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I'm 25 and weigh 182lbs. I'm trying to lose weight...

I'm 25 and weigh 182lbs. I'm trying to lose weight. I hate how I look and I'm happy that I came across Dr. Medina! So far I love Dr. Tania Medina!!!! She responds quickly and answers when I call her. I've paid my deposit and will have surgery on August 4, 2014. I'm scared so please pray for me! I know I'm in good hands, but surgery is serious no matter where you go!
I'm planning on using dr.medina I love her work can I see your after pictures we have similar bodies;) also how much of your total cost was the amount to save the date?
How did your surgery go? I hope that you're having a speedy and healthy recovery. I also hope that you will keep us updated with your progress.
Hi Hun, just check in to see how your surgery went I'm also considering Dr. Medina for my surgery happy healing
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Dr. Medina is a doctor who cares about her patients! I can't complain! I've probably asked her over 100 questions and she answers them quickly! I love how she don't just care about money, but about the patients!!!

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