Has anyone had a breast implant with..Dr. Robles and placed the implant under the muscle??? Pics would help....

I'm 36 years old with 2 children, my son who's 17...

I'm 36 years old with 2 children, my son who's 17 and my daughter who is 11. after many years of going up and down in weight, and 2 kids it has taken a toll on my body...I'm do not plan to have anymore kids and I would love to get my sexy back!!! This is my 1st post but I definitely will try to post everything since reading everyone else's post are helping me so me sooo much and are greatly appreciated... So far I have 3 Drs in mind Dr. Walkilis Robles, Dr. Duran or Dr. Guillermo Lorenzo Ortiz if anyone could plz share all of your experience and maybe send me some pics if you've had work done by any of these doctor I would love it...confused ..... I would like to get breast lift & augmentation with silicone implants under the muscle and a tummy tuck... I don't have a quote yet but I've sent the 1st set of e-mails today so now waiting...
Thank you in advance...

Quick response...

So i emaile Dr. Ortiz And Dr. Robles i have gotten a quick responses From both. with Dr. Ortiz ur able to up load pics Right then And there; so the email i received back, had a quote, list of thins to start doing before surgery, what was included and what was not. He also stated what surgeries he would do or not do all in one day, and to let me know to contact his office if I wanted to move forward.
Dr. Robles assistant Laura responded very quickly via e-mail and sent my phone a text with her information if I have any questions or concerns. She also sent a link that has an extensive b4 surgery questionnaire which has a section to upload your photos. Also has directions of things you should be in taking starting now. Also things you should avoid in taking which is just as important. Once I send her my pictures than she'll send me a quote.
I'm glad you're getting responses from the doctors! Thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf...when are you hoping to have your mommy makeover?
Hoping to get in done end of April beginning if May...

Submitted my questionnaire...

So I submitted my health questionnaire with photos to dr. Robles. Along with an email answering a couple other questions she had. So now if she doesn't have any other questions for me, then I should be getting a quote back from her. I haven't decided on a date yet since I've been hearing that during tax season there extremely busy. So I did ask when thier tax season rush was over. I'd rather go after the rush is over. Waiting on response.

Got my quote...

So I got my quote today for bbl lipo In waist, arm pits, back and a tt, the problem is I want my breast done. I need a lift and would like a silicone implant under the muscle I don't mind the other procedures she suggested but I'd rather have my breast and tummy done rather than my butt. So I replied to her email letting her know this. Hopefully she'll get back to me quickly with what I want now.
I'm about to start getting quotes also. Anxious to hear what you find out:)

My quote with the procedures I WANT...YYAAAYYY $6200.00

Yyyaaaayyyy I'm one step closer just got my second quote, which has the procedures that I want done. 2nd quote breast lift with silicone implant under the muscle with tummy tuck and lipo of sides for $6200.00. Now I'm assuming this is the all inclusive package, but to make sure I've replied to the e-mail again to get it specified, need to make sure I don't want any surprises later...
I also received my quote today for the same procedure! When are you going to go and are you going to stay at the Virginia Recovery Home?
Don't have my date yet a friend NewBootyPlz and I are going we want to stay @ Virginias RH because we've heard good things about it. Do you have a date yet, and are you going with Robles to?? Hopefully we can all go together to help each other out...:))
Yes I'm going with Robles too and plan on staying at the Virginia Recovery Home . I don't have a date yet. I want to go like in June and if not then I'll have to go in November.

Getting my list of questions ready...

So I definitely need some questions answered, well u know going under the knife and all. I don't want to be going back and forth for long periods of time. So I'll be trying to get it all in one email, wish me luck. I'll post the questions after...:))
Well I contacted Robles in December and got a march date. .im going because of tax money but because I want to be healed by may I want to go on cruise..but yes I think tax season os the busiest. I think if you go in may you will be fine and nice and healed by july. I couldn't imagine wearing fajas on 90 degree weather lol. I will put a very detailed review when I come back and a few videos
Not going because of tax money is what I meant to say lol
I know I did really wanted to go in march to be healed already as well but still don't have a date and my friend is still waiting on her quote, NewBootyPlz... But as long as I'm good by my birthday in august I'll b happy... Good luck I'll be following your journey...:))

Can't wait till I reach the flat side!!!

I've wanted this for so many years, I can't even begin to explain to u. I just recently began posting on realself but I've been stalking for years. Every time I feel I'm going to start this journey again, I begin to stalk RS again. I really thought this time it was real, my hubby was even on bored he even suggested the Dominican Republic to me. Since my childhood friend NewBootyPlz husband and mine are friends as well. They brought it to my attention, since she has In-laws there we have a place to stay, and her sister-in-law to take care of us; even though we're still doing 10 days in the RH, comes in the package, and were staying 21 days. We want to have tubes out and make sure we're ok b4 returning. But anyway I've been so excited that I quite smoking cigs the next day after we decided. Now to many that might not be much, but for me who was smoking a pack a half a day for years. I quit the next morning, it's been going on 7 weeks, because I want this more than anything!!!!!!! Idk were running into money problems????????????we haven't talked about it but we've been here b4????????????don't want to be selfish... But at the same time I DO!!! THIS IS MY TIME!!!!! OMG feeling stressed... Sorry for the rant everyone...love u ladies!!!

Pity party's over...

Ok do pity party's over...time to start getting serious... Monday NewBootyPlz and I are going to call Laura and set are dates and send our deposit...:))) can't wait..:))

Sorry I didn't post this sooner

I don't know about anyone else but I feel the best way to contact the doctors, is thru realself any dr that I've contacted thru here has responded, and in a timely matter... Just incase anyone needs it, here's a pic with Laura's info on it. Also when contacting Dr's make sure you respond to them with the correct information they want from you. This can cause a hold up as well. For example, when my friend got her first response She had to fill out a health questionnaire, which opens in another page, So she filled it out, but She forgot to go back to the email and reply back to the dr to tell her She filled out her questionnaire, and answer the couple questions that were on the e-mail. But once She went back and did that, her quote followed quickly after. She got a lil depressed at first but now she's happy again and moving forward. I know it's not my story but still felt I should share, I know she won't mind...:)). Any way she n I will be going together when we do get a date...can't wait... But I'll stop rambling now jus thought I should share... Good luck everyone on your journey's....????????

So I need to start to taking vitamins...

I want to start taking vitamins but a lil confused, I know I need to take...Iron, Vitamin C, B Comlex, Folic acid...now I don't know if I should be taking anything else with this...how many Mg or Mcgs...??? And should I also be taking a multivitamin??? So confused help pls...
You can take a multi because it only has a very small about of vitamin e... Many vets were taking them. If u are still worried stop taking your monthly two weeks prior but you get vitamin e and a from certain foods as well an it can't be completely avoided... U need those vitamins. Yily told me a women's multi was fine just to stop two weeks prior and only take iron, folic acid, vitamin c and b12
Ah ok thank you....:))
No multi bc it contains vit a and e ..stick to woman's iron complete it has other important vitas that u need and u can add vit c to it!! I started 2-3 months early

So we have our date...:)) June 12th 2014 YYAAYYYY

Now I haven't sent my deposit but will prob do it tomorrow...:))... Now I'm getting excited, scared, nervous and anxious... But I can't wait...:)))) NewBootyPlz and I are going together ...:))
I have been getting a quote from her as well. Needed to change some procedures around but think I have settled for TT, BA with BL and Lipo of waist and arms . I have to work out all the other details . Did you get list of vitamins to start taking? I am excited for you!!!! Can't wait to see your journey!
I'm very excited for you, I will be following your journey. I hope to start mine next year.
Thank you....:))


So first I would like to thank all the wonderful ladies who commented so quickly, with answers to my questions. So here it is I posted a pic above with the vitamins I'm taking now...:) If I have something missing or any other info...is always welcome...:))

From left to right.....

Iron 65 mg
Super B-complex
Vitamin C 1000mg
Folic Acid 800 mcg
Can't wait to see your results ;)

OMGGG We got a closer date...shit jus got real...

So NewBootyPlz And i got a sooner date...:)) Excited... This date is just perfect...I just hope everything falls in to place n we can keep it.... Fingers crossed... RoblesBarbieToBe????
Omg yes newbodyplz I am to happy to go on this journey together
I know...NewBodyPlz... Can't wait till we're on the flat side...:))
Ty... I'll post some b4 too...:))

Doesn't look like well be making our early appt...

So looks like we're gonna have to move our date....too a later date..:/ I jus want to be on the flat side already....
What's your new date Hun?
Well first NewBootyPlz & I were got a. Date 4 June 12 now we have April 25th... But now it seems...that were gonna have to move that out...till ??? Waiting on confirmation from my husband in a date that is good for both of us...he's staying with the kids... I'm just being a bratt cuz I wanna be done already is all...lol


I added this one to my regemin.... Biotin

Ok & this is everything I take everyday..

Im waiting on confirmation with Dr Robles for April 25!
I'm scheduled for June 17

....ugh... Won't be making it in April looks like June it is....

So have to move date back out to June. I haven't sent my deposit yet... Because waiting to finalize our dates... With NewBootyPlz hubby & kids and my hubby & kids... That's a lot of people to get on the same page....
So until then taking my vitamins everyday and trying to eat healthy... Going back to the gym on Monday.... Also have to work on my water intake.... Jus want to be as healthy as I can be before sx....
Ty for listening...:))
My sx is scheduled for June 11th with Robles!!! Hope to see you there!!
....yes that would be nice...:))

Ok so everything's on pause...:/

Hoping that I'll be able to go around October, but I really have no idea... Ima a firm believer that everything will happen in it's time... So for now just taking my vitamins, working out @ the gym.. N just trying to get as healthy as I can... Until it's my turn...:))
Happy healing to all the wonderful women who are on the flat side...:))
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