Its all over "breast lift"

After two kids 13 and 2 years nd 38 years and...

After two kids 13 and 2 years nd 38 years and losing and gaining weight, i need a push to get back into the gym, my eggo is gone and i feel fat....iam 5.2 and 150 lbs, having a hectic scedule at work and having a busy child at home, i would like to do something nice for myself.... ps will load photos at a later date

Ok today i paid my deposit, and bought my tickets...

ok today i paid my deposit, and bought my tickets already, yeppeee, my surgey has been moved one week before now 19th june, iam so excited, i cant stand to see blod and pain. hoe everything works out...

Today after about more info on lipo n mommy make...

today after about more info on lipo n mommy make overs iam getting more excited, iam worried about my 2.5 year old daughter all the attention she will need, and iam leaving her for ten days to santo domingo , iam not looking for that (leaving her behind) :( GREAT WEBSITE iam curiuose when you have to start wearing your CG? right fater surgery and how do you put on those garments with drains hanging from you, doesnt that hurt?

3 more months to go, it seems so far away... its...

3 more months to go, it seems so far away... its kind of hard cuase iam getting no boost from my boyfriend he thinks its a joke.. because he is a personal trainer, but he ave to understand my body change after my last child and this i would like to do for myself......cant wait for these 3 months to be over and done with so he can see what iam talking about .......

I was reading this article and find it very...

i was reading this article and find it very interesting,,,,,,I was wondering if this would help with the recovery

To ensure your body is properly prepared for the stress and trauma of an operation, your pre and post home-care planning can greatly reduce the impact of weakness and implications whilst increasing the strength of your immune system. By taking Vitargo before and after your operation, or giving birth, your body will be insured against loss of energy needed for the physical and mental stress. The sooner you can recover post operation also minimizes the negative effects associated with long term recovery. Vitargo is currently used by medical professionals because the easy-to-digest carbohydrate found in Vitargo is delicate on the digestion system. Vitargo requires less blood to digest, sparing blood and energy to where it’s needed most for repair and recovery.

Great website affter reading so many comments and...

great website affter reading so many comments and reviews made me feel like ive already had my really become hook on this website.thanks again ladies and for those who is getting there surgery done tom and the day after best of luck and keep the post going :)

Now its not months anymore, its now weeks to come....

Now its not months anymore, its now weeks to come.......its going so fast. getting all my stuff together on all i need. ive been reading up on lots of comments and gives me hope for this journey....

Counting down the weeks , about 4 more

counting down the weeks , about 4 more time really goes fast, iam taking iron tablets, and two weeks before arnica, got some gatorade scahets while in the us, so its easy for travel....and some protein shakes too.havent been going to the gym lately very busy at work, hope it doesnt affect the healing process. just downloaded skype so i call my daughter while away, will misss her dearly. tomorrow is my bday,party time hahahah.....happy healing folks..

Does anyone knows people have done teh mommy make...

Does anyone knows people have done teh mommy make over years back? like 3 to 5 years do they look, better? the same? or have they gain there weight back?

Ok so tomorrow is the 1st of june , now 16 more...

ok so tomorrow is the 1st of june , now 16 more days ......bought pajamas button down dresses, hahahah strange buying today , havent worn those things in .......cant remmber lol, ok so i got arinca tablets, taking iron and folic acid tablets, als got some gatortade and crystal light little sachtes to drink,some antibactiral soap, always wipes, some antibotic cream and a pair of slippers, dont know what else i would need, not much you can purchase on a island hahhaah....still great reading up on all you ladies reviews makes healing sounds like breeze, thank you all.....

Hello happy healers, well now iam days away 11...

hello happy healers, well now iam days away 11 days to be exact before iam on a plane to sant domingo....iam living in st.maarten and we dont have much stuff like in the US, so finding things like garments and medi is hard to fine ex arnica tables, ive notice we only have the cream..also like gatorade we only have the big bottles and i cant travel with so much liquid, sooooo while i was in the us i got the gatorade scahets G2 low calorie packs grape and fruit punch flavor, and differnt flavours in crystal light which iam very happy suit case was filled with stuff like that, i guess customs thing iam coming to open a store with so much packets my daughter 2 years old is going ballerina on saturdays and she has her first recial on sunday 17th and thats the day i leave , and iam so sad about that, because iam gonna miss her dancing, hope her father will film is for me,,,,,today iam going to y dr to see if he can give me a prscription meds before i leave so i can savve money while in santo, the DR in santo domingo do provide medicine but when thats finnnish i guess youre on your own and have to purchase more, and i can have it already from st.maarten the insurance will pay for it...ihavent said anything to my family as yet, dont think they will be to open minded,i guess they will find out after and then the rsults will be good so then more postivief remarks....i'll be away for 12 days, and iam gonna be alone, but with realself makes me feel that iam not alone :) :) :)

today iam going out to get some simple shirts to wear under the garment, and some more stuff that i hope i can find.......iam gonna be 5 weeks away from work i hope thats enough time. i dont have an office job so its alot of walking and its hot so i hope thats enough time off. ive been on you tube and found a young lady who has a page with "getting ready for lipo in santo domngo" and she has drink appple beets and carrots juice and banana peer and spinach in a juicer, gonna try that, ive started my arinca and folic acid pills and iron pills, dont know what else to start..

iam so happy with this website because by reading all the updates makes you feel that youve been thru the surery alrady and what to expect.....i guess everyone is differnt and heal different with different results, but the more info you agther the better knowledge on what to iam leaving on the 17thsunday and the 18th will be my surgery......counting down the days,, happy healing everyone...

Ok today makes it one week before iam under thye...

Ok today makes it one week before iam under thye knife, next sunday i will be leaving sxm and on my way to Santo Domingo,just finnish making a list of scedule for my mother, boyfriend and babysitter for my daughter while iam gone. I will be working up untill the saturday. trying to find a fathers day gift for my boyfriend , ive already gotten one for my father. Today iam having a 4.5hr spa treatment , so a relaxing day for me.... great gift ive gotten from my boyfriend for mothers day :) hhh ive been thinking maybe i should get him a ticket also to santo domingo for the second week cause iam there for a totalo of 11 days, to help me come back ahahah great gif,t works both ways, hes happy and iam happy cause iam gonne be getting help ahahah.with luggage and what all not ..wil look into tto that today. also trying to get the rest of stuff i would need since iam working all the rest of these days.ive been drinking this ABC juice thing and it taste like dirt but i guess it a good source of iron and vitamins...happy healing ....

Wow two more nights ,,, time really goes

Wow two more nights ,,, time really goes today i have my bags packed and ready to go hahahah, well untill tomorrow hahahah , today iam at the pratice for my daughter ballerina show for tomorrow which i cant attend , will be traveling at that time...hopefull my boyfriend will video the whole show for me, yesterday was my last day at work , felt so good walking out , and seeing them 5 weeks, hopefuly that would be enough time for recovery. ive calledthe recovery house and they are all set to pick me up at the airport on sunday or i would be lost haha. dont know what time is my surgery as yet , but i guess its gonna be in the morning time since we still have more test to do, and he said my surgery will take aprx 8 hrs, shit thats longtime, well i guess he has a lot of work cut out for him on monday lol. today and tomorrow iam drinking only liquids so water,crystal light, gatorade and protein shakes, i was wondering if i should start taking a laxitive like dulox or something on sunday, just have that feeling i would need it ahha, but in the back of my mind iam seeing my self on the surgery table and a bowel movement happens hahahah thats a joke hahahah. iam ahving my daughte teacher/babysitter stay at my house with my boyfriend for the first week, to help with my daughter, since he (boy friend ) has these wried hours for coming home and leaving the house, and then the second week i guess he will firgure it out, well lots of bubby gupies, barney and elmo to wacht for them. hahaahh iam trying to cook for at least a week and freeze it or something since he eats 6 tro 7 times a day, poor thing would starve before i reach back home, first time being away from them ,, for 12 days yikes....will update later,,,,,,,2 more nights

Yes here iam took me one hour plane ride...

yes here iam took me one hour plane ride and iam here in santo domingo,,,,trip went well and very fast, arelis from the recovery is such a sweet heart , there they were with my name in bold with her driver waiting at the airport, felt very important VIP hhahaahah, nice, great vechilce lol same as i have back home, they drive crazy here in santo lol, owell her home is wonderfull its a condo on the 6th floor,great view and two mins walk from the 3 biggest malls hahah look ay me "looking at malls" arelis is very sweet and kind and makes every thing seems so easy, i also have a other lady from connecticut here and she did her surgery on thrusday, she had done her chin, back, legs lipo, and a tummy tuck with a breast lift, and shes looking great. with;all the good care shes been getting, tonite we had great food with fresh passion fruit juice, yummy..i have my own room with flat screen tv, and a huge bathroom, and i feel at home the dr called me tonight and i have to be at the clinic at 630am and start getting sopme test done, then surgery,he waqs also calming over the more drinking after 11pm lol, iam ready to hit the sac and readyfor tomorrow.....good night everyone and goodluck to kapolani, ja1975,holantia and loesje, momofall hope i havent forgotten anyone,good luck chicas.......will keep you updated..happy healing..

The day forthe surgery went well got my heart...

the day forthe surgery went well got my heart chech and blood test done, qnd off i went into sureyy didnt take long 4 hrs , had my chin,done lipo myback waist, and legs. not forgetting me tummy tuck, ,didnt hv my breat done, becuae the dr said his adviceif iam gonnna losemy then 20 lbs dont do anything with your breast, beacause you would to do them all over again, which i found wasa very honest abot him, iam at the recovery homw which the owner is soooooooooooooooooo sweetcounldt ask for anything more, she just empoty my drain ad gave me some nap time after walking around her condo and having a delicouse luck her chef mad, as for the dr he is the best, sweet kind, carefull coundt ask for an other dr.....he aid my stichtes as inside not outside my tummy,not much sweeling going on yet and i have no clue how much iam draining lol. goto to go back by the dr on friday to remove the drain, hope evryone had a wonderful surgery like i did post sopme ppics later and sorry for some typos,,,happy healing to all...

Po3 still swollen exspecially by my feet lolo......

po3 still swollen exspecially by my feet lolo....and mother nature visted me today so double wammy:( iam doing great taking walks and going to see my dr tomorrow around 10am, hope he will take out this tube, thank god only one drain he gave me and its down by my vagina not a pleasant place to put it if anyone wants to know, what i find is strange he said i dont have any stichtes by my tummy tuck its all inside, only by my belly button...i miss my daughter bad, andcant wait to see her on next friday counting down my days...happy healing guys

4 day pos well this morning went to see my dr,and...

4 day pos well this morning went to see my dr,and he took nout my drains yippeee hope thats a good thing .....just a little burning sensation thats what he said, welll, if i could of yell F... i would of, but iam happy they are out, now to go back to see him o tuesday, not looking foward for that one, stiches from the belly button and also taking off those tapes that wraped around my fchin with my hair stuck into it..well well we will see. lol still swelling and he saif thats normal. going to have lunch and then take a nap, happy healing ladies

10 days post iam back homeand soooo happy, i kept...

10 days post iam back homeand soooo happy, i kept my daughter home from school today lol hope that was a good disicion lol i miss her so much, she coundlt stop saying my name yesterday when i fecht her from school.

Today is my mom birthday so iam gonna suprise her with cake casue she thinks iam calling back to the island on friday which wasw the orginal plan, i went to see the dr in santo on Tue and he said everything looks fine, still swollen but thats normal, he told me when i get back home to drink lots of water and walk alto , but try not to sweat hummmmmmm, si I guess i will be visting the grocery store quite often for my walking hahah, ive notice a sticht still in my chin, i hope that will deslove on its own. getting in and out of bed is still a hassel. iam in no pain , thaught that was very good after my surgery minimum pain just sore from my lipo spots on my back.

I sneeze today for the first time, didnt hurt as much , but still some burning.
Iam feeling pretty much 85% normal ,Ima not taking any more pain killers, still arinca tablets and iron thats about it, cooked last night and this morning, did some laundry, and maybe later today gotto pass by the drugstore,
I hope my daughter will take her afternooon nap so i can nap as well...happy healing everyone

14 day pos, just added some pics, the rooms at the...

14 day pos, just added some pics, the rooms at the recovery home has a one bedroom and also two bedroom, each one has there own bathroom ,still swollen,iam only droping one drop of rubbing alcohol and leave it airdry, my back is still swollen , my binder is beginning to get on my last nerves, its riding up all the time, last night i slept with a tshirt under my garment felt much ive email me dr for the pics he took before the surgery with all the markings lol. Thats one thing you need patience withi sthe emailing to santo , it takes forever to get a reply lol. iam not using anymore painkillers, but still on my arinca and iron and vit C.the dr told me to walk but try not to sweet to much, now how can you walk in a tropical island and dont break out a sweat, so i guess the supermarket gonna see me again and again. I wonder when i can start get my massages, sometime my back still feels like its on fire depends on where you touch. anyhow happy healing to all

Today is my 3 week post, iam feeling better and...

Today is my 3 week post, iam feeling better and better everytime, today ive visted the dr today , and he looked at my chin and he took out my sticht i had under my chin from my lipo. didnt hurt at all. ahahah feel back to normal, went out paying bills today doing laundry, house work sex hahahah, a couple of evenings ago went out with my boyfrfiend and we wacht the fight, didnt wear my cc garment, it felt great. sleeping also on my side, instead of my back with all those pillows . taking care of my daughter giving her bathes, the hardest part was to dry her off , hahhah i still havent been picking her up she 20 lbs and only 2 soon to be 3 on the 29th july....iam still wearing my compression garment 24/7 and sometimes my binder over it at night time. i think instead of buying an other compression garment iam just gonna go to the seamtress and leave her make it two or three sizes smaller because the one my dr in santo domingo gave me is very comfy has a jersey cloth on the inside. my boyfriend has been very supportive while i needed the help, exspecially ggetting off and on the bed, has he being a physcal therapist . iam not feeling any tightness , just some stiffness in my back from the lipo area, my dr today also gave me a go ahead and start with my massages exspecially on my back, where it would be more smoother.and he got the insurance to paid for it. Today my real vacation from work starts, the first 3 weeks was time off from work without pay, taught I would need that long to recover. So now Iam off untill 23rd July from work. My tape is still on my TT incision. I cant wait to start back the gym and go to the beach....have added a pic for my 3 week mark.. happy healing ladies...and god bless

4 weeks ops ladies time do run fast.... ive posted...

4 weeks ops ladies time do run fast.... ive posted some pics from the dr in santo domingo, before my surgery, we didnt have any time to take after, but alteast we can see the difference in what 4 weeks looks like. iam trying to lose the last 25 lbs so i can go ahead and do my lift hahahah....

.Iam still walking the gocery store 3 times a day, its cold there and its nice to walk, hahahah soon the onwers gonna think iam stealing cause i ran out of buying stuff and i walk in empty handed and walk out empty handed hahahhha...iam starting back the gym in august, doesnt make any sence to pay for one week and then pay again lol, so frsh in august.

a couple of days ago i went with my daughter to the movies and guess what i ate??? popcorn lol i paid for it later that night, swell hell, no more popcorn for moi. iam making my compression garment two more sizes smaller, just isnt tught enough. by the tummy area, by my legs its fine , i wish the dr did more to my legs thou, maybe second time around ....

I got the ok to start swimming so maybe next weekend is my daughter and and son bday, what was funny before i went to surgery my weight was around 190ish after surgery i nearlly die, it was 298lbs lol, now i was swollen, and today i weight myself and iam 165lbs, the scale doesnt bother me , i really look at how my pants fit, cause i hated wearing my uniform or just reg jean and seeing a bulgde sticking out like a tire wrapped around your waist amd some more above your back, but now that all gone. i can feel the difference and see the difference when i wear my pants, my legs are still tight in the pants:( but i can work on that in the gym. so nothing much has change still doing the reg work at home, taking care of my princess, and now i can take reg showers hahahahah...since the tape is off my tummy tuck, iam trying to order some scar treatment sheets online but it will take forever to reach to st. maarten lol, i do hacve bio oil will try that once the scabs come off. dr told me to begin my lipo massages at 6 weeks so got a little more time waiting. once again ladies take care and happy healing. love ya

Funny thing happend to me today, my house dr is...

Funny thing happend to me today, my house dr is off island so i went to his replacement for him to see my tummy tuck scar, first reach into his office and told him ive been to santo domingo to have a tummy tuck, and he was wachting his computer screen , i guess he was reading up on what my dr put into the computer about me going to santo,he after reading his computer he turned to me and said" hummmm can you please replain to me what is a tummy tuck"? i was in shock, I was ready to walk out of his office and go down the road to an other dr which i would have to pay for, because he knows more about these thing,.......but I sat down and explain him the whole procedure and he was so excited , and i basically forgot what i really came in for, and left lol,,,,LMAO...

thats the negative part of having any surgery out of the country, or for me offf ilsand. I have to read up and look at pics from you ladies to compare and see how iam healing, thank god for this website and all your updates, I thank you, and happy healing ladies

Hello ladies, long time .......i have been busy...

Hello ladies, long time .......i have been busy working , finally took time out to take some pics, iam about 8 weeks plus today, not much has change , iam still swollen at night , iam at the gym now 3 times a week, sometimes at night when i sit donw i canpinch my stomoach, and i dont like that to much, i think i still need a little more lipo done on my stomch and wast, maybe some on my thighs. as fopr my scar, is healing well, iam using mederna scar gel twice a day, morning and evenings. iam still wearing my garments or atleast some kind of compression while at work, and it very hot and cantwait to take it off when i get home. i havent been on the scale isnce about 6weeks ago, iam trying tp see how my clothes fit, not worried to much about the scale.iam still debating on either breast lift and or incl implants, i want my breast to be up at all times, with or without a bra. ive been going to the beach the last weeks, and iam getting a deep tissue massage tom. heading off to san juan for some R n R time with my boyfriend, for the weekend. iam happy with results, but i think i will need alittle lipo done.hey anyone has a funny wierd feeling on there lipo spot on there back if you lay down long, like a burning feeling?it goes away, but it feels wierd. hope everyone is healing well, happy healing........

Well well well iam still here greeting from the...

Well well well iam still here greeting from the wonderful carribean island in St. Maarten....nothing much has change, its been 12 weeks i think since I had my operation still a little swollen, the dr. told me that if the sweeling doesnt go down as much i wants it, he will take some much out, which i think is needed:))))))) Ima working out now three times a week. still eating reg. which i should be eating much beter. my back is still giving my a burning sensation when i lay to long, exspecially when iam strechting. Anyhow all is great iam happy with my results just some here and there swelling issues. god bless and happy healing.....

It's time for my breast lift. (some lipo here and there)

Hello my dear real self friends. I haven't been o the website for a long time. But I still read up on the newbys n my old friends that carried me through the first surgery
Iam having .my breast lift done on the 3rd of June. Dr only charging me for the lift. I did a tattoo on my scar about six months after the surgery. Tummy was still numb n it covered the scar. I will post a picture of myself now.

one year after

Hi everyone. Iam back in Santo domingo.

Reached the recovery house and Arelis was at the airport waiting for me. it feels so good to be welcomed. Shes taking me out for dinner And getting me prepare for surgery tomorrow morning at 7am. Iam having a breast lift gonna try and post some pictures later.

still in bed......

Good morning .iam up but still in bed haha to comfy to get out. I should be leaving the house around 7 to the clinic. There iam gonna my blood work done then it goes from there.

breastlift is housrful luncy pain at all.

Hi folks iam back home at the recovery house. Not in any pain at all. Going to geg really for lunch then off to bed. Happy healing everyone.

breast before

arelis recovery home

4 days op

Hi guys iam 4 th day went to go see the dr yesterday n everything looks great. I was feeling a little nervous because everyone was talking about the stitches. N he said they will dissolve on their own yippie . Iam not in any pain at all.he said I can take full showers now just blow dry the tape that's still on my breast untill they are dry.he coming over to the recovery house on Saturday night to see me one more time before I hop back on the plane on Sunday ba c k home where he telld me to go the the sea n that will heal the process much faster. He didn't have to tell me that twice because iam on the beach every other day lol. I'm trying to upload a picture for some reason it s not letting me. I saw my breast last night for the first time n they look excellent.i taught I would need implants but he said I have enough tissue to work with.

Back home.

Hey Guys iam back home. Flight went well. Feeling good.i sound be going back to work tomorrow but I will see mydoctor on the island and ask him for a couple more days off. Doctor said to keep my tape on my breast for aleast six weeks.

breast lift

Dr came to the recovery house to see me for the last time before I head on the plane.

recovery house

recovery house

recovery house

breast lift

recovery house

Dr. Manual Espaillat

he is a good dr. not only he is there but also his father , from the cardigolist to thethe person that draws your blood to the person that puts you to sleep they are all wonder....great choice, and the recovery home feels like your a hotel...TEL # 809 763 9192 EMAIL ,feel free to contact him

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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How can i sign up for the recovery house u stayed at? Love your boobies also... i want some like that how did the scar do?
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Hi gettingbkright her name is arelis n her number is 809 2993797
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Thanks hun
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You look awesome! Did Arelis pick you up after your sx or you stayed the night at the clinic ?
  • Reply
Hi there yes she was tgere..i could of leave that same evening but i opt to stay in
  • Reply
Great results doll
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Your breast are absolutely perfect, they look very natural not crooked or lopsided, best breast lift in dr I seen so far, happy healing, you look gorgeous!
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Your body looks great your waist line tight and your breast HoTTTTTTT!!!! Manuel did you UP!!!!!! very nice I must say are you doing now?
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hi island girl i want that breast lift, did you have silicone added if so how is it with it???? I ACTUALLY Want a breast reduction with lift and silicone but im scarred the silicone will leak etc. so wondering if i get a tummy tuck with another doc in dr then wait a week and go to DR Manual would he do the breast reduction? i have seen patients do that but idk if this doctor
  • Reply
Sure it shouldn't be a problem. I didn't put silicone because I didn't want to be taking it out at age 60 or something lol.
  • Reply
oh ok wait so at a certain point we gotta go back and have it taken out? dang idk bout that but if he can get mine like yours i'm all in
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but island girl you understand what i'm asking right? If i have a tummy tuck with yily on lets say monday i'm wondering if that friday dR manual could then perform my breast reduction???? That way i dont have to keep coming back although i'm going for round two lipo and butt in january but these breast are killing me they are too big, yours is a nice size for much was the tummy tuck
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Looking good hon...happy healing!
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Ur recovery house looks great. Ur breasts look incredible! I'm excited for my breast lift myself n bbl sigh Dra Duran. Looking for the perfect recovery hotel.. Considering the real recovery Adonia but concerned that there r only 6 rooms? What is included in the rate?
  • Reply
Hi bklyn thank you. Her price incl pick up and drop off at the airport. All meals .room every thing you would need. 24 hrs nurse she does everything for you . Transportation to the dr office. Its pricy but worth every penny
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amazing!! I love your breast lift, look great!! how many costo breast lift???
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Hi morenabella thank you. I paid 2900 usd.
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Hey i love ur results !!!! by the way what's the name of that recovery house ?
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Hi her name is Aerlis number is 809 299 3797. Good luck
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Wow, your tummy tuck looks amazing, it's barely visible. Your overall results are really nice.
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Thanks sam I have a great Dr.
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Hi, that recovery house looks wonderful, can you tell me if their # is 809-299-3797 or 803-732-3797... someone gave me thos #s for an Arelis, i want to make sure is the same place, and can you tell me how much they charge per day?? BTW , you look great!!!
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Hi dominican the first number should be fine. Its 120 per day. And thank you. Any other questions pls feel free to contact me.
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Thank you, I called her and she has me down!! I forgot to ask, is there AC in the rooms, also was the food good???
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