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-* April Duran Doll 20 Days Left !!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello Ladies this is my very first post so here's...

Hello Ladies this is my very first post so here's a little bit about myself. I'm 22 years old mother of 3 (yes I'm a young mommy lol), I am 5'1 and last time I weighted myself (back in September) I was 149, yikes! I've been on a mission to lose some weight because even though I am getting a bbl being too fat for my height is very unhealthy and is just not worth it! I plan on being at least 140 for surgery which I think im already almost there... so I am going to be getting surgery with the beautiful dra. Duran is been crazy getting a quote and getting and securing my date but thank God I am done! I started considering surgery after my second child but not as bad as after my third baby lol at first I considered bello because I know two family friends that got surgery with her and look amazing.. well looked, then I found out about the deaths and complications with her patients then considered dr luis holguin because a friend of mines got TT back in 2012 and I was with her saw how beautiful his hospital is and how beautiful and natural she looks. So while I was looking for reviews on him I came across realself and thats when I starting seeing yily yily yily and was set on her lol then of course her stories threw me off and didn't really like her bbl's and breast work and FINALLY came to find dra duran and I am just soo happy to have come across her she is such a sweetheart and although she is SUPER busy she answers all my questions after I stalk her a few times of course lol. My surgery is set for April 8th exactly three months from now I've been lurking on realself for quite some time now since probably may 2013. I got in contact with Duran back in late June 2013 she responded quickly through her email and asked for pictures she didn't give me a quote right away I waited atleast two weeks to get my quote which is 6,500 for TT lipo (including arms) bbl and breast augmentation. I didn't set my date till September I was originally scheduled for April 14 but then rescheduled for the week before on November I paid my deposit and secured my date with both Elizabeth and Fania. It was a LONG process but definitely worth it. Btw I am super nervous about actually going through with this I really want this surgery but now that the day is getting closer I've been feeling soo scared having crazy bad thoughts about what ifs I hope this goes away soon because no matter what I am still getting this surgery lol unless I can't because of health issues God forbid because I am one healthy girl never had history of anything seriously bad with my health. Anyways I wrote more than I should lol any questions on how to get in contact fast with Duran I am here to help I've helped a few ladies no worries I don't charge lol I just became a pro on how to get responses from Duran quickly (stalker alert!!) Lol.

Best way to contact Duran

The best way to contact Duran for your quote is facebook. Her email is probably full and she takes longer to respond through there. On sundays and sometimes saturdays she is usually online most of the day, when you ladies see her post something on instagram or Facebook go on FB and write her a message telling her your height and weight the procedure you want and make sure to include pictures all in one, if she is online she will respond right away trust me it has worked for a couple of ladies i told. And if you wrote to her a different day and she didn't respond resend it again and again and again lol it may sound like you're going to be stalking her but if you write to her and just wait you will most likely not get a response. Also for back up send the same message too her emails who knows maybe she will get back to you there. By the way she is booked till May so if you are desperate and need a date asap and especially if you're going alone there is also someone that can get you a quote, send deposits and help out with recovery houses, nurse and a driver I believe she charges $150 you can find her on Facebook as Bella vita consultant. I didn't use her but the people that have were very pleased. Hope this helps :))

Forgot to mention

Forgot to mention whatsapp is another good way to get your quote from Duran *****-******) after receiving your quote call the office and set your date with Elizabeth or Fania call before 1pm is much easier to reach them or call Durans cell also they usually answer it

No recovery house just nurse and masseuse

Since I won't be staying at a recovery house I am hiring a nurse and masseuse for a week and a half. The lady that is doing my massages her name is Zara and I have heard nothing but great things about her. It's her and her nurse is a package deal. I haven't gotten a price yet but as soon as I do I'll let you ladies know but I heard she's not expensive at all and is the best at what she does.

60 days left !!!

Hello ladies so I am officially 60 days away from surgery!!! So excited I feel like every nervous feeling I had is gone which I find to be a great thing. So I am starting my vitamins now. I am taking liquid Geritol with vitamin b12 & C and oj, I have been told by a couple of ladies that these combinations plus purAbsorb bring your hemo up in weeks! I will be adding purAbsorb and folic acid (like Duran recommends) when im one month pre op. I don't have any bad health history besides that when I was pregnant with my last child I had very low hemo im not sure why but i figured it was because everything would make me nauseous so I wouldn't eat at all some days but after I gave birth my hemo went up to 13 and was told to stop taking my iron supplements (which I wasn't taking lol). Oh and one more thing, DO NOT take your vitamins on an empty stomach! I tried this and felt terrible like I was about to faint, vomit and poop (tmi) all at once lol. Only do this with purAbsorb because it say so on the label (you can mix with orange juice). Ladies please follow what the labels say and for better absorbance take them at different time because your body can absorb only so much at once. You can take Iron (I take liquid geritol) vitamin b12 and C together any other take it separately always after a meal.

Vitamin information

Came across this pretty helpful tip. This is exactly what I'm taking and same amount of mg.

Supply list and doctor visit

So I went to my Pcp and got my hep A&B shot and found out I lost 7 pounds woohoo! lol I am thinking of losing 4 more pounds before surgery so I can get better results on my waist and tummy. So I gathered my supply list and I think I'm almost done please let me know if I'm missing anything or if I'm over packing.

Vitamins (B12, C, Folic acid and Geritol liquid)
Chux pack of 20 (need 30 more)
Paper surgical tape
Sterilized Bandages 2×3 and 3×4
Overnight and regular pads (need more)
Lipo foam (3)
Arnica tablets, gel and cream Hibiclens (antimicrobial soap)
Lovenox instead of heparin
Ace bandages (thanks to mostdesired3 helpful tip lol)
Feminine wipes and baby wipes
P-Ez funnel
Alcohol pads
Thigh high anti embolism stockings
Curaderm ( incision powder got it from a post op doll )
Amoxicillin with clavulanic acid
Prilosec ( Omeprazole )
& Boppy pillow which I would need another since the one I have is too soft and wont take pressure of my booty! Cheap is not always good.

Still missing graduated compression stockings 20mmHg to 30mmHg ( knee length ), Bromelain, Protein ( ensure ), dettol wipes ( disinfectant ), Dial soap, cotton swabs and clothes * Robes, Maxi dresses, t-shirts and tights. Also all my gauze, bandages and other surgical supplies I buy are sterilized.

Pre op

So I decided to split my surgery into two. I want to get my TT lipo and bbl now then my breast. The reason for my decision is because I don't want to be under for too long even though Duran specializes in mommy makeovers I just feel I'll be safer this way. Also I really want arm lipo and I heard she skips that if you are losing too much blood or are under for more than 6 hours which with adding breast can happen. I dislike how fat my arms are makes me look husky and fatter lol I hate the small waist and big hips and booty but you forgot your arms look lmao. Oh and by the way I was a fan of my surgeons breast work but I haven't been liking it lately in my opinion I feel like they drop tooo much after. I am looking into Dr. Luis holguin or Dr. Nelson Rubio for my breast I know someone her got her boobs by Holguin and I love it! And Dr. Rubio is also good and has a great rep, but this all depends who knows if I feel good after my sx and decide not to do breast augmentation at all. Btw I think is time I upload my before so here it is I hate my big belly but love my hips! I compared my before and after from when I started dieting until January in 2 months I feel like I saw a difference I went from 150 to 143 im not trying to lose too much weight because I want Duran to have enough fat for the bbl.


Some who got her boobs done by Holguin**
Forgot to add my booty shot. Now if you see me in person you won't see a fat belly and small ass because I wear my faja or cincher and it gives me little curves and my butt looks okay but is too much work and uncomfortable. Which is why when someone see me they are quick to say you don't need no work done you are crazy lol but if only they knew.

Boobs *44 days to go*

So I know I said I wanted to skip boobs and leave it for another round but I've been seriously rethinking it. I want my boobs done now! Lol. Especially after trying on this crop top I bought to wear after sx. I tried it on with no bra on and the good thing is my boobs don't sag but they look so small! Like a little girl still developing lol. At first I thought hey there's ladies with nice curvy body that have small boobs and still look nice but then I started thinking if I don't do them now I'm going to start obsessing over them and I DON'T want that. I also feel like it would be selfish of me to go back for another round is like if I come out well with no complications then putting myself through it again would be too risky. I am already scared as it is because as my day gets closer I keep seeing more surgery related deaths and it's freaking me out! I've been praying to God to take all these negative thoughts out of my head! So basically I'm thinking if I don't do my boobs then I will most likely not do them at all. Smh I'm so confused here's a picture ladies I need some advice! Btw you can see my arms and the definitely need some lipo lol.

BOOKED MY FLIGHT!!! 40 More days!

So flight is booked! It feels so real now lol. I'm going for two weeks and I think I will probably be staying at a recovery house now for at least 4 to 5 days post op. My choice is real recovery armonia because of the great reviews on it and I love how the place looks. I'm still debating though because a lot of ladies told me to save my money and hire a nurse. As the days get closer I'm still so indecisive about the whole nurse and rh situation and wether I should get my breast done or not. I'm actually done shopping for surgery supplies all I need now is the clothes I bought me two maxi dresses yesterday. I want to buy a couple because I will be going out a lot while in DR to get some walk and visit some of my family over there because I am not planning on staying in bed all day lol. I will update my list of supplies soon and next week I get all my labs redone so wish me luck ladies!

Supply list updated

So I am officially done buying thank goodness! I have spent so much money on my supply list alone is crazy which is why I am glad I opened up a savings account for surgery alone I'm so glad I decided to do that separately it's been a life saver lol. So I am 28 days away and the anxiety and nerves are kicking in but I've been trying to maintain myself by keeping a positive attitude, I believe positive energy will attract positive outcomes and God willing everything will go great. Lately I've been having chest and back pain and heavy breathing is scaring me last time this happened I went to the ER and they told me nothing was wrong with me they ran all kinds of test gave me x rays and all and found nothing wrong with me so I am thinking this has something to do with Anxiety ladies anyone experienced this ? I'm starting to know how to control it a bit also. I'm going to check it out soon I pray is nothing serious since I'm so close to my surgery date. Also I will be getting my labs this week so lets see if this geritol has been helping my hemo.

Ok so here is everything I got and I really hope I didn't over do it which I know I probably did lol

Vitamins (B12 1000mcg, C 1000mg, Folic acid 400mcg, iron 65mg and Geritol liquid)
Augmentin (Amoxicillin with clavulanic acid)
Omeprazole 40mg
Paper surgical tape 
Sterilized Bandages 2×3 and 3×4 
Maxi pads (120 total)
Lipo foam (3)
Arnica tablets, gel and pomade
Hibiclens (antimicrobial soap)
Lovenox instead of heparin 
Ace bandages (thanks to mostdesired3 helpful tip lol)
Feminine wipes and baby wipes 
P-Ez funnel
Alcohol pads
Allegra itch relief cream
Thigh high anti embolism stockings
Curaderm ( incision powder got it from a post op doll )
Boppy pillow
Yoga mat
Wet ones wipes
Steri strips
Cotton balls
Dial - antibacterial soap bar
Tank tops
Maxi dresses
Breakfast Robe
Graduated Compression stockings 20-30 mmHg

Still deciding on Thrombocid cream or lioton gel don't know if I should get this here or just get it out there...

Well that's it I hope I didn't forget anything I didn't want to over buy but I ended up doing that lol now Is just a matter of waiting for my date to come im so excited and just want to get it over with because the more I wait the more nervous I get I will be praying a lot so these nerves can go away because I don't want any negativities around me or in my head lol

More pre op picture

I wish we can edit our post lol I forgot to add my picture. I wear a cincher, well sort of a waist cincher, whenever I go out before I use to wear it daily even to work but I am so tired of it and I still look squared with it on. This is a medium salome brand the lady recommend a large but I squeezed into a medium lol. I also love that I have a lot of hips which is why I don't want a lot of ass because I will look too funny I don't want that chicken leg with big big butt look like drbeauty lol. Although sometimes it annoys me that i have wide hips because I can't really enjoy them cuz of my love handles so I look super wide. I can't wait to get my confidence back after this surgery !! I just want to have my small waist and flat tummy back....


Forgot to attach the picture again! I need my morning coffee asap lol

Labs (3 more weeks left)

So I got my labs back and good news! My hemo is a 13.2 yay! But also found out I have early presentations of pernicious and iron deficiency anemia (High RDW at 16). Basically my body doesn't absorb b12 very well so I now have to start taking higher doses of b12-methylcobalamin vitamins now and after surgery. Other than that my health is great. I have to see my pcp again the week before I leave to check everything again but I already got all the info from a very helpful nurse who also got surgery with Duran and she said this should not affect my surgery because all other labs are good.
I think after getting my labs my anxiety is almost gone knowing that I won't get turned down and I'm going in healthy makes me feel more at ease. I'm going to keep my positive attitude and continue to prepare for my surgery I just have 3 more weeks left and I really don't mind waiting it lol everything is falling into place thank GOD.

2 weeks left ! Anxiety is a b*tc# !!

So I'm finally 14 days away! YAY! So I a few days ago I was experiencing back and chest pains on and off and then I started getting this tired feeling on my left arm geez that scared the crap out of me! So I took my butt to the ER and once again they did an EKG test, chest x rays, and this time they also did neck x rays to see if the pain was coming from there and CAT scan and guess what! They found nothing again! In fact I'm a very healthy girl but they think it's anxiety and starting asking me a bunch of questions about how are things at work and home and other things but honestly is this whole surgery thing I'm so scared some days and think about my daughters so bad I wouldn't want to leave them I work so hard for them and no one will care for them like I will, I guess I try to hide all the negative thoughts and cover them up with a positive attitude but it's still there I start thinking about the what if' I just pray to God to protect me and take away all this negative thinking why can't I just go in with a positive mind and attitude like everyone else lol. I sometimes also think about God punishing me for doing something so vein but honestly i believe he is always watching over me and protecting and the way everything is going how everything is falling into place tells me he's there for me i have faith in my lord, then also reading sarahtransform review made me feel a lot better - This isn't vein this is me trying to better my appearance to feel good about myself like I once did! I think I deserve this I'm a hard working mother always caring about everyone and leaving myself for last. Time to do something for me for once lol.. sorry ladies had to vent a little this anxiety was driving me coocoo bananas lol I will upload my last pre op pics before I leave to DR.

6 more days to be Duran doll!

Hello ladies so I'm officially a week away. I got my period a week before surgery which sucks I hope it does not mess with my hemo but I heard from a few dolls that it doesn't because the same thing happened to them. Now with all this terrible news coming out about the Yily patient and Beverly's death making the front page, may their soul r.i.p, I'm getting so freaked out! Why must all of this happen right before my surgery. Just when I got some great advice from my hubby and the ladies at the group this happens! I know is just my nerves and my mind driving me crazy but I just don't know what to do. Yesterday I got out of bed and said do I really want to go through with this ? But I can't back out, I can't have second thoughts I wanted this for way to long and have been taking all kinds of precautions to prevent anything from happening because lets be honest things like that can happen to ANYONE and I don't want to be the one to get an infection or bacteria or even die GOD FORBID ! So I have been very careful even with what I eat. I will just let my Lord watch over me like he always does and protect me. Is funny how I always talk myself out of my own negative thoughts lol. Time to get excited and ready for my surgery. I will be missing my daughters soooo much and my hubby while I'm away but mommy needs this lol. Asking for prayers to keep my mind at ease I truly believe in my lord and I know I will come out of surgery in lots of pain but alive and will heal fine God willing. I will update my last pre op pics in a few and my measurements, APRIL DOLL IN THE MAKING ! YAY LOL

On my way!!!

So ladies I'm waiting to board my flight I will be a Duran doll this Tuesday coming God willing! I had such a busy day preparing to leave and getting my daughters ready i will miss them soooo much and my hubby who has been such a great help through my entire journey I kind of cried a little when I dropped off my girls but I know they will be fine I love them soooo much but I just want to get this over with. I am feeling pretty excited and a little nervous but I know it's normal. Pray for me ladies I know our lord is always listening to our prayers. Soon to be Duran doll!!

Omw to Cipla for pre op test

Haven't had surgery yet and my family has been going ham! Lol my grandmother made me beet and carrot juice (yuck) ! And the guava juice which is not so bad and they all been on top of me telling me to watch what I eat and take my vitamins. Unfortunately Dominicans can't keep a secret and my whole fam knows why I am here lol but I love the support!! My hemo better be a 15 for surgery lol I'll be at Cipla for my pre op test in a few I will update again in a little bit.

I'm here!

So i got here a little late but I didn't rush anything because everything is with time. I got my blood drawn, chest x rays and now waiting on ekg oh and so far everyone has been wearing gloves lol. So I got to meet Duran and I love her!! She is soooo nice and beautiful I felt so comfortable talking to her and she got along so well with my mom which is a plus lol! She explained everything to me so well she told me my skin is not really saggy or loose for a tummy tuck but she will do it and explained how she was going to do it so my scar won't be to high. I will give full detail about everything when I get settled. She honestly made me feel so much better about this whole experience. I'm so happy I chose her as my surgeon. I'm all marked up and ready for tomorrow all thanks to our Lord everything is going great ! Btw Cipla is not bad at all so far and is very clean and everyone is very professional.

Pre op and Measurements

Measurements :

Breast 37
Waist 34
Hips 42 1/2

Where my love handles are my waist is around 37 to 38 is so embarrassing because it makes me look even more squared! I gained so much weight after losing weight I'm upset at myself because of that.

post op

Lots of pain will update when I can this was straight out of surgery

Little update, please send prayers for me

Ladies I'm not doing so good. While being at cipla I had to get two blood transfusions because my hemo went from a 14.4 to a 8 and Duran said my body is not use to functioning with a hemo so low. While being at cipla they give you pain meds through IV thank goodness because the bbl hurt me so bad! It helped me sleep also. So on the day I was leaving I experienced this really bad headache that only comes when I get up. I am 3 days post op and the headaches seem to get worst they are saying is due to the anesthesia. It's terrible and it only happens when I get up from bed is this terrible pounding feeling in my head a headache like no other!! My family has to force me to eat and drink my meds I am so thankful for them because if not I would not be following my post op instructions. Recovery from the surgery alone has been okay I have bearable pain BUT the headaches are something else! I have been using susan and not zara because she stood me up but once I feel better I will clarify you ladies on that. Zara did apologies but if I was alone this would had been terrible for me. Ladies please don't come alone ! Have a buddy or stay at a RH or hire a 24hr nurse for the first few days! Is a must! I know I am forgetting to add a few things but I will update on everything once im feeling a lot better! As far as my results I love them! I have a tiny waist and my mom and family says she gave me a huge butt lol I have yet to see it because I haven't even been in the mood to take pictures, yes that's how terrible I feel lol please send prayers for me ladies !

Feeling better!

So I got up to poop (tmi) and I feel a lot better!! Got to see my booty ! I know a lot is swelling so I'm happy about that lol I didn't want a huge but just something to go with my shape

Sorry I've been M.I.A!

So ladies I apologize for disappearing for a while but I'm here to give my full review.
So I arrived to Dominican Republic 3 days before my surgery date and I had a chance to enjoy a mini vacation. I went out with my family went to restaurants and different places. Fast forward... so on Monday I arrived to Cipla at 10 am went straight to Durans office and it was packed! There were post op ladies, pre op ladies and walk ins. I want to say something real quick about the walk-ins, Duran is overbooked yes but for no reason! A lot of these ladies cancel and she ends up taking mostly walk-ins! It sucks because a lot of ladies are wasting her time! I wanted to get surgery that Monday and but couldn't because she was booked and if I would have gotten there at 7 am I would have gotten surgery that day because non of those ladies showed up! So since there wasn't anyone there early enough Duran didn't do surgery and just got her ladies ready for the week. So when I got there they told me to go to the lab and get my blood drawn then they said I needed some paper from Duran so I went back to her office and while I was waiting for the paper Duran came out and said who's next and since I just got there I didn't expect to see her so soon but since I was the only one there that was on the schedule for tomorrow she saw me first. Let me just say I LOVE this lady! She is so sweet and beautiful! She remembered me from our fb messages and said oo that's you! and gave me a big hug. We talked a bit then we went to a little room and she said she will mark me up that day to be able to do my whole consultation, keep in mind I didn't even have any of my pre op test done yet but she said will do it anyways in hopes everything will come out fine. So she took my pictures, marked me up, and answered all my questions about the breast implants placement and the tummy tuck. I told her I didn't want big boobs just a full look that will make them look lifted and she explained to me that breast implants just give the illusion of a lift but that I will still have the same length from my collar bone to my areola but they will just be fuller, she also told me why she prefer to place my implants subglandular instead of submuscular which I completely understood. So on to my tummy tuck, she said my skin was very hard and not loose and she needed enough skin to pull for my TT because my belly button had a piercing and that part had stretch mark and she said that part of my skin was no good and she didn't want to use it so she told me she will do my tummy tuck but i will have a little line in the middle so my scar won't be up to high which I didn't mind because the line was real tiny. So she kept marking me up I told her I wanted my arms more than my boobs so i had to choose I will go with my arms and she was okay with this. So after she marked me up I got dressed and my mom was there with me and we all just started talking she was telling us some stories about the job, my mom and her got along so well, she showed my mom her iPhone with the text and emails and fb messages and my mom told if she took the time to read all those emails and messages she wouldn't have time to do surgery lol Duran is a very busy woman! But she took her time with me she didn't rush the consultation at all and she answered all my questions and we even chatted for a while lol. So after I got my blood drawn then chest x ray then then I had to wait till 12 o clock for the cardiologist so I waited an hour then omw up I asked some guy where to go and he sent me to the cardiologist on that floor, which was a mistake because Duran has her own cardiologist, so I ended up going to the cardiologist at cipla he did my ekg for no reason because they made me wait and told me that I needed to come back to Durans office and wait for her cardiologist. So yes I did a lot of running around lol but she said she uses her own cardiologist because she trust her only and she has her own team. So fast forward again, I got all my test done everything came out great my hemo was 14.4 thanks to my grandmother she was giving me all type of juices to bring up my hemo, beet and carrot juice and guava juice helped a lot! So before I left she told me I couldn't eat anything passed 8 and to make sure it was something light so she can tighten up my muscles really good so that's exactly what I did. Btw I did not show Duran any wish pictures I just told her snatched waist and round booty but not to big lol. I will continue to the day of surgery in a new post because this one is already too long lol.

Continued... Day of surgery

So I got to Cipla at 7 am like I was told, I was with my mom and her friend, but Duran wasn't there yet so after waiting a while they took me to get my blood pressure and height and weight and cleared me for surgery then Elizabeth took me up to wait for my room. Everything was happening so fast I kind of started getting nervous lol. So I got my room then not even 5 minutes later this guy comes in scrubs with the bed telling me I'm first ! I hadn't even paid for my surgery! Lol so Elizabeth came in told him to wait, I gave her the money and she discounted what I paid so far, I forgot to mention you have to pay for the pre op test ahead but it gets discounted, she also charged me for the second faja which I was mad about because I wanted to get my own but she said I needed to pay for it there but I ended up choosing the one I wanted, she also said I needed compression stockings which already had two, one t.e.d and another from Walmart and i used the one from Walmart because it was tighter which was only 6 bucks compared to their 35 dollar one and the 6 dollar one looked way better! So the nurse came in with the blue pill, she got me dressed and the man came back in to take me to the surgery room, my mom said a prayer for me then they took me. I was still awake and saw how they prepared everything. The anesthesiologist was so sweet she was talking to me I looked around and saw the tools wrapped up and everyone was wearing gloves, unlike other people that little green room didn't creep me out lol. So I didn't notice but I was out! I woke up so many times during surgery but didn't feel anything but the arm lipo. First time I woke up Duran was doing my back then I went back to sleep then I woke up with something in my mouth, im not sure if i woke up before they flipped me or after when they did my arms that shit fucking hurts! (excuse my language) and i told the anesthesiologist to take the thing out my mouth and she did then I woke up during my breast but the anesthesiologist stood by my side the entire time with a blanket holding it up so I won't be able to see. I felt the pressure when Duran was putting in my implants then I woke up last when she was doing my TT and boy was I in pain from that bbl lol I started screaming "me duele el culo" "my ass hurts" !! Lol and Duran said hey don't get like that now that we're finishing you were doing so good! But she said it in Spanish, I was saying put me back to sleep my ass hurts and they said no because she's finishing up my TT then I knocked back out on my own. After I woke up when I was going back to my room I was in sooooo much pain from the bbl and TT! I felt like my insides were ripping and the bbl was hurting so bad the pain went down to my left leg and it was horrible! I told them to give me something for the pain and they said not yet because I just got out of surgery, so a few hours later they gave me something for pain and I felt sooo good and was talking and everyone was telling me not to talk I could get full of gas and get a headache, man I wish I would have listened! Because that's exactly what happened. So while at cipla I loved my experience, everyone wore gloves, they got me an extra blanket, and checked up on me many times! I also got two blood transfusions because my hemo went down to a 8 and I had low blood pressure. Around 8 pm Duran came to checking on me and I told her the bbl was hurting me badly and the pain was going to my legs and she massaged my legs told me to move it up and down because the fat needed to settle and it was putting pressure on my nerve and it worked! I was really uncomfortable though after the meds wore off at night I woke up every hour checking the time beasting for the next day to come. Around 5 am the nurse came in to give me more pain meds cuz the bbl was hurting me again then I slept till 8 am then after that I had to wait for my second transfusion I was so inpatient I just wanted to leave cipla I was so tired of laying down! I wanted to walk! So when they came to clean me I got up and boy I felt terrible I had NO strength at all! I was like a baby but they unwrapped my stomach wiped me down and but the pads on my I didn't bring enough so I had to buy some from them, make sure you bring about 10 pads and wipes with you to cipla. So after they put my faja I still had to wait a while then they finally told me I could go home I was so happy but when they got me up I had this horrible headache It was unbearable worst than the surgery pain! I lasted with this pain until day 6 post op. Ladies I'm feeling so tired I will continue tomorrow but overall I liked my experience at cipla everyone was nice and wore their gloves and the nurses were very attentive. I will add some photos of cipla and a before and after.

oo and my booty was 46 inches after surgery and now is down to 45 and my waist is a 29 to a 31 with swelling. I want it at a 27!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Haven't had surgery yet.

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Are your implants silicone or saline? And can you tell my why she didn't place them submuscular?
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Congrats. U look good girl. Happy healing
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Thank you! :)
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How is everything going? Have your headaches gone away or gotten better? I also plan on going to Duran for a bbl, tt, and a breast lift. Please post more pics when you can I would love to see your results? Stay blessed and praying you have a safe recovery. :)
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Just posted some I will post more soon. Thanks for your prayers I am doing a lot better everyday gets better just tired of the stiffness from the TT. Headaches went completely away at day 6 they were the worst part of my recovery.
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I plan to have the same procedure plus breast lift. How long were you required to stay after surgery?
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At least 14 days and please don't go alone!
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Sorry ... Forgot to ask how are your head aches?
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Headaches went completely away at day six it was from the anesthesia and they were the worst part of my experience
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Omg! Yes it looks great Hun ;)
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Thank you :)
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Tt looks good hun! !
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Thank you incision is low and thin I love it!
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Have a safe recovery. Prayers for you.
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Thanks hun definitely need those prayers!
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You look great. Congrats.
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Thanks :)
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Oh and let me know about Zara! Im staying at a hotel and hiring her too!
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Zara stood me up! She said her phone was messed up and I had to call my mother in law to stay with me overnight at cipla. She did apologies I will give a full review on that soon. I am using susan she is great I love how she cleans me up and drains my back and all the other things and she works at cipla also and is very familiar with Durans patients.
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Youre amazing. I feel like you say everything im thinking!! I love reading your posts. I had the chest pains too and I always have to talk myself out of my negative thoughts! Not to mention we have the same body type! I cant wait to see how everything is going for you. Keep your head up. Youre my inspiration
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Aww thanks hun so happy you like my review. Recovery has been tough but only because of these really bad headaches I get when I get up from bed they said is due to the anesthesia. I will give a full review when I feel much better and feel free to ask me anything!
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looking good hun!
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