRNA who said their anesthesia practices are like 6 years old! Very scary....I'm really thinking of staying here now :/
Oh I am looking to go in July or Sept...
sorry to hear about your hubby!

Hi ladies Happy Valentine's Day! So I just...

Hi ladies Happy Valentine's Day! So I just emailed Laura to book my flight for July 8, 2013. I'm not sure how many days I have to stay so I also asked Laura when I should schedule My flight back home. I originally wanted to go earlier but I just found out my sister will be traveling with me! I'm so happy because I honestly was pretty terrified of going alone. So I am now ready to start packing things and purchasing things for my trip. If any of you ladies who have already gone could please give me a list of. Must haves I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance for any advice you have to offer. Thats about all for now but I'll update soon!

OK so my flight is booked! I will be in the DR...

OK so my flight is booked! I will be in the DR from July 8th to 12th. Wow it's official now, I'm so excited. It's still 5 months away so it doesn't quite feel real yet LOL... but on the bright side this gives me plenty of time to prepare, pack, follow the posts of all the other Team Robles! So ladies I have a few questions I was hoping you could help me with ....

1. Can we use US dollars while we are there or do I need exchange my money?

2. What do you ladies recommend that I make sure to pack besides the list of items Laura the assistant gave?

3. And finally how much extra money do you recommend for things over and above my quote?

Thank you so much in advance for you advice ladies! And I'll post again soon.
I'm. Suuuuper excited! Hope time goes by fast!
Sorry for the late response some how I missed your post :/ Anyway I didn't realize that about their anesthesia practices. I'll do some researching about it. I am nervous but still feel confident with my decision to go with Dr. Robles based on the great reviews on her here. The other thing I really liked is that she seems genuinely concerned for my health first as she made my go through a whole series of tests before she would agree to doing my procedures. I had to have open heart surgery 10 years ago, but all is well now and I received medical clearance from my cardiologist! But I understand being nervous it's a big decision!

Hi everyone! Haven't updated in a while. My...

Hi everyone! Haven't updated in a while. My surgery isn't until July 9th so I haven't had much going on. I have been faithfully taking all the vitamins recommended by Dr. Robles, eating clean and trying to get those stubborn 10 pounds off LOL. I just can't wait to have my surgery si I can look in the mirror without getting depressed. I have been follow the reviews of many women going to Dr. Robles and you all look amazing and that makes me excited for my day! However I must admit I am supper nervous. There have also been some not do good things reported by some women. I still feel confident that I'll get the results I want from Dr. Robles Im just afraid of the after care from nurses and recovery house. Also (and I recently had a nightmare about this) I am most afraid of waking during my surgery and feeling pain. Another RS member posted about this and it really freaks me out... :( For now everything is still a go for me. I have been taking note of all the supplies, clothing,etc that all of the ladies before me have recommended and getting my shopping list ready! OK Ladies happy healing to those who have already gone and good luck to those who are about to go!! I'll update again soon.
Thank you for sharing your story. I will also be going in July I'm schedules for the 16. How many days are you staying? Its good that your sister is going with you. I will also have someone with me. I was also a little worried when I read the stories. Its best to use pesos I feel like it stretches more. I believe you should bring a couple of hundred more you will have to buy another garment I believe cost between 100 - 120$ and also in case of any blood transfusion needed you never do know. I am excited to go and can't wait.
I will be arriving on July 8th with surgery on the 9th and then flying home on the 19th. I'm really exited too I have wanted this for soon long I can't wait! What are you having done?
You will be there when I come out there. I will be having TT, lipo, and BL done same as you only difference no implants. I have also wanted this for a while :)

Less than one month till Dr. Robles fixes this mess!! I cant wait.....

Its been a good while since my last update, but honestly I haven't had anything new to share. Just waiting anxiously! I did get my cbc done and my hemoglobin was slightly low 11.9. I was super stressed out about this and emailed Laura to see if I would still be able to have my procedures done. She told me I would have to wait for Dr. Robles to review my results. Fourtunately Dr. RObles says its fine but she has increased my iron and folic acid. I am hoping and praying that I can get my hemoglobin up. I will be devastated if I am unable to have both my tummy and boobies done. Has anyone else had issues with hemoglobin and getting there procedures done??

Anyway, on another note, I am super excited about going, less than a month to go !! I have allready started packing my suitcase ( OMG this is really happening!) Im not too nervous yet, I think it will hit me as i Kiss my husband goodbye to board the plane. At least I will have my sister to keep me company and give emotional support. Thank god for my sister and Husband thwy have been so supportive of my desicion and I don't know what i'd do without them. Unfortunately the rest of my family is not. In fact most to do not even know of my plans and will be suprised and most likely not very nice about it. not looking forward to that :( But I know that this is something I need to do for me for me to be happy . I just hope I can remeber that when negative comments and reactions come my way. Any suggestions on how to deal with this aspect of the journey would be greatly appreciated!

At the airport and on my way to Santo Domingo!

OK so I'm waiting to board the plane to Santo Domingo! So excited my time has finally come! I will update once I'm there
God Be with you!!! Hope to hear from you after your recovery
Thank you

today is the day!

OK ladies I am at the recovery house. (Slept here Last night) waiting for the diver to take me to the clinic for surgery. I met Laura yesterday she is very sweet also Virginia very sweet too. All in all everyone has made me feel very welcome. So wish me luck today is the big day! Said my prayers and ready to go!
A prayer goes out to you wishing you a safe and fast recovery.
Just said a prayer for you.

post op day 2

Well, I made it! I'm on the flat side. And I HAVE BOOBIES!!! Woohoo

Ian at Virginia's house now, just woke up to pee and can't sleep so thought I'd give an update. I'm doing surprisingly well now but yesterday WAS TOUGH! I thought I'd die on the ride over here. Any way, so far everyone has been so good to me I don't have any complaints about anybody. I did take some after pics while I was at the hospital so I will try to post. Getting tired again so I will update some more later. Also a huge thank you ladies for all of your prayers and well wishes!

new after pics!

You look amazing!!! Good for you... What did you all get? Do you know if she did a muscle repair with your TT?
Hi Sassy, Thank you! I got a full tummy tuck with muscle repair. She did very light liposuction to my sides. And also I got 500cc gel implants under the muscle. I am hoping the boobs go down a little I feel like they're huge!

everyday is a little better than the last

So here I am post op day 3 (I think) and I have to admit this recovery business is a bit tougher than I expected. I don't regret my decision now but on day one all I could think was what the hell did I do to myself! However every day is a little better than the last. Today I saw Dra. Robles for myfirst post open follow up and everything looks good and is healing nicely. It was the strangest thing to not be able to feel anything when she was changing my dressing. I knew my belly would be numb but its hard to imagine until you. experience it yourself. Overall I am very happy with my results thus far

sorry wasn't finished posting

And I can't say enough positive things about all the people I have met. For any women who are considering coming to Dra. Robles I would absolutely recommended it. My only suggestion would be to bring a companion if you are able. I brought my sister with me. Its really nice to see a familiar face when you're so far from home. If any one planning or thinking about commingle to Dr.Robles has any questions I would love to give honest feedback. As so many other women did the same for me
Hi you look awesome hope you are doing well. Can I ask how it worked out for u taking your sister? Was she allowed to stay at the recovery house with you?
Hi and thank you! I live my results dra. Robles is magic! Yes I was able to bring my sister to stay at the recovery house with me, but had to pay additional for her stay there. I think it's 50.00 per night and includes all meals as well. I'm glad I brought her. It was nice to have a familiar face .
you look wonderful! cpongrats on your new and improved you!
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