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OK, I haven't been on here in months. After...

OK, I haven't been on here in months. After stalking this site, no sleep, constantly reading what others are going thru and went thru. I was excited about finally thinking about going thru this journey. Until I hit a snag both positive and negative.
First, the positive, I've spoken to mayda23 on here. I love talking to her. Its not all about surgery but family, ups and downs and just straight laughs! I really appreciate meeting and others on here who have such wealth of info. Next, I am able now to have my surgery alot earlier than first planned due to an increase in income.
Now, the negative, I have contacted numerous of DR's in the Dominican Republic. I've gotten quotes from Dra Baez, but she's booked until May2014. Contacted Dra Duran, now I have waited and waited, I saw females getting quotes and dates after I contacted her. Sent emails in spanish and english, downloaded "viber" and "whatsapp", called her cell, spoke to Elizabeth who is a doll and speaks english well. Needless to say my phone bill is crazy! Contacted Dra Yily, she sent me a quote and a date; after 2 months if going back and forth I decided to book with Dra Yily. My husband spoke with Rosie(as my spanish is terrible), very soft spoken and a sweetheart. I really wanted to receive a quote Dra Duran but alas it still never came. So, I guess thats the Lord telling me he doesn't want me to go with Dra Duran. I understand now that I'm over the disappointment.
Along the way I've spoken with Jules who is another RS vet and who opened "Healing Haven Recovery House" Sidebar, my husband will be joining me for a few days then he leaves for work here in the NYC. She is the!!! Always helpful, a wealth of knowledge, and she helped up my surgery date, she's amazing and always available for questions. Please check out Healing Haven Recovery house.
Lastly, I noticed now that I have my date, plane tickets, and recovery house, I am scared as all hell. I guess most ppl experience anxiety when everything is booked its official. Once everything was booked I started finding these horror stories of women who had PS over seas, necrosis, just ugh! So that freaked me out even more. Then I was talking to Jules and she put my mind at ease. "As long as you take care of your body you'll be ok".
I'm looking at this and I'm like damn I'm really trying to catch up on blogging. Well, until next time, I may post pics. I'm not that brave at this moment. Peace, love and happy healing.

The long road ahead...

I am counting down the days that I will be a YilyDoll! I don't know why I've been eating like a pig. I know its the ANXIETY. But, I need to get a grip and get back to my grind of my weight loss, the holidays are over! Went to get a full physical the other day. I explained that I was going for surgery and she stated I am in good health to get surgery. But, I still need all my bloodwork done. Needless to say, but after I left that drs office I have been on edge. I don't know why, if this is something I've been wanting to do for several years. Now that its write around the corner, I haven't been able to sleep. I haven't been to the gym in almost 2 weeks. I feel like such a fatty pigging out for the holiday but as of tomorrow, NO MORE! I need to take this more serious and get fit for this procedure and for the rest of my life. I can do this!!!!! I can do this!!!! YES I CAN! (Professor Klump's from Nutty Professor voice) lol. Well ladies, I will be going to bed now or at least try. In the meantime, peace and blessings Dolls. Until next time.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Its getting real!

Ok, let me start by wishing you ladies a Happy New Year. And what a rough start it has been. Due to the nerves I had a bad rash all over my body, that cause me to get depressed. My aunt got sick so I waited with her in the hospital for 2 days, she then ended up in the ICU for having the flu and asthma. I was even more upset that she ended up in the ICU. That's only because I love her. Then right after I came home from the hospital, I got really sick! I felt like I was gonna die. I had gotten the flu from her. So PISSED! That was a 2 week set back, then the weather, it knocked 4weeks out from me hitting the gym. I haven't even hit my goal to lose weight before going to DR. I loss a few pounds but nothing significant. Still working at clean eating. I've cheated a few times but we will see how my weight issue turns out.
Well, Its 2 weeks away until I embark on this tremendous journey. I am so nervous and my anxiety is so bad I can't SLEEEEEEPPP!!!!!!!!! If there is anything I want to do right now, is sleep. I have been wired and its getting intense the closer I get to the date. Its funny, the other day I was getting a lymphatic massage to help unlock the stored fat before I hit the table and in the hands of Dra Yily. I promise myself this is the start to a new life of eat clean and train dirty!!! this will be my lifestyle. I know this is not a quick fix to being unhealthly-fat.
Well, this is what its going to be:
I am staying at Healing Haven, everything I need is included.
I will be seeing the Goddess of bodies Dra Yily.
Not sure if I will be going sightseeing, I think I'll save that for my next visit.
But, I will be trying to meet my RS/Real phone buddy who's staying at the Armonia. Wish we would've made the same arrangements though.
I must say, thank you ladies so much for posting your journeys and most being open and honest about their experiences. To no end I am grateful. Happy healing and safe journeys to everyone in the process of reaching their beautiful bodies.

finally on the flat side!

Hi RS ladies! Just out of the clinic a few hours ago. Ok here goes.
I arrived in DR and it was a bit confusing with the pick up. But I must say Jules is amazing, she came to pick my husband up and I up. And then we went straight to cipla. The clinic its self is very modern looking. I stayed on the third floor, which is also the surgical floor. I had a nice room with a flat screen, phone, 2 beds and a futon sofa. Next after waiting for all my results from testing, then they admit you. I was given a gown, chucks and the infamous blue pill (in which I never got to take). I was told when dr Yily comes to mark you up, then you take it. Next thing I know the orderly came to get me in this 1930's gerny. I became overwhelmingly nervous. Yily didn't mark me up, I didn't take the blue pill and was wheeled into the OR. Which looked like I stepped back in time. But everything was new. Yily then came in to mark me up and the anestigologist came in sat down with no gloves but he did wash is hands and cleaned my skin with alcohol. I felt a small sting the he said to sit up, a male nurse cradled me the dr said take deep breath and then I didn't realize I fell out. I woke up twice during surgery. The anestigologist patted my cheeks and said don't worry mami. I see how someone being out of it think they were slapped. Anyhoo, the next time I woke up I was back in my room. Feeling crazy. Thr nurses tell me to lay flat. My ass hurting like I don't what, my back felt it melted and stuck to the bed. I needed to move around. I had one nurse that was so helpful and nice. Everybody else was moving slow to get things needed. I had to wait 13 hours to get pain meds. Overall, this pain is rediculous!!! I knoe I say this now but there will be NO round 2 for me. I can not take this pain ever again.

Recovery House Healing Haven

Jules, I must say goes above and beyond for her guest. As well as her staff. I've only been here since 9:30pm last night and the other girls here are helpful and nice. Including the driver who drove my husband around looking for a pharmacy. He was patient and ready to help. This morning, the house is busy with staff cleaning, cooking and making sure everyone is ok. This place is just like the pictures. Fresh fruits, tea and soup for breakfast. Everything is

cont... Healing Haven

Everything is perfect for now. Can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of this journey.
For the record Dr Yily was very pleasant and straighyt to the point. She came to see me yesterday morning before she went into surgery.

My healing journey

Hey ladies, as I continue to heal through this ordeal. I got my first massage on my 3rd day post op. I didn't think I was gonna make it. The pain was the most. Now on my 8th day post op I'm doing better. Still haven't been able to sleep, up every hour like clock work. The antibiotics give me headaches throughout the day. My legs and feet are still swollen like logs. I took off the compression thigh highs yesterday and my feet started to cramp up. How painful. On a positive note, I'm moving around a lot better. You got to walk around a bit to get the stiffness out your body. I was able to got to the mall yesterday and walk around for like 2 hours. That was a big improvement to when I first came. Day by day it seems to get better and better. My back, where I had lipo, does not feel like the fire-flame but, more like a calm candle burning. Don't get me wrong that sh!t still hurts. Oh the fluid doesn't help either. My tummy is swollen so I can't really see how flat it is. The faja doesn't really show you want you want to see. I know it takes time and patience to really appreciate Yily"a work, for me. I was a bit overweight for my height at the time of surgery. So as I continue to lose weight I will really see and post what a beautiful job she's done.

As promised! pics

I'm 17 days post op and I feel ok. Still a little hunched over but sort of straight standing. I have serious burns from the faja, if I didn't mention it before. The two ladies that put your faja on after surgery put the pads under the tshirt and that's how I got burned. They look horrible but its healing which is a good thing. My scar has a minor burn just above my pubic area. But my scar is razor thin. When the burns heal I'll be posting more pics.

Am I wrong?!

I had a BBL done. But not to the extent of bigger but, to just even out my dimples. I have been sitting on this butt since she pumped it up. Now, some surfaces I can't do for long periods of time. Because of the pressure and the tenderness of the muscle. Now, ppl are saying I shouldn't sit on it. Yily puts the fat under the muscle and says you can sit on it. Any BBL vets can tell me different? Someone who has actually sat on it and had no problems? I'm at a point where I'm not walking around with pillows/bobby or whatever else contraptions made to sit on. Am I wrong?

Negative Ppl

I just want to say that because I decided to work on me, doesn't mean I'm vain.

Its been 3mos.

Progress. First I wanna say that I've been so busy, multi-tasking and all over the world. I'm finally back to check in with my RS ladies. Let me start off by saying. The swelling has gone down. But, I did notice that when the garment isn't worn for a period of time, you do tend to swell. I still have a long way to go. Wearing just a bra and panty under the garment, they make indentations on your body that take a little while to smooth out. Best thing is to wear your garment. I'm saying this and I haven't worn mine now for a whole day. Right now my stomach is poking out, like a bloated look. lol but as soon as I'm done updating, I'm gonna wash my ass and put in on.
How do I feel? I get sharp pains throughout my back, stomach, sides and arms. Certain times when I haven't drank enough water or not being mobile for a minutes the burning in my lower back begins and is serious; and on top of that, the ITCHING! Most times in the morning rolling out of bed with the burning. At nights, my back itches something crazy. And since parts of my back is still numb its like I can't get to the itch to scratch it because its under-under the skin (if that makes sense).
Aside from those horrors, I feel great. I look great in my clothes. Since most of the swelling is down I lost another 15lbs. I must tell the truth, I gained about 5lbs back when I went to ATL for a month. And you can see where you gain at. NOT PRETTY! I slipped a little on my healthy eating lifestyle and I'm slowly climbing back. I need to lose another 10-15lbs to be at my ideal.
Lets back track, I'm 5'1 and I weigh in at 154lbs. I'm not skinny nor am I looking to be. I love my curves. It took me a long time to accept these thighs and butt after I had my son. I was a dancer and was always rail-thin and tried everything to get back to 110lbs. Don't get me wrong, I was never in short supply of compliments and attention from same/opposite sex ppl. But I wasn't happy for a long time. Everyone told me you look fine the way you are. So then with tons of exercise and diet pills I went from a 125lbs to 100lbs and I still wasn't happy. Although, my belly wasn't big and didn't have the extra hanging skin. I still looked fat. That depressed me even more and I turned to food. When I turned 29 I realized I gained 35lbs, still trying to work out. I didn't get any bigger until my boyfriend stressed me out, full time student, full time job and mother. I lost track of myself. At that time I was 145lbs and happily to say I loved my self at a size 6/7. Anyhoo, giving full disclosure on my life of weight battles. Still battling tho carbs is the devil!
I look like one of those ATL strippers. LOL I might change careers. Just checking in to update and talk sh%^. I'll post pics again.
Dra Yily de Los Santos

She's amazing! She has a great team who genuinely care. She is and has a beautiful spirit. I couldn't have chosen a better doctor. I got the infamous YilyDoll curves. I feel amazingly beautiful thanks to Dra Yily. Payments are really straight to the point! Yily comes to greet you, takes pics and if she has questions about your health, she gets another drs opinion first. She's a HEALTH first doctor. You're overweight, no surgery; you're planning on leaving within a few days of procedure, no surgery!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You are HALARIOUS.. Lol.. Love reading ur journey. Keep us posted with new pics. And is the numbing in ur back normal for 3 months???
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Yes I agree im glad you love you.thank you for updating us.cant wait to see those pictures
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Babygurl I'm glad after all the stress and struggles , you are happy for you . You look great to mah;)
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Love following your journey
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Indeed working on you is great.Dont worry about the neggie nellies:-) thanks for sharing u look great!
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I understand all the pain babe , but u look amazing seriously!! Omg I can't believe u woke up during surgery, and the guy catching u , that's a trip. I just read ur story to my husband. We was cutting up. Not at you , don't take it the wrong way. You just had urself an experience there. Anyway above and beyond , ur body looks like it was worth it;)
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thanks @xbubblesbX, lol its ok. I was laughing to after it happened. So, no shade! Oh, and you're supposed to wake up during surgery. They don't knock out. Its only an epidural block, like when you give birth, its placed lower so only the bottom half is numb. And afterwards they give you something to make you sleep. They woke me up after I was in the recovery room. Which was a shock to me. But because everyone's body is different, it reacts differently. Thank you for the compliment! I was scared about posting pics. But, I just had to show what Yily did for me. After these burns heal, I will be a fierce YilyDoll posting all sorts of pics! lol
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Lol and I can't wait to see them, boy hope we are all too healed for summer right?! We are gonna blow this B up with swim suit pics lol, oh and never had the epidural, I had all my kids natural, they just shot pain meds in my iv. It was tough as nails but was always more terrified of that big ass needle going in my back. Degenerate bone disease runs in my fam. My moms has two missing disc...... So never been put under bf , will def be a new one for me!
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Lol, xbubblesbx! I'm already starting with the dress pics now so, def with the swimsuit pics. My husband bought me a new dress today and I'm showing it off. On another note, natural child birth... yes you are tough. I was mad when my doc let my pain meds run out to push out my daughter 22mos ago. I remember that! But degenerate bone disease, I'll have to read about that. Don't know too much about it. @Meec! Gurl I'm healing well. Each day is a struggle. I ate food full of sodium and my body thanked me by swelling up. Then I was walking thru the mall all funny and hunched more obviously. FML!
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Looking to fierce in some stripes son !! Lol. Oh yeah pushing them children out ugh, then without the meds or anything, u tear and feel everything. Yea that bone disease is real bad. My grandmother was a carrier so it didn't affect her but it did half of her kids. It makes ur bones slowly deteriorate and just wear away. I make sure to avoid sodas and I take my vitamins and workout. Anyway , boy u are looking too cute. I'm at the surgery center right now pre-admitting and waiting on blood work. How are u feeling?
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Thanks for updating love I am excited but scared lol. I think I'm doing only 2 procedures because the more I think of it my butt is already a bbl lol. So just my boobs and tummy tuck
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Songbird I'm Thinking of you hoping your are healing okay. Hugs. Later gator
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Thanks Meec! Well here's an update. I have to stay a few more days due to my drains being clogged and developing a large seroma. The dr wants me to see their masseuse at the clinic to see if they can drain it by hand. Now I've been getting massages almost twice a day. I guess it's just the blockage in the drain. Nothing no one could've done. Then I have to see her again on Thursday and again on Monday. God is good, I'm alive and in his graces. So I've already cried my last doubtful tear today and stepping forward on faith. This won't get me down for my BIRTHDAY which is in 30mins. Happy Birthday to me with the best gift I could've given myself. A stamp in my passport, a banging body and a new outlook on life! To be HAPPY! This is the year the devil will not take my joy! I love my babies, sometimes my husband but I love me all the time. Can I get an Amen! Back to what I was saying, as you can see I had a moment... So they are going to drain my seroma and then I'll be homeward bound! Good night ladies, smiles all around. And Meec, thanks for the hugs. To all be as blessed as I am feeling right now. I'm passing it on.
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Amen, and Happy Birthday Honey , In my 50cent voice "Go shorty its ya Birthday". Praying a extra prayer of healing over you and your recovery
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That's good to hear. I love that you just had a moment. I'm stressed cause my date in a few. Weeks and my income tax preparer said I owe ?!!! I never owed. Now I'm so mad thinking how I'm going in 3 weeks. I'll leave it in gods hands but anyway I'm crossing my fingers that all be okay with you. Happy bday lovebug
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I truly miss my friend my service sucks I'm trying to finish packing I'm going home lol today I'm home sick.. I'm going to call u when I get to the states hope u ok.
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Mayda o no, I am sorry to hear that.Where are you staying?
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Girl, I mids you too!!! I was calling around looking for you. I wish you could've come here instead. But please make it home safely. I was trying to see you today but my driver had to pick someone up. He said he would take me to see you tomorrow. Sorry I'm gonna miss you. But most def link up in the states. Travel safely please and call me to let me know.
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I was staying at Armonia recovery house . Like my phone had horrible service I did notice sum females with calling cards n Pre paid cellphones that u buy at the airport but I wasn't thinking like that .but for my next trip in April I will be buying me a Pre paid cell or I'm just going to find somewhere else to stay that my phone could work. But overall in Armonia it's very clean it looks just like u see it in pictures the food is ok n the stuff does help you but CELLPHONE SERVICE SUCK .. Hope that helps
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I'm going to call u today like around 12or 1 n it's snowing out here:( me being homesick I traded hot weather for snow yuck.. somebody bday is tomorrow??
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Thanks Mayda23 I was waiting for you to say sumthin about service. Can you give some pro/cons or kinda play by play details of Armonia?
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I can call u n I'll tell u u can pm me.
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Girl I was trying to talk to you but I couldn't. I was at another follow up appt today. But I'll try to call again tomorrow. Good night Mayda23
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Goodnight to u too..
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Wow. Your review was so helpful! Do you think that you will upload pics when you are able to? P.S. Congrats on your surgery :D.
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