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Guess who got knocked up! -___-

Hi everyone, I'm new to the site. I am a 32...

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the site. I am a 32 year old mother of four who for a long time wanted a tummy tuck and a butt lift. My youngest is 7 months and I figure now is the time. Of course I'm a regular person and can't aford ten's of thousands of dollars to get this work done so I'm going to DR. I got a quote from Dr Robles who I found on this site from reading posts from you ladies. I haven't seen many pictures of her work so if you went to her and have pics please share. I am still looking around, does any one have any other recommendations? And what up with the post surgery pain management, tynenol is not going to cut it for me I definitely need help in this area. I'm posting some pic so you can see my body type, if you think your stomach is out of control wait until you see this its a monstaaar. I could never control this belly she is her own person, and I'm cutting her loose.


Thanks ladies I've been trying to do that. What are you guys getting done and when are you going? Good luck to you both I can't wait to see your after pics!
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Teetanna I am going around July 16 n I am having tt waist lipo inner thigh and bbl but instead of bbl I might change it for a breast lift.
Teetana I am also going to have my surgery with Dra Robles she quoted me 5,200.00. If u want to see more pictures of her work u just have to read all the profiles of the one thatt already have done their surgeries with her.
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Aiight so I say a vid on youtube on diastasis...

Aiight so I say a vid on youtube on diastasis recti and I had a real awaking. I knew I had the condition but didn't know the extent until I did the test and let me tell you I have a huge gap in between my abdominal muscles its about FIVE inches of open space sheesh. I put my had in the cavity and attempted to sit up and I could feel the my abdominal muscles close around my hand It was really weird o_0 I always wondered why nothing every worked and why my stomach was alway so big. I feel better now that I really know what my issue is and tummy tuck is the only solution. Heres the link try it out. http://youtu.be/uzIrt82maws


Thats what I want! minus the breast lift. Good luck to you.

Hey ladies, I decided to give myself more time...

Hey ladies,
I decided to give myself more time to lose some more weight at least 30lbs and to research some more. I got quotes from both Dr. Robles ,Dr. Yily and Dr. Bello. I am beyond excited but don't know which Dr is best for me yet. I also got a strong recomendation for Dr. Rubio from my hairdresser she's from DR and had work done with him, and for 50 something she looks damn good. And whats most important she says she trust him with her life.
My cousins husband, who is from DR, told me about Dr. Sesto he said Sesto did work on his cousin and did a great job on her. I looked both of them up. Dr. Sesto has been sued for malpractice so he's out, I got four kids and I not taking no risks with my life. Tell me what you think about this Dr It seems that ppl still trust him dispite the malpractice.
I've been on Dr Rubio's site and called him he recommended that I loose 50lbs! Idk seems like a tall order if I loose 50lbs I would be 138 I like the sound of that but, I haven't been 138 since I was 22. The weight loss thing is preplexing to me because Robles and Bello never even mentioned it Yily said she wants me to lose 20 lbs which is do-able compared to Rubios 50lbs. I know I have to lose weight if I want to look my best so I will.
My real question is have any of you heard of Dr Rubio and Sesto? What have you heard. There's one review of Dr Rubio on this site and only one. Please help. What have ya'll done to research your Drs' credentials and where would you go to find out if they have any malpractice?


Dr. Lopez's website is www.drlopezcollado.com
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I am having surgery on 2/15 in DR with Dr. Carlos Lopez Collado. Several of my girlfriends have been to him and he does great wrok. He has a very state of the art office and has answered all of my questions. I am getting a full tummy tuck, lipo on my flanks, lipo on my inner thigh and if my blood count is okay to do more, he will do lipo on my upper arm. I paid $4,400. This is VERY reasonable. It includes the price of two nights in the clinic, the surgery, anaestia (sp?), the compression garment and the lab work the day before the surgery. You should check him out online.
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Thanks for the suggestion I'll look into him. Good luck to you and please post pictures so I can follow your journey. I know you must be all nerves right now!

What the F? I just got thru typing an update and...

What the F? I just got thru typing an update and it’s all gone. Alright starting over.
I've changed the title of my review it feels more like me now.
I've been taking my vites and started eating better I cut down on carbs and haven't had meat in two days. Just big platters of veggies and more veggies. I thought it was going to be hard but I actually enjoy that I'm being more mindful of what I eat. It feels like I'm showing myself some love. I lost 2lbs in two weeks so it’s working but I need it to work faster.
I've also been researching the HCG diet I spent a good portion of my day looking it up I’ve decided that if I’m going to do it, it’s going to be under doctors supervision. I called two “weight loss Spas”, and one told me the consult is $ 50 and that money goes towards the program, but what if I don’t like their program, I’ll be out $50 bucks so I don’t think so. They didn’t even bother to tell me how much the actual program was. The second place told me that they are having a FREE seminar tomorrow and that the program is $900. Plus another amount of dollars that I can’t remember cause I stopped listening. My last resort to get legit HCG is to ask my PCP to prescribe them. I don’t know if she’ll do it but it’s worth a shot or drops which ever I get! If that don’t work then I’ll have to resort to the homeopathic which may or may not be hcg. As far as exercise, I did it a few times and was so sore that I stopped for a while almost a week since I’ve worked out. I’ll do some today.

Tomorrow I have a consult with Dr. Yager. I don't plan on having any work with him but I want a "real" opinion from a Plastic surgeon. I'll update you on that later. I also plan on having a mammogram done before I leave I'm not doing any breast work but my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer at 35 so all the women in my family have to get it done five years before she got her diagnosis. I'm two years late but I figure before I let anyone cut into my body I better be sure. That’s all for now P.S. Ladies, I got to say that I love this site I love reading your stories and believe me I think I’ve read them all. This journey wouldn’t be the same without y’all. So thanks for reading and posting.

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Oh and I'm leaning more towards Yily I need to be...

Oh and I'm leaning more towards Yily I need to be as sculpted as possible, do you see all that me. dats a wholelatta me. I don't know if Roble can deliver, let me know what you think.


I highly recommend looking up the Dukan Diet. It's very similar to the hcg diet, and only for the cost of the book! I lost 40 lbs on it quite easily. It really works! I think the hcg diet is a bit of a scam.
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I went on the site and looked up the Dukan Diet and the program didn't interest me. I'll give it another look. Thanks.

I hope you guys had a happy valentines day. I got...

I hope you guys had a happy valentines day. I got a huge balloon and a huge box of chocolates from my hubby and kids. My two year old daughter keeps feeding me chocolates. I guess she figures if she brings me one every time she snags one she won't get in trouble she's cute but she's sabotaging my diet.
Aiight, so on wednesday I went to Dr. Yager for a consult. He's known for his curves his office serves the latin community everything is in english and spanish. He's pretty awesome.
So He ran his pitch without asking too many questions it felt a little dry, but ok. He looked at me and said your body is telling me what it needs, lol. I can see what he's saying because of how everything falls you can kinda pick it up and throw it. He said you have a lot of loose skin and you can almost suck your stomach all the way in. He also told me I have diastasis and said he would correct it. In the end he said he likes doing tts like mine cause the results are dramatic. He gave me hope. As far as the bbl he said he would do about 1000cc in each and that he would do two procedures the lipo and bbl and the tt two weeks later. I was all smiles until I got my quote... yeah, I won't be seeing Dr. Yager, even if I had $15,500 I don't think I would want to spend it, not on this. I don't believe the more you pay the better your results, plastic surgery is like real estate its about location. There are qualified Doctors everywhere you just have to do your research.
So while I was going over the financial part of the consult I bought up that I may go to DR cause there's no way I'm paying this. The lady in the office was like I know girl, if you can stay until ur drains come out then go, just give yourself time to heal. I asked her if she knew of any good Dr.'s and lo and behold she said Dr. Sesto and Rubio. I asked her if she knew of Yily and Robles and she said no, the women Dr.’s aren't well known. She said that patients of Sesto and Rubio come for other services and their tucks are good the scaring is minimal. I told her about this site and she said a lot of women come to Yagers office from here and that she knows about RS. I feel like I'm on the right track.
Yesterday I emailed Sesto for the first time I wrote him off before but I'm going to give him a second look. I also emailed Rubio again hopefully he gives me more info this time. I gotta tell you Sesto's pictures are awesome I mean these BBW women that he works on lets just say that man works miracles I wouldn't do my breast with him though, I'm just sayin'.


teetana-any luck choosing the doctor? am looking into lopez collado as he was highly reccomended. i have family there and am also planning to go in July. did u get a quote yet?
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I am in DR now and just had surgery with Dr Lopez. He is awesome and the clinic is great. I highly recommend!!! I am from Brooklyn too.

Yesterday I went to get my hair done and one of...

Yesterday I went to get my hair done and one of the Ladies at the salon is leaving March 2nd to get lipoed and do the bags around her eyes. She's trying to convince me to go with her LOL. No way! I'm no way near prepared and I damn sure aint just gonna show up and go to some random Doctor. I love the fact that she dosn't want me to go alone but I don't think leaving on the fly is any better.


Good luck with everything everyone is different because nelson Rubio did a tt on my mom last year and it went really wrong :/ so just cause she had a bad experience don't mean everyone is the same my advice to you go with your gut.
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OMG thank you for sharing I hope your mom is ok do you mind sharing what happened? My gut is telling me to go with Yilly and I see that you are too. Good luck with you bbl I'll be following your story.
No. I haven't decided yet. I got quotes from Robles for $5,200 with every thing included and Yilly for $4000 I have to pay for the recovery house, massages and meds separately. Dr Bello quoted me $5000 she is also all inclusive. I'm still waiting on Dr Sesto, and Rubio. I didn't get in touch with Dr Collado yet I'm gonna research him first. Good luck to you

Hello RS Ladies, I just found out two days ago...

Hello RS Ladies,

I just found out two days ago that my bestfriend died on Monday. We haven't spoke in a while and I was pissed off at her for some thing that she said while she visiting and even though I missed her I would remember and stop myself from calling. Its been over a year since I spoke to her and I'm so angry at myself for being so selfish. I'm trying to see if I can fly back home for her funeral. I'm in shock and I still can't believe that she's gone.

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Oh Fuk I really wasn't expecting this, I found out...

Oh Fuk I really wasn't expecting this, I found out yesterday that I am pregnant and no, I'm not happy about it. I already have four beautiful children who mean the world to me, and my youngest and a few days shy of 9 months. I never even thought about having another child I was moving forward with my life. I was working towards getting my sexy back and I was feeling good. I was losing weight eating semi right taking my vitamins and looking forward to the future. I guess all that positive energy turned something on in my man cause he was more affectionate towards me (fuk him). I was primed to get pregnant and I didn't know it. I don't get pregnant easily, we've been together for 12years. This was a shock, I didn't consider that the folic and all the other vitamins boost the bodys ability to become pregnant. I missed my period a couple of days ago and I knew it. I don't know what to do right now. I love my kids and can't imagine not having them and I look in their eyes and I'm like F***K. I was told that I could take the abortion pill and I have five weeks to decide if I want to do that. I just don't know if I can do that, even though I never planned for this. I don't think I can even control five children I might forget one in the park. I don't know, five is a large number, but then I remember that my grandmother had 15 and my sister in law is pregnant with twins giving her a total of 7 and she's not even thirty. If they can do it why can't I? That thought scraches the back of my mind alot, but I'm not like them, when I get prego I can't do shit, I cant walk, I can't even stand to take a shower. I get super big and alittle down cause I cant do shit but lay there and eat. I can't do this, it's too much for my body. I should of tied my tubes when my doctor told me to. Then I think, I just lost my friend and maybe God is blessing me with a new life. And I also question who the fuck am I to end someone's life. It's not like I'm some twenty something girl who got knocked by her bf that shes not sure about. I'm 32 and I've been with my man for 12 years we have four children together. He is in as much shock as I am and he's saying he thinks we should take the pill and I looked at him like wtf? who are you right now? He said not right now our baby is still young and if we want to have a baby in the future we can, I should go get my surgery bla,bla, bla. but if I don't want to do that he would support what ever decision I make. I don't know what to do. We've had two abortions in the past and I regret having them we're talking 9 and 10 years ago. I just can't swallow a pill and be done with it not after all I've been through. We have a happy home life and our kids are happy. Money is not an issue cause I know we can support another child if we have too. I just wish I wasn't going through this right now. If you have any thoughts or advise please share them. I'll let you ladies know what I decide once I figure it out. And yess I know its not wise to get pregnant after a tt, I'm not listening to his bull. Its either we have this baby or we don't. I know I sound stupid right now I effed up. Not ur regular run of the mill update huh? I'm waaay off topic!


i hope you are able to make the right decision for you. 5 children is alot to deal with but i am sure you will manage if you decide to have the child. if you don't the pill isn't too bad, my friend took it and she just had cramping and bled . Good luck with what ever you decide :)
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Thanks joinkette, I decided to go through with the pregnancy, eventhough I still question myself everyday. Good luck to you and every one else that's having surgery, I'll be with you guys next year.
Hi.. Did your mom's surgery go wrong because of something related to her health or maybe getting an infection by not taking care of herself well?I hope my questions don't offend you I apologize if I did! I'm very sorry to hear that happened to her. I ask because I am afraid to be one of the few who things go wrong for.. its such a negative though I know!
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I read about Dr. Robles and Yily on this site, you ladies better be right!!!

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